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Thursday, November 20, 2014

If You Ignore It, It Becomes A Part of Your Life

I remember the first time I heard the saying, "If you ignore it, it will go away."  At age seven I called my grandmother on that bullshit.  I pointed out that it doesn't go away, it keeps coming back because you don't do anything about it.  In the 43 years since I have seen nothing to make me change my opinion and almost daily affirmation that I'm quite right. And it's not because I want to see it, it's because it's really there.  I live consciously and encourage those around me to do the same.

The fact that we continue to throw this phrase at new generations despite all evidence that it's beyond stupid to even think it amazes me on a level that rarely gets outraged.  In fact, I would term it child abuse in the worst sense.  You're asking a kid to take the beating everyday and stay quiet.  That makes YOU complicit in the bullying.  In point of fact, it makes YOU the bully.

Three years after my grandmother uttered those awful words I had a chance to put my theory in action.  There were a few girls at the Indian school I attended who thought it was fun to tease the lone white girl in our class.  They made my life miserable for the first couple of months of class because I knew fighting would get me in more trouble than they would see because I was the lone white.  Yes, even in 1975 I was aware that reverse racism was alive and well in America.  When one tried to choke me behind a tree at recess I punched her in the face and slapped her bullying pal.  They both started crying and running to the teacher, threatening dire things to a ten year old.  Both of my teachers had seen the bullying but wisely decided to allow me to find my own way.  Not only did I not get in trouble, but hostilities ceased and one of those girls wound up being my bosom buddy for the school year.

Don't mess with me.

When I was allowed to call my grandmother, long-distance, and regale her with my tale, she shuddered in horror (yes, I could hear it) and told me I should not have been fighting.  Ladies don't fight.  I told her that the girls no longer bothered me and other kids who had been taking a page from the bully's book had stopped teasing me as well, she told me that Indians were savages and would kill me in my sleep.  Too many Westerns, that was my Gran.  Nothing would convince her that confronting a problem would make it go away.

Ignoring anything does not make it go away, unless it's something you love, then benign neglect will make it disappear for sure.  Doubt me?  Ignore your significant other and see where that gets you.

No one ever triumphed by sticking their head in the sand.  In fact, all they did was leave their asses up in the air, ready to be kicked by reality in a winner take all Karma match.

Confrontation just to be confrontational is also stupid.  I let a lot of things slide because I simply cannot care enough to work up any steam.  Veganism.  Don't care.  Could not possibly care less.  The only passive-aggressive way I lash out is to go to Vegan restaurants and order a rare steak with asparagus with Hollandaise sauce with a nice Creme Brulee for dessert.  They expect Steak & Ale to serve Vegan friendly meals when I take them out, why shouldn't I get a little of my own back?  I've shown them I know exactly which game they're playing and that not only do I know it, I can play it better than they do.  Because I play to win.

I've never seen a bully stop bullying because their victims ignored them.  I've never seen a collection agency give up because their calls went unanswered.  In fact, they just get worse because they are like the Psycho in Fatal Attraction, they will NOT be ignored.  I will also let you in on a little secret, this is from whence my self-confidence flows because I know I won't be bent over the table and take it up the tailpipe without lube because I'm too scared to speak up for myself.  It's why people leave me alone when they look for a victim.  I don't know how to be a victim, so I am not one.  Because I value myself enough to stand up for myself.

And that is the real message we are teaching children when we tell them that ignoring something makes it disappear.  We are teaching them that they are not worth standing up for.  Think about that the next time you use the hateful phrase in the presence of an impressionable mind.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Busy Bees

I have been writing, just not my blog.  The second book of the Instruments of Wrath series should be ready by the end of the year.  Yay!  Gareth's story gets to be told, and it's pretty awesome. How he's managed to stay sane and good is anybody's guess.

Been playing World of Warcraft again.  Started shortly before the big patch and expansion.  Got to know and love my toons again. Slaughter is wholesale in the new Draenor.  My huntard is now my favorite toon to run.  She just kills everything.  My mage is still a glass cannon, but I love her.  I've played her from beta on up.  It's an interesting new twist, this new expansion.  Thing I love most?  Garrisons.  Reminds me a lot of Warcraft 3.  Thing I hate the most?  No flying in the place we first learned flying mounts.  It simply does not make sense that you lose that skill since a new regime took over.

So many good books have been coming out lately.  Nalini Singh is a one woman workhouse of great novels.  Also, Ilona Andrews new series is just spell-binding, almost literally.  Burn for me has kept me rapt in the few moments I have to read before falling into a coma.  The dogs get me up early these days.  They don't know from time changes.

We're down to the last few weeks before my youngest gives birth to our first grandchild.  We're told it's a girl and due on December 23.  They told her this week that she will most likely have a C-section as the baby is very large and my daughter is very small.  They will know for sure on her next visit when she gets one last ultrasound.  Her husband is a big guy, too.  He was premature and still over 8 pounds, so they're pretty sure Annalise will be big, too.  She's going to be the cutest baby, ever.  That's already known to be true.

The holidays are coming up, and I should have figured it out when my husband and sons went grocery shopping and came home with stuff to make cookies.  I'm pretty sure I should smack all of them and make them cook.  But then again, there isn't enough money in the world to hire someone to clean up after they've been in the kitchen.

Apollo is getting into the holiday spirit.  He's begun howling at passing trains and sirens he hears.  I am trying so very hard to capture it on video.  He's really beautiful to watch so I just stand there, awestruck, and listen to the beauty of his call.  I miss Sam's howling out in the yard when she'd hear a train.

I hope all of you are enjoying your fall.  It's been a great, cold week here.  Found out we probably need our chimney cleaned out and have schedule some duct cleaning as well.  You never know until you start your furnace or build a fire, right?

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Animal Adoption Pros and Cons

I have a long and glorious tradition with animal safety.  I have always had a dog, with the exception of the 3 years after my dog Ragnar died.  I have sometimes had cats.  I have always had a cat in the past 17 years.  With the exception of Whistler, who ran off to a better home down the street (the cat picks you) I've had most of my pets nearly their entire lives.

We adopted our first dog, a White GSD, King, shortly after our son died.  I just happened to see the ad in the paper for "free to a good home" and "based on current owner approval".  I visited the dog, so did my husband the next day and in a week we had won the lottery.  Evidently a lot of people visited King, who had unreal stranger anxiety, and never really bothered to try to communicate with the dog in terms he could understand.  King attached himself to our youngest daughter, Jasmine, and became friends with our other GSD, Sasha.  King made Lassie look fickle when it came to Jasmine.  He would howl after she left for school, and would camp out at the door ten minutes before she was due home. God forbid she stay after school or go to a friend's house.  He would be inconsolable.  We got King when he was 7 (so was Jasmine) and he died when he was 13, shortly after we moved into our new house.  Jasmine was inconsolable.

Zeus after his last runner

After our GSD Sasha died my sister-in-law found a German Shepherd running loose on her land out in the wilds of Bosque County, Texas.  She called my husband who said he couldn't take him.  I had had a dream the day before that I had called the breeders of Sasha to see if they had any more litters and that we had picked out a male this time.  The GSD in question was a male, I took it as a sign.  We drove an hour out to her place and picked up the dog who was immediately named Zeus, due to his thundering bark.  He had a lop ear and was obviously used to being outdoors. And, sadly as we came to discover, had been physically abused.  We got him to the vet immediately, got him de-wormed, and his shots, but for some reason, I think it was the worming treatment time (over several weeks if no months) we did not schedule his neutering.  He kept getting out.  The local Animal Control guy got used to our calls and would either call us if he was sighted and we'd go grab him and bring him back or, on two occasions, bring him to us.  He was scheduled for the neutering, and the day before the appointment he climbed out over the wisteria on your fence. We found him that afternoon and brought him home. First thing the next morning he was fixed. He associated these two events and has never, left the yard without permission ever since.  That was over 3 years ago and our running mutt has been the best teacher of boundaries yet.

Gimli sleeping

A few days after last Christmas my husband drove me to the office and there was an orange tabby kitten outside the door.  It was freezing (literally) out, wet and there was something wrong with its eyes.  I picked the beast up, put him in my husband's truck and told him to take it home, feed it, clean it and make a vet appointment.  I also told him the cat would be named piano, since he'd promised me a piano in lieu of a cat the year before.  Gimli, as we named him, had bronchitis, was severely malnourished and had an eye infection that the vet thought might be feline herpes.  He also had healing broken bones.  My heart absolutely broke when my husband called to tell me what the vet had told him.  We spent thousands of dollars getting him well.  He was four months old, but about as big as n 8 week old kitten.  His eyes, which almost constantly water, had been frozen open.  I still nearly burst into tears when I think of his condition when we found him.  He's now fat, neutered and the naughtiest of all cats or kittens.  He's love beyond the bounds of sanity by everyone in the house, including the dogs.  Well, Mika... Mika likes him as much as she can like another cat which means she only hates him a little bit.

Just before my birthday this year I saw some stories about a dog in a local park that the Waco Animal Control had been trying to catch for 2 years.  He was the last of a wild dog pack that had been running in the area of Cameron Park.  They had finally gotten him.  He was extremely skittish and to say he has issues with humans is grossly under-reporting his neuroses.  But when you consider the dog was probably chased a lot, you may understand his wish to just be left alone.  I went up to the shelter and brought my dog Zeus with me.  Zeus is a big, dumb, goofy dog, but he's a great ambassador for human-dog relations.  Apollo sniffed a couple of times at Zeus but there was no doggie play or interaction.  The next day I took Sam and Schaub up, as they are very calm-submissive and I wanted to see their energy in play with Apollo's.  It was a good visit and Apollo even took some treats for me.  My husband came up to see him as well and we decided to adopt him.  For my husband it was his desire to have a wolf, and Apollo looks very wolf-like, but is, in fact a Husky mix of some kind. For all I know he could ba a hybrid, but without genetic testing he's just a dog to me and the city in which I live.

Apollo with Ron Ostrom of the City of Waco Parks Department
 Apollo has been our most difficult rescue to date.  He constantly escaped or attempted to escape at first.  The last time he jumped the fence I was in the front yard and he just came and led me back inside.  To realize how amazing this is you have to know how hard he has been about integrating within the pack.

He has always treated our other dogs as if they were suffering Stockholm Syndrome or cult brainwashing.  He looked at them as I imagine POWs look at collaborators.  He didn't trust them, thinking they had sold out and was constantly looking for a way out.  After Sam died right in front of him, he became very withdrawn, to the point where I was seriously worried.  Turns out it was because he was so very sick.  He had Sarcoptic Mange and a staph infection due to all the scratching and he was severly underweight. He also has Stage 2 Heartworms.  It really hampered the vet when treating the mange, so, what normally took a few weeks, took 2 months to cure.  It also didn't help that Apollo had gained enough weight so that the antibiotics for the staph were nearly ineffective.  We got hold of the staph just by increasing the dose of antibiotics and continued with his horrible sulphur baths.  But then came the diagnoses that he was clear and we could begin to treat the heartworms.  He's healthy, gained weight back plus some now, and we're on track. Also, thousand of dollars in care so far with thousands more predicted.  This is not a cheap "hobby".

But, here's the thing, he's accepted the dogs, and is now truly a member of the pack, even though he and Zeus constantly jockey for beta position.
Zeus and Apollo fighting for superiority
  But, he refuses to accept the men in the house as being part of the pack.  He's afraid of them and become extremely anxious when they come near "his" spaces. We thought, at first he was growling because of me, but his spaces and my spaces are nearly almost always the same since he is glued to me inside the house. The men of my household are typical men and got all butt hurt and whined about a dog not liking them.  Oh Boo-freakin-hoo! The dog spent most of his life (all for all we really know) being chased around a park by young men who were either trying to catch him or throwing things at him, all the while, screaming and yelling at him.  What kind of complex would have with the male of the human species after years of that?  Now, men think they invented reason and the universe, their inability to accept my theory as to why the dog is leery of them is proof positive that they would still be living in caves eating raw lima beans if not for women.  Also, the fact that they totally abdicated all care of the animal to me once in the house is also proof that perhaps there should be a bounty on them.  I care for him, so naturally he loves me.  I give him food!

For all that being said, I will most likely continue to "find" animals that need a good home and attempt to care for them as best I can.  Only if I can afford it.  That's my line in the sand.  It's why I'm not a Crazy Cat Lady.  I can stand the two cats I have.  I love the three dogs in my home.  My youngest son is currently looking to rent a home or duplex with a fenced backyard so that he can take his Beagle Schaub into a good home environment.  He's also told me that if he finds the right place he wants to take Zeus with him.  I'm OK with that because I know that Zeus loves Schaub and Clint, in that order.  If I truly though Clint would let them out back and only remember them when a neighbor reported the smell of decomp, then I'd say, leave them here.  But, Clint loves both dogs so much.  I care for them via feeding, bathing, shots, etc., and I'm pretty sure I can nag Clint into that as well. Clint needs something to care for. Call it therapy if you will. Also, he knows he can bring the mutts over here if the weather is bad or it's too hot or cold to leave them out.  I'm a sucker.

When that time comes I will have to consider getting another dog because Apollo is very much a pack animal and too playful to stay in the backyard when bored. Again I will look to a local animal shelter.  Not because of any unearned moral superiority, but that's because that's where the dogs who need good homes are.  I will most likely get another large breed dog or mix because that is what I'm used to.  But basically, I will pay my $50 and get another dog. Because, that's basically all you have to do at the local shelter.  At least that is what I thought until I went to look at Apollo.

Apollo had a little local celebrity going on and so many people came up to the shelter just to look at him. The first day I went to meet him, no less than five people walked up to the enclosure inquiring about him.  They would just come and look at him and perhaps regale me with a story of how they once thought they saw his tail at the park.  So are you going to adopt him?  I asked.  Oh, no, I just came up here to see him.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Same thing with a woman who came up and said she set him loose in Cameron Park to begin with.  Shelter volunteers asked if she wanted to adopt him.  No, she just wanted to see him again.

Holy Hannah on a swizzle stick, people!  REALLY?

Then on the second day of my visits I talked to the shelter staff.  They said that mine was the only application they were considering because I appeared to be the only "serious" contender.  I did and still do find that nearly impossible to believe. I changed his name from the one the local paper and the shelter gave him.  I spoke with one reporter after we got him, Stephanie Butts, at the Waco Trib was great.  She was also great in helping us get him back after his first big prison breakout.

If you seriously want to give an animal a good home, look at your local shelter.  If you're not serious but feel you need to do something, donate to your local shelter.  Buy food or blankets, dog dishes, leashes, collars... ANYTHING that helps their bottom line and may help them become that beacon on the hill, A No Kill Shelter. Sponsor an adoption for people that want an animal but that $50 may be the difference between groceries that week. (But seriously, if you can't afford that $50 adoption fee, you can't afford the animal, just sayin').  It's all tax deductible. If you can't have a pet where you are, but need your animal contact fix, volunteer at a shelter.

Now, let me say this, and this is the most sincere you will find me on just about any subject.  DO NOT ADOPT unless you really mean forever for that animal.  The park where Apollo lived is a drop off point for so many unwanted animals.  Some still have their cute little collars on them when they are picked up.  (I look at the pictures folks, I always look). It breaks my heart.  Those dogs were in a family where they loved people and people did this to them.  Trust broken in that manner is very hard to win back, which is why so many dogs are taken back to the shelter.

Pets are not vanity or status symbols.  Stop it. Stop it now.  When that puppy or kitten grows up and it no longer so cute and the messes ickier to clean up, then tossed into a garbage dumpster or left on a country road or parking lot is where they end up. Then picked up by animal control and if not found or adopted, they are put to sleep.

Get your animals neutered.  For the love of GOD!  How stupid do you have to be to not get this?  Why on earth do they do free feral neutering?  Do you honestly think the world needs more mutts or kittens no one wants?

Now, I shall touch the third rail of pet ownership.  GET THEY PET MICRO-CHIPPED!  In every municipality in my county they require proof of rabies vaccination, neutering and micro-chipping before you can get a license for your pet.  If your pet is not out there recklessly making more unwanted pets, then they can easily get them back home to you with a simple scan over the neck once they are picked up.  Many times, especially if your pet is not a frequent flier, they will bring your pet back to you.  I know, from personal experience, our local animal control used a rabies tag number to track down the owner who lived a street over from me.  One of them had learned to open her front door that morning.  But she got her animals back and they were very relieved.

The city does have the right to tell you to get your dog fixed when they are forced to increase expenditures every single year because of irresponsible pet breeding.  If you're not breeding pedigree dogs then your pet should be neutered.  It's best for them because if they're not fixed they spend in inordinate amount of time trying to breed and then they don't live as long, and aren't they already with us such a short time as it is?  Our local shelter made a rule that the cities had to mandate micro-chipping as an easy way to return pets to their owners so that the shelters did not become over-crowded and family pets euthanized as a result.  The city I live in began mandating that this year, it was the last in our county to do so.  I can see every reason for it.  There is not reason not to do it.  You can find clinics just about any weekend in any area with low fee (usually around $10) chipping, then you pay a service to keep your pet registered.  I registered Apollo for a lifetime for just $40, but it's worth it to me.  I know that if Apollo ever gets the need to try to wander again, that, if he's found, I will get him back.

If you just don't give a shit and can barely care for yourself much less another being, then perhaps you should just buy a goldfish or beta and watch it die.  Don't get a dog to just throw it in the backyard thinking it will protect your home.  What kind of fucktarded asshat would do shit like that? Surely no one in East Waco, right?  Right?

Don't breed what you can't feed goes for pets as well as spawn.  Whether through circumstances or malignant narcissism, just don't do it. When you can take care of you, then you can take care of an animal.

We have a responsibility to these animals that we have domesticated and made dependent upon us for their food and shelter.  They pay us back with so much love and loyalty it really does humble me to think about it.  Sure, it's cute as a puppy (as my neighbor's son is now discovering) and then it grows into a big animal that you still have to feed and walk and get shots for and have fixed.  They are not inexpensive.  Neither are kids.  If you can't afford another kid you can't afford a dog. Dogs require just a much attention as human children.  They need to be fed, cleaned, played with and just loved.  If you cannot afford the food, don't get the dog.  If you can't afford the shots or basic vet care, do not get the animal.  If you think irresponsible breeding of your animal is cute but never know what to do with the puppies or kittens except guilt co-workers into taking them (and then they abandon them) then perhaps a firing squad should be in your future.  If you balk at paying for the chipping and registration of your pet so that they don't get lost and then euthanized, then perhaps not even a goldfish is for you.

I have a follower on Apollo's Facebook page who does not get my approach to pet adoption.  I'm a big supporter of pet adoption, but only to people who seriously get what having a animal companion is about. Like the people who came up just to look at Apollo at the shelter, to get some backwash off the shine of his "celebrity" and the ones who just wanted to adopt the "famous dog".  It's why I was not happy with the animal shelter giving Stephanie Butts my contact information.  But I realized good PR for Apollo was good PR for the shelter. And Stephanie was great to talk to.  She'll be a great reporter in the right market.

So I want people to adopt animals, but I want them to be smart about it.  First thing we have to do is reduce the number of domesticated animals being bred outside of homes.  Feral programs are finally starting to show some good results, but it's an endless cycle because human being are irresponsible or try to attribute animals with human feeling and conditions.  So I suggest to ANYONE who wants to buy or adopt any animal that they first have to volunteer at a local shelter for one week.  No classes, just for say, 8 hours within a week, the shelter signs off and then you can legally adopt an animal.  Because if you can ignore, neglect, or abandon your animal after that short of a time spent there, then you should be shot as soon as you're identified.  Or at least euthanized like the animal you left to die.  You're inhuman and don't deserve to waste our precious oxygen.

Here endeth the lesson.  Adopt, but do it responsibly.  Just like everything else in life.

Thursday, October 02, 2014


The arguments against Common Core curriculum are piling so high as state after state refuses it into their schools.  This could be the reason why. Every single thing I have seen from the Common Core arsenal has shown me so many things I am sure the Liberals don't want us to see.

Why Drive 50 Miles To Get Next Door?

You look at that picture there and your logic center nearly explodes at the irrationality and abject stupidity witnessed on one page of paper.  It almost stops my mental works when confronted with something this idiotic.  It's as if the morons running the Education Department in Washington DC was full of nothing but people too stupid to get out of their own drool.  Wait...

Remember when you would just write 325 - 38 and solve for x even before you knew there was an x involved?  You did it through a system we have used FOR MILLENNIA!  But no, these Progressives know more than everybody else.  And in their fervor to save the planet, they gleefully will drive miles out of their way to get down the block.  At least this instruction would lead any rational person to believe that they would.  WTF is wrong with these people?  They got out of college with worthless degrees and no idea how really freakin' stupid they really are, and they are just dumbing down everyone else so they will finally feel smart.  Idiocracy, your time is now.

If You Don't Like The Present, Change the Past!

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.  But that doesn't stop these Libs!  They know better!  It will really work this time, despite all attempts that failed in the past.  They just haven't stolen enough of everybody else's money yet!  Just teach them they can do whatever they want, as long as it meets with state mandated standards of freedom, which are pretty narrow to begin with, but hey!  No consequences when you screw up!  You just go, girl.

And if all else fails, just outright lie.

Tell Parents They Are Awful and Will Have Their Children Taken Away to Get People to Love Eating Shit.

Just Google Common Core Threats and you will find page after page, site after site showing the real horrors of common core.   No lie, there is barely a repeat in three pages. People react to common core viscerally.  I've yet to see anyone outside the NEA who likes this and I think those in the NEA are all morons and idiots undeserving of the honor of teaching children.  In fact, it is my strongly held belief that any teacher, willfully in a union should never have contact with any child and should, in point of fact, be treated no better than pedophiles as they harm goes equally deep into the psyche of formative minds.

Strong Foundations Support Strong Buildings

By chucking away the easy method we have used to teach children simple math procedures is madness.  It's like going to a school of architecture that does not teach anything about foundations.  You tell the kids that buildings will stand without foundations tells that kid that when his building doesn't stand, it's all his fault.  Now if people die when that building crashes to the ground, he will have no consequences because he was never taught about a strong foundation supporting a tall building.  But when it crashes down to the ground, it's his fault because he didn't find a way to make it work with the way he was taught.

That is possibly the most obscene thing I've seen done to children in full public view and much less, state sanction.

Right now, the school district I am in does nothing but teach the state mandated test all year long.  They don't teach the children the basic skills they need so that they can solve the problem themselves, instead they are taught ways to get over on the test makers so their teachers can get pay raises.  When my nephew was in 5th grade he asked his teacher a question about George Washington.  She yelled at him in class telling him it wasn't on the test and that he was disrupting class.  My sister had to be physically restrained to keep her from beating the woman to a pulp.  Not because she had yelled at her son, no, that was secondary to her ire.  That the woman had slapped down genuine curiosity in a class room environment was tantamount to child murder in my sister's mind.  That was decades ago.  If you ask her about it today you really will see steam come out of her ears.

My youngest daughter was held back in 5th grade from being one right answer away from passing the math portion of the exam.  She took the test 3 times, went to summer school and they still held her back, despite her having straight A's in the core curriculum.  My husband and I were livid.  I found out a couple of years later that that year, over 40% of her classmates had failed one or more parts of the state mandated test but were still promoted.  I was escorted from more than one school district meeting after telling the powers that be that they owed my daughter a year of her life back and I would get it one way or another.  Because they had taught my daughter that it didn't matter how really smart she was, it only mattered what someone in government said how smart she was.

They still owe her that year, and yes, I will still collect.  Because I know how they rig their bidding system.  I'm patient and will wait until it will hurt the worst.

My children started school when all of this "self-esteem" crap started in the public school and "social promotions".  Out of my four children, only one never got held back.  Not because they weren't smart, but because their learning didn't stop at the schoolyard boundaries.  Whether they knew it or not, I made sure their brains were engaged.  I'd tease them when we went to zoos or gardens or museums that it wasn't a school day, so they'd best not learn anything while we were there, just enjoy themselves.  Every single one of my progeny live to do what I tell them not to do.  Paradoxical Psychology was my best friend.

Why did I do this?  Because I knew they were not learning what they needed to know in the schools I was forced to send them to because I could not afford private schooling, so I did what I could to fill that vacuum with as much knowledge as I could.  I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to have come up with that plan myself, but it came to me via a casual remark at a crafting party at a lady's house who just happened to home school her kids.  She said they had made "not learning" a joke when they went on vacation.  I thought it was such a good idea I included it in my "parenting plan".

I'm weird, I paid attention to my kids and then would ignore them with benign neglect as they learned to figure things out for themselves.  They're not perfect.  They have all fallen down, but each of them has also picked themselves up and tried again.  That is what I taught them.  I can't solve all of their problems.  I just showed them how to build a strong foundation on which to build their lives. What they do with that is up to them.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Keep Grazing

With Mid-Term elections coming up the veritable buffet of bullshit from the Left is shoved in my face on an hourly basis.  I know it's coming, I see it coming, and yet every election cycle I am consistently amazed with the unbelievable crap they actually believe to be true despite all universal evidence that they are wrong.  I have finally come to the conclusion that there is not one person among the Leftist Elite who believes the lies they tell.  However, with that said, there is a reason they keep spreading the lies. They do it to keep the ballot cattle complacent and grazing on the Liberal Plantation For Ballot Cattle.

Take my pet-peeve, for instance. Global Warming is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon a human populace, and despite all evidence and proof the data they used to sell this bowl of shit, the adherents screech and scream that the sky is falling.  The Chicken Littles cling to Global Warming like a Pentecostal missionary does their Bible, because for them they believe with a religious fervor.  And, what kills me and causes me to wake up laughing, is that these idiots go around as Evangelical Atheists and yet tell you that you have to accept Global Warming on faith because God alone knows they have no proof and have gone to great lengths to hide their data manipulation, and have even taken people who have called them out on their fraud to court on libel charges.  Yes, Michael Mann, you lying sack of shit, I am looking at you.

But the poor are told they have no right to the resources at their fingertips because it will harm the planet and perhaps make it nearly impossible for the Leftists to keep handing out their "freebies".  Keep grazing, cud chewer.

Any solution to any Leftist problem starts and ends with more government control of your life. Because you're too stupid to decide your own life.  How can total government control solve global warming (which doesn't exist in the first place)?  How can more government control solve the problem of racism?  Solve Poverty (Oh yeah, LBJs Great Society has worked SO WELL don't you think)?   More government control has ruined the Black Family in the US and elsewhere.  More government control has ruined morality and values all over the world.  More government has given us generations of people who have never held a job and wouldn't even know how to apply is handed an application. The only thing they know is filling out welfare forms and waiting for the free money, food and housing.  The ONLY thing that is asked of them, ever, is to pull the lever for the Leftist running for office to stay in office so they can keep on mouth breathing and watching Springer.  Keep grazing, Bossie.

The solution to the problem of blacks in the ghettos?  Legalize abortion and you will slaughter millions of them before they are born.  But that's not racist at all, is it Margaret Sanger?  Keep on grazing.

The solution to the problem of so many on welfare?  Workfare? Then you lose your benefits because the people on Welfare are so poorly educated and have no motivation they cannot make enough money to cover what they lose in welfare benefits.  Chew on some more cud, there.

The solution to black on black crime in the inner cities?  Take guns away from anyone, because that makes things so much safer, right Mayor Emanuel?  Keep on chewing, Bessie.

And the idiots who benefit from the largess of the Leftist believe the crap they're handed on nearly a daily basis because they want so badly to believe that by delegating their responsibility to care for themselves for these freebies is worth is, just so long as they don't have to think or provide for themselves.  Doubt me?  Look up Beast videos on YouTube.  The fact that none of those women are embarrassed about the absolute toilet their lives and their childrens lives are is a testament to allowing Liberals to control your life to the micro-level.  But, hey, keep on grazing.

Just remember, when you stick your head in the sand that it leaves your ass in the air, in a prime condition to be kicked, right up into the reality you were avoiding in the first place. 

Yes, by all means, keep grazing, ballot cattle.  Keep right on grazing.

Friday, September 26, 2014

No Immunity From Prosecution

ICYMI Eric Holder is resigning his office at the end of the year because he has it on good authority that one of the Supremes is retiring and Barry has promised him that seat.  Yeah, totally did not see that coming last week.

Eric Holder has so much to answer for as head of the Department of Justice, which, because of his tenure there, is now known as the Department of Injustice.  Fast and Furious just being the most egregious of his crimes committed while in public service.

Now, here's the thing, you should not be able to act above the law while holding office, then, once you're caught, you just resign and walk away scott free.  You don't get to hold your office like it's your personal fiefdom, beat the serfs, rob the treasury and kill anyone you like then walk away with no repercussions.

However, just like everything else in the elite progressive stratosphere, all of their public office holders practice on the "I'm immune from prosecution!" meme.  They use an idiotic international law to do this, and do this they have. A lot in the Obama administration.

If you want to see how they reacted when the first Hispanic USAG left office just take a look at my friend Don Surber's Blog.  Progressives hated Gonzales because he left their ballot cattle reservation.  They hated him because he was Hispanic and Republican.  Just like they despise black who have escaped the Plantation and are conservative.  Doubt me?  Look at anything said about Ben Carson or Alan West.  Check out Alfonzo Rachel's stuff over at PJTV for a proper schooling.  His early stuff is pure genius.

You should not get to act like a little God when you hold office and have to pay no price by simply walking away.  It's not right and it only adds to the resentment your general peon down here in the trenches feels every time we watch this crap.  No where else in life can you walk into a job, treat everyone like crap, do things that are outright illegal, then get to skate by just saying, "OK, I'll resign."  That's not right and it feeds the resentment of the populace and right now, we're at Insurrection levels of discontent.

I will say this right now, as soon as Holder walks out of his job at the DoJ and walks into the private sector, he loses his government funded security detail.  Vote from the rooftops was my first thought.  Honest to God, my first thought was, where is my sniper rifle.  I despise Holder that much.  However, calmer thoughts took over and I figure kidnapping him and handing him over to the families of those who died by his Fast and Furious arming of the Mexican Cartels.  Jungle Justice.  We all know the piece of shit would piss himself the second anyone mean mugged him.

As to who will replace Holder? Valerie Jarret.  She's Holder's ideological clone, and she might just pass Senate muster.  Perez at Labor might make it and hold their "He's our Messican" line of thought.  Whoever it will be, is just a place holder.  Another loyalty appointment might be Claire McCaskill.  I don't know, but my money is on Jarret.

Any and all of these guys will commit any number of crimes while in this office and just walk away by resigning their office.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


One of my favorite songs by Shinedown (yes, I like Shinedown, sue me) is their song Bully, from their CD Amaryllis.

Forget the fact that Brent Smith is just about the hottest hottie in rock music today and listen to the lyrics.  They are not saying lay down and take it.  They are not telling victims to appease the Bully, they are saying, put a stop to it once and for all by stepping up to it.  Progressives don't get that because they are so busy bending over for anyone they feel is stronger than they are, that they really don't get standing up for yourself.  Really? Why else do you think they are all for repealing the 2nd Amendment?

Progressives are like Loki trying to free us from Freedom.  We have to be like the old man in the Stuttgart crowd and tell them, "There are always men like you!"  Because, let's face it, Bullies are as common as dirt and even easier to shake off your shoes, because at the very heart of it, they are weak, scared and easily faced down.

Progressives are bullies.  Doubt me?  How are we supposed to feel about the NFL or disciplining your child this week? If you think it's OK to spank your child and feel that our woes with youth today stem from non-spanking idiots, what exactly are you being told everywhere you look right now?

Feel Obama is a train wreck of an executive?  Racist.  Feel Congress and the Supreme Court are the perfect foil to Executive branch overreach?  Cretin Neanderthal.

Who calls names?  Bullies call names.  Who coerces?  Bullies coerce.  Who tries to make you do something you don't want to do, something you know is wrong by telling you it's not wrong?  That's right, bullies.

I've been bullied exactly twice in my life. Not because I'm such a bad ass, I can assure you of that. But both times I did exactly what my dad told me to do and I hit back.  Then, as I grew older I learned more stealthy ways to get back and bullies that left no bruises, no fingerprints, but plenty of damage nonetheless.  I've made it something of an avocation.

I don't like bullies.  It stems from my stubborn refusal to allow anyone to make me do what I don't want to do.  And, in my formative years, that included my parents insisting I muck out my bedroom.

Progressives are trying to tell me how to speak, what to think.  Homey don't play dat.  They are the true bullies and you see grown men who play a brutal game like football allowing them to  define their lives.  Grown men who watch football are allowing a bunch of feminized pansies to tell them how to be good husbands or fathers. Good according to the bullies.

So here is my message to the bullies.  Bring it on, bring it to me.  Because, and please, trust me on this, I will bring it to you and I will not be polite or even diplomatic in how I shove your own shit down your throat.

This message brought to you by an American woman who doesn't like the NFL and wishes she was not slapped in the face with it every 5 minutes by people who believe in No Score games.