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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Miss Anthropy 2013

Yes, I have won the title again.  I'd like to think all of the people on this planet who made it possible to despise so many weak, lazy, ignorant, stupid bastards with the heat of a supernova.

Therapy be damned, I'm never giving up the hate I have going for people who are too damned stupid and/or lazy to think for themselves.  Those wonderful examples of humanity who desire to live unconsciously and free from responsibility.  You can consider me the embodiment of the Theory of a Deadman song "Hate My Life", except I don't turn my hate on myself, I keep it keenly and sharply focused on the problem.

My husband has tried to figure out my aversion to going to Volde*Mart.  I love the store and deals.  I hate the lice crawling through it, scratching themselves while sullenly slurping down giant icees and letting their spawn run around screaming and destroying the merchandise.  I hate to think that they are in my neighborhood.  Because if they lived in my neighborhood I would be forced to burn their tenements down, hopefully with them in it. I am very proud of the fact that the last two trips to Volde*Mart I was able to make my purchases and walk out to my vehicle with no escort while screaming at some stupid faced idiot scratching themselves.

While you sit, staring in amazement at your screen, wondering how on earth I could be so crass and full of hate, just think how you would react to having them living next door to you?  There was once a website dedicated to a house across the street from ours ostensibly owned by a self-proclaimed preacher and his wife who would take in mentally ill people and cash their support checks for them.  Evidently they thought to redo the house to fit in even more disabled folks.  I wish the site was still available, but it was taken down after the owner and his wife were evicted (along with the 8 cats living in the "undeveloped" garage full of trash and fecal matter, foreclosed on and the house sold by someone who cared enough to fix up the disaster it was.  I referred to them as the Bumpasses from A Christmas Story movie with the hillbilly neighbors and their dogs.  In the few years they lived in our neighborhood, they brought down the property value exponentially, as did the house next door which was owned by a couple only a rung higher on the unadulterated white trash scale.  When both houses were sold, fixed up and then re-sold, housing responsible, employed adults with families, our values went up.

Hateful?  I think not.  It's an investment I need to protect.

I can barely be tempted into any public appearance.  You can feel the disinterest, the stupidity, the rank, willful ignorance and it makes me angry to the point where I'm pretty sure I would just start randomly slapping the shit out of people.  Evidently this is considered assault and is apparently illegal in most areas.  So I simply do not put myself into temptation's way often.  Shopping malls all over the nation are grateful.  The next time some kiosk operator grabs me and tries to put something on my skin, though, it's on like Donkey Kong.

But think about it, when you last went to the movies, weren't you very close to giving up on mankind and taking chance chance on a random shot into space with the hope that maybe you might find intelligent life?  What about standing in the line, for anything?  I was recently called in for jury duty and spent two horrible days around people I'm pretty sure should not be allowed to vote much less sit on a jury.  Oh, and just before you start screaming, they were white women, so STFU and stop watching MSNBC.

Now, if you want to know what turned up my Misanthropy meter this week, I give you the George Zimmerman trial.  No, it is NOT the Treyvon Martin trial.  He's dead, he doesn't get a trial.  The man who shot him, the Hispanic male, George Zimmerman, is on trial for shooting Martin in what he claims was self-defense. I am not here to argue any particular points for or against as only two people really know what went down and one of them is dead so we will never get the full story.  I am here to indict the Prosecutor, who apparently was at the bottom of his class in criminal law at law school, for being the most inept attorney in possibly the entire history of bad lawyers.  Come on people, he's impeached most of his own witnesses!  Bernie de la Rionda is a low functioning retard with evidently no actual, working knowledge of gathering unimpeachable testimony, questioning eyewitnesses or even coaching his witnesses testimony before the actual trial.  Oh, and he committed the worst mistake any trial attorney can make, he asked a question he didn't already know the answer to.  Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition and yet I'm still smarter the de la Rionda.

His worst witness was one Rachel Jeantel, who is now known to me as Street Meat, to others she is Precious.  He chooses an illiterate, ghetto trash, lying piece of filth as his star witness then impeaches her on the stand, proving his own ineptitude in the process.  If I were the State of Florida I would haul him up before the bar on charges of malpractice with intent to distribute. I think the best moment was when the Defense Attorney brought up a letter that she supposedly wrote to Martin's mother and had to admit that A) she couldn't read cursive then; B) she couldn't read at all.  She evidently dictated it to a friend who then cleaned up the street cant of the ignorant, illiterate product of Liberal policies to make a coherent letter claiming she had been talking to Martin seconds before he was killed, ruthlessly by George Zimmerman, the "creepy cracker" and then let go with the pearl that black people calling white people crackers makes white people racist. I bet Obama was so proud at that moment.  Nancy Legosi probably cackled with glee.  What CAN'T you pull over someone as ridiculously stupid as that?

I admit, I love the ridiculous.  I especially love it when people are totally covered in ridiculous to the point where it is no longer possible to hide it.  Nancy Legosi passed that point decades ago.  And you have to admit that the hallowed halls of Congress is ridiculous rich. This past week that was proven by the House and Senate.

Nancy Legosi, the Representative from the People's Republik of Kalifornia told folks that all of our healthcare would be cheaper with Obama care. Now she swears she never said that, even with news clips played back where she said EXACTLY that.  She's the representative of all cheating men everywhere who get caught red-handed and swear it wasn't them.  This pinball-eyed bitch wouldn't know the right side of any issue if it undid all of her botox and plastic surgery.  She's always on the wrong side of EVERYTHING.  She's an blatant attention whore and just wants Mjolnir back soooo bad.  Nancy, Sheila Jackson Lee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz stand at the troika of female idiocy in the Congress.

Now, I must put on this year's sash and walk down the run way, throwing stones at the audience and growling at children to get off my lawn.

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