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Monday, April 17, 2017

Another Man's Problem

I listened to a radio call-in show recently where a man called the host and explained that he was engaged to a woman of the Progressive persuasion and he was wondering how he was going to make it work.

If you're calling into a radio talk show two months before your nuptials it's time to call it off. I finally just yelled at the radio, "Dude, leave her! Let her be another man's problem!" Any woman who believes in the wage gap, allows her fiance to be referred to as "toxic" and believes in genderless raising is ripe for the shelf and should not, under any circumstances, procreate. It's bad enough the stupid twat is getting a teaching certificate.

Everything this guy was describing was my nightmare of any female my sons might bring home. With my youngest boy getting married in October, I can only thank the Gods of all the Universes that he chose a woman I like and holds his same values. I'm hoping she talked him out of naming their children Lars and Wulfgar. I hope to God that was a joke. Nah, it had to be a joke.

I am very lucky in that I don't believe either of my boys would even talk to a woman who held views like the caller's fiancee. Neither of them have much patience for Progressive twaddle or suffer fools gladly. They would carefully sneak around any woman in their orbit with Progressive views if not just make fun of her until she ran away crying. I taught them that was okay to do to horrifically self-stupid people. I've seen my eldest cut through a Third Wave Feminist like a hot knife through butter when she started on toxic masculinity or the patriarchy. I was never more proud.

Feminists today are toxic. There is not one that I have seen or met that I didn't want to immediately take out of the gene pool. I see no problem with slapping or punching them, actually. You want to be equal with men? Truly? Sign up for the draft and take a punch to your disgustingly stupid mouth when you spout your stupidity. There, just like a man in a bar, shooting off his stupid mouth.

Or, you can let her become another man's problem. Watch any Steve Shives video. Watch the ones with his wife next to him. If ever a man was showing with body language that he didn't want to be where he is, this is it. I watch them because it's comedy gold. There is a guy in Australia that is a complete moron, and thinks he's a "femininst" and he says the most stupid things. I've only seen clips of his videos in other people's video and I really can't be arsed to find out what his name is.

Let her become that man's problem. Feminists don't want equality, they want special, they all want to be little queens of their little fiefdoms. Know what? My fiefdom is my home. I keep a nice home so that my husband who works very hard has a place he can come home to where he can relax and be himself at the end of the day, and work like a dog for on the weekends. My man has it easier. I don't have long Honey-Do lists that revolve around my wants. I have long lists of things he's said he's going to do and I tend to slap them down on his desk when his pile of crap gets in my way and I insist he does something, or, failing that I go cry to his mother. That is true feminine solidarity.

Yes, allow her to pass on to any other male that will accept his female dictating to him that they should adopt cross-racial babies while contributing none of their DNA to the next generation. If she feels so badly about her DNA, perhaps that is the best choice for her, and frankly, any male that would accept her should not pass his down either. r/K is real, people.

Let her be another man's headache while she blames everyone but herself for her low pay in the profession she chose of her own free-will but will blame on some male patriarchal institution instead of her ow stupid choices. Let her remain in a city that is very anti nuclear family. Let her stay with her highly educated retard friends who live in her echo chamber, circle-jerking their way to extinction.

No, really. Let her be another man's problem. Life's too short to deal with stupid people.

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