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Friday, July 18, 2014

Horror and Revulsion

I first heard this quote fro Golda Meir when I was a pre-teen.  Ingrid Bergman had starred in a bio-pic of the great Israeli Prime Minister.  I admired Golda Meir greatly, but mainly for this thought alone.  To me, at least, it crystallized Islam.

You have to realize, for most of my conscious life I have heard, nearly daily, the atrocities and horrors that followers of Islam visit upon their fellow human beings in the name of God. Whose God is up to interpretation.  Their God in no way resembles anything I know of Him. One of my first memories is of Moshe Dyan.  I clearly remember the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the horror that followed Islam into that event.  Everything I hate about Islam began at that moment.  I was too young to be properly horrified by the murders, but they ruined something precious for me at a very young age, so you could say, Palestinians molded my distrust and disgust of them and all of Islam.

Irony, thy name is PLO.

Yesterday my husband gave into his inner shopper and bought a huge TV.  We had both been talking about it for a while and the TV came with a price within our discussed budget and so he bought it.  The whole family is delighted.  He and our oldest began setting it up and so naturally, I wanted to turn it on.  When I did it was to visions of fire and war and horrible sounds.  I've been watching wars and battles on TV since I was born.  Such is man and his irrational need to be superior to someone else.  But, for some unknown reason, this telecast had me near tears and I was, for the first time ever, scared.

Right there, in Crispyvision, was hatred writ large on my living room wall, inside my home.

I told my son about it when he came in and saw the look on my face.  He's been in war, twice.  He scoffed and said I would be horrified by the memories in his head, and I could not disagree. And I could not rationally explain why, for the first time in nearly 50 years, was so horrified by what I saw and heard on the TV.  I don't scare but this, for some reason scared me.

Overnight, while allowing this to percolate in my brain I think I came up with an answer that might clearly explain my reaction.  The Islamic idiots of this world hate.  They don't love anything because there is no room for love in their hearts because they are so filled with hate.  So much hate that they cannot love and value their own children, their own lives.  I cannot understand such depravity, such hate.  I may dislike things to an intense degree but it never effects my ability to reason, my appreciation of life itself.  It just makes me ask the question, how big of a fucktard do you have to be to want to watch the world burn.  THEN WHAT, FUCKER? Then what do you do?  Do you even care?

I read a book a few months ago by Elizabeth Hunter where her heroine confronts her nemesis, who killed her father.  As she kills him her husband prays, "Let it be enough.  Please let it be enough."  It brings into stark contrast Islamic fuckheads. There is never enough for them.  Because God tells them this.

They kill because God tells them to?  God's never told me to kill them because they don't believe or celebrate God the same way I do and supposedly we follow the same God. Why would he tell Muslims one thing and Christians another if he is, indeed, the same God?  That's not God talking, that's some man's insecurity and fever dreams talking and frankly, you'll have to forgive me if I don't listen.

When did God tell you to hate your children? You say you don't and yet every action you take proves otherwise.  If you valued your children and loved them more than you hated anything else, you would make sure they lived in peace.  You would not send them out to die and put them in the line of fire while your cowardly hide behind children and the skirts of women.

This event, more than anything else has proven to me what cowardly fucks Muslims are. Send children out to blow them up to kill other people.  Way to go, asshats.  Yeah, you've certainly proven that yours is a religion of peace.  Lob missiles then hide in a school full of children so they can't fire back at you.  That's not battle strategy, that's cowardice.  Strap bomb vests on women and send them to security checkpoints.  NO WONDER YOU'RE A GENETIC DEAD END!!!  You are bringing yourselves to the edge of extinction and for once no one will cry that we save you, except for the moron actors who know fuck all anyway.

There has never, ever, in the entire history of the world been a Palestinian Homeland.  Israel tried to work with you stupid fucks but, just like American Feminists, you didn't want equal, you wanted complete dominance.  Nothing will appease your hate because the hole inside your soul can never be filled.  You cannot kill enough, destroy enough to ever be happy because it's YOU that is wrong with the world.

If any of you stupid fucks had any sort of decency you would take those vest bombs, strap them on while all of you stand in the middle of nowhere and flip the damned switch, leaving all of your women and children in safety while you extinct yourselves.

It is my devout prayer to Allah that you do so, then we can wipe the memory of you from history and finally live in peace and rational thought.  I will admit, if I had one wish that could be granted it would be for every single member that practices or believes in Islam to disappear from the Earth and reappear on the surface of the closest star to our planet. A little too Hitler for you?  So be it.  He killed millions based on hatred as well.  I wish this for peace, to rid our planet of people who are so irrational they see nothing wrong with killing their own children.

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