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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

State of the Press - Fan Fiction

Happy 241st Independence Day! I've been catching up on news and stuff this week  Why? Because I knew the 4th was coming up and I wanted to see what percolated. And it came up to the following.

Our nation is in great peril. Not because of Trump, not because of Antifa and not because of mean Tweets on the Twatter. It's in peril because our free press, which is supposed to be a check on the government is in bed with the government and they are cupping the balls and swallowing the gravy (thanks for that, Jack Black).

Trump's Tweet showing him beating up Vince McMahon at some Wrestlemania thing, years ago, with the CNN logo overlaid has been decreed the most violent call to action against the American Press. Really, Jim Acosta? Really? I mean, it's not like you guys don't deserve it, frankly I'd punch anyone of you right in your smug face and not feel bad about it at all. None of you merit a moment of sympathy for anything since the last two years have been a non-stop attack on the backbone of America, our middle class and working class.

We have been told, if we don't agree with everything you spew, that we're racist, Nazi, bigoted, Misogynists, Islamophobes who want everyone to die. You harangue us daily to give up to you because you can call names. I don't know where you grew up, but where I come from, kids like you got regularly pummeled on the playground. It was pretty much open season.

You couldn't force us to vote for Hillary so you began deriding our choice of candidate when not outright lying about him, our President. You have raised fan fiction to an art form. You make up shit like the fat Scottish girl at the beginning of the second season of Sherlock with her gay fan fiction explanation of how Sherlock could have survived the fall. Personally, I think all first drafts of any decrees you make about how someone should assassinate the duly elected President of our Nation only comes after you've washed your hands and cleaned your sex toys. Doubt me? Read this.

Some may say I'm overstating it, but honestly I can't see how. All of you in the media seem to spend an inordinate amount of time mentally masturbating to your sick, delusion of killing a man who beat the snot out of the cunt you wanted in office because you'd already curried so much favor with her and the previous guy. There is a phrase, in the vernacular for you and your ilk. It's called "sick fuck". The entire media are sick fucks.

None of you deserve the title of the press. I dare you to go down to Venezuela and say the shit about Maduro that you say about Trump. And then perhaps you'll get a glimpse into the truth about free press in a collectivist regime. The type of regime that Shillary promised you. Not only are you sick fucks, but you're also dumb fucks. You have seen all of the collectivist regimes and you see what they turn the press into, nothing more than propaganda machines and you long for it. Why research and investigate when The State will just tellsyou what to write. Way to completely abdicate all responsibility for living, right?

You laud Kathy Griffin and the production of Julius Caesar wherein Caesar is Trump and is stabbed to death at the end and then you cry, whine, piss and moan when the subject of your infantile stupidity jokes back at you and calls you fake news.

I take issue with Fake News. You're not even that. You can't even rise to that level. You've become nothing more than really bad fan fiction on a Twilight discussion board.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Regarding Nostalgia

Most people who truly know me, know that there is not a nostalgic atom in my being. Not even an atomic particle. I can look back to my past fondly, enjoy certain moments, remember lessons, however, I never, ever look back and wish for those days again. In short, I'm not a Glory Days kinda gal.

I think it comes from living a life with very few regrets. I came to a point in my life where I accepted me for who I am and realized that everything I've experienced had led me to that exact moment, so going back and changing anything would change me, who I am, the person that I love. Because, yes, I love myself first. All of the rest of my love flows from that self-love.

Now, in the small town where I live, they have spent the last 20 years fixing up downtown and the area around our beautiful river. I can honestly say, that area is my favorite part of "downtown". I love that they have taken old warehouses and manufacturing buildings and are re-purposing them for housing in that hipster, yuppie fashion that has most snowflakes crying in their granola about "gentrification". They obviously never saw our town before this started. Trust me, the gentrification is beauty to the eye and a boon to our dying downtown area. We now have new restaurants, a food truck area, and a nightlife that was never what it should have been for our young people, even the college students who were mostly tourists anyway. I have come to like our town more than ever. (I still despise the weather here, so first chance I get I'm outta here, regardless of new restaurants.)

This whole "woe is gentrification" is nothing more than base tribalism and a baby sucking its thumb because something new startled them. Get your thumb out of your mouth, baby, and smell the aroma of true progress. BTW, just in case, progress doesn't mean moving backward. You want to go back to the tribe, the teepee, the cave? You go right on ahead, but remember, no plumbing and no internet. I'll see you in two days, OK?

Gentrification is progress. It takes a building that may have otherwise been torn down and makes it usable by many others and revitalizes a community that would have otherwise broken apart because of flight to better neighborhoods. I saw it where my daughter lived in Houston, on the edge of a barrio. I kid you not, it was like a freakin' colonia right across the street from her first apartment, over off of Canal. Developers were coming in and buying up all of the warehouses, all of the closed and abandoned manufacturing plants and were building loft apartments, high rise apartments and bringing the young back to downtown in Houston, making it a whole lot more fun that it was when I was young and living in Houston and all of the decent places to eat and dance were in the suburbs.

Why do these snowflakes sit around wringing their hands and crying all nostalgic for something they don't even know? I highly suspect their college instructors. For people who can barely tolerate the present, they wish for a past they never knew themselves. Otherwise how else can you explain Black Studies professors preaching segregation? I wait daily for MLK to crawl out of his crypt and start slapping people.

My birthday is tomorrow. I don't sit around all nostalgic for all the years past, wishing I was 25 again. Good Lord! Why would I want that? I love who I have become, and I love the promise of what I can become. I have no wish to stagnate or wish for something that will never be. I look to the future the same way I always have, eager for the promise of each new day. I want to see the secrets we only glimpse now.  I can't wait to see what we all become.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


In the past week, both of my phones have been ringing more than they did during the election polling season. Telemarketers are becoming even more desperate in their attempts to get someone to answer their calls. I do so only so that my number is recorded as being answered, then I immediately block them on my phone and through my phone provider at home and block them on my cell phone. Yes, they are now calling cell numbers figuring that most folks don't even have land lines any longer. I seriously consider unplugging my phone hourly.

So, to the telemarketers out there, let me school you on your business model, in much the same way as I lectured the recording industry during the days of Napster and file sharing sites.

Nobody likes you, And when I say nobody, I mean literally not one single person, including yourself, likes you. Your own mother would probably go back in time and have a retroactive abortion if she knew you'd grow up to be a telemarketer.

You're desperate for an ever shrinking, ever growing senile market share. I get that. What I don't get is why you are still using phones? Everyone, including my technophobe elderly relatives have caller ID and never answer calls from numbers they don't recognize. The fact that you are now cloning numbers from elderly members of target communities is really... what's the word I'm searching for? Despicable. Yes. That's it exactly. Despicable.

Just so you know, I'm saying that word just like Sylvester the Cat would. Relish it as you hear it in your tiny little head.

I've always imagined call centers as being the saddest places on earth outside human slavery auctions on the West coast of Africa and Saudi Arabia. It's the kind of place you tell no one you work at. You tell everyone you're a prostitute because it's better than saying you spam phone calls trying to make a dime off the stupid and the elderly, desperate for someone to talk to, and a telemarketer will act like their care in order to make that dime.

Yeah, I'd cop to being a cannibal dominatrix rather than admitting to that, too.

This is a major shout out to ALL marketers of all stripes. Junk mail doesn't work. I have a bin I throw mine in as soon as it's identified. Telemarketing has never worked with me. I will seriously fuck with your head when you call me and I'm in a mood. Barring that, I will record your number, and block it with extreme prejudice. I usually hook up my ancient fax machine to my phone line during the election cycle. Those I want to call me have my cell number. I only give my landline number on websites that demand it, then I unplug my phone now when I need to.

I don't like TV or radio ads. I don't even like magazine ads.

Like most Americans, I have no desire to have goods or services pushed in my face unless I want or need them, and then I seek out those goods or services and I do my due diligence by quietly vetting each product and reading reviews.

I don't use Google to search for good or services. I use an adblocker, in fact two of them, on my browser. I refuse to go to any site that demands I disable either to look at their content, because it's readily available elsewhere without someone trying to hawk their snake oil at everyone.

I am not alone or rare or a weirdo. This is the attitude most rational people have towards advertising. We don't like it, don't need it, don't want it.

I don't even watch the insipid Superbowl commercials until days after. I don't care, and more than likely I will never, ever consider buying your product because I don't want or need it.

I get it. Your tit's in a wringer because you keep wanting to make money without really working for it. Hey, I have a lazy kid, too, but even he draws the line at telemarketing. I guess I can be proud of him for that.

Become a prostitute. At least there is some pride in that type of work.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Another Man's Problem

I listened to a radio call-in show recently where a man called the host and explained that he was engaged to a woman of the Progressive persuasion and he was wondering how he was going to make it work.

If you're calling into a radio talk show two months before your nuptials it's time to call it off. I finally just yelled at the radio, "Dude, leave her! Let her be another man's problem!" Any woman who believes in the wage gap, allows her fiance to be referred to as "toxic" and believes in genderless raising is ripe for the shelf and should not, under any circumstances, procreate. It's bad enough the stupid twat is getting a teaching certificate.

Everything this guy was describing was my nightmare of any female my sons might bring home. With my youngest boy getting married in October, I can only thank the Gods of all the Universes that he chose a woman I like and holds his same values. I'm hoping she talked him out of naming their children Lars and Wulfgar. I hope to God that was a joke. Nah, it had to be a joke.

I am very lucky in that I don't believe either of my boys would even talk to a woman who held views like the caller's fiancee. Neither of them have much patience for Progressive twaddle or suffer fools gladly. They would carefully sneak around any woman in their orbit with Progressive views if not just make fun of her until she ran away crying. I taught them that was okay to do to horrifically self-stupid people. I've seen my eldest cut through a Third Wave Feminist like a hot knife through butter when she started on toxic masculinity or the patriarchy. I was never more proud.

Feminists today are toxic. There is not one that I have seen or met that I didn't want to immediately take out of the gene pool. I see no problem with slapping or punching them, actually. You want to be equal with men? Truly? Sign up for the draft and take a punch to your disgustingly stupid mouth when you spout your stupidity. There, just like a man in a bar, shooting off his stupid mouth.

Or, you can let her become another man's problem. Watch any Steve Shives video. Watch the ones with his wife next to him. If ever a man was showing with body language that he didn't want to be where he is, this is it. I watch them because it's comedy gold. There is a guy in Australia that is a complete moron, and thinks he's a "femininst" and he says the most stupid things. I've only seen clips of his videos in other people's video and I really can't be arsed to find out what his name is.

Let her become that man's problem. Feminists don't want equality, they want special, they all want to be little queens of their little fiefdoms. Know what? My fiefdom is my home. I keep a nice home so that my husband who works very hard has a place he can come home to where he can relax and be himself at the end of the day, and work like a dog for on the weekends. My man has it easier. I don't have long Honey-Do lists that revolve around my wants. I have long lists of things he's said he's going to do and I tend to slap them down on his desk when his pile of crap gets in my way and I insist he does something, or, failing that I go cry to his mother. That is true feminine solidarity.

Yes, allow her to pass on to any other male that will accept his female dictating to him that they should adopt cross-racial babies while contributing none of their DNA to the next generation. If she feels so badly about her DNA, perhaps that is the best choice for her, and frankly, any male that would accept her should not pass his down either. r/K is real, people.

Let her be another man's headache while she blames everyone but herself for her low pay in the profession she chose of her own free-will but will blame on some male patriarchal institution instead of her ow stupid choices. Let her remain in a city that is very anti nuclear family. Let her stay with her highly educated retard friends who live in her echo chamber, circle-jerking their way to extinction.

No, really. Let her be another man's problem. Life's too short to deal with stupid people.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Affirmative Action

I was raging today over the Bioware/EA scandal in gaming for hiring a completely unqualified woman as their 3D animator when she had no experience. On her CV her experience portion reads, and I quote, "Lots of experience". Because of the pioneering efforts of twat waffles Anita Sarkesian and Brianna Wu, two other completely unqualified human beings, she was hired because... Gamergate.

Anyway, my husband and I disagree on the degree of suckitude of the art so I explained to him why Affirmative Action is one of the worst ideas on the very long list of bad Progressive ideas. Just under Social Security and Federal Income Tax.

Affirmative Action tells a person that they are not good enough, not smart enough to do something, so the government will tell the world that they have the right to do it, regardless of their ability or intelligence. Take college, for instance. You're black, and some counselor tells you that you don't have the grades of test scores to get into the college you want to go to, but the government tells them they have to take you to get their federal money for Pell and other grants. It doesn't matter that you don't have the intelligence, the work ethic or even the aptitude to major in whatever it is, all that matters is the color of your skin. You believe it and you get into that college. Wow! How great is that? Until you're kicked out because you're failing, don't go to class and spend most of your time playing video games with your dorm buddies.

Now what? You go home to your bad neighborhood and community that you were trying to get out of, and instead of going to junior college or trade school, you get into gangs and drugs. Why? Because that's a way you can make money and still play video games instead of being a wage slave and holding a real job and slowly working your way up the ladder. You know, like white people have to do.

This is what happens when you can't read yet are told you can do anything you want to... with government assistance. You are never encouraged to do anything on your own, think on your own or act without government permission. You are then put on welfare and your life is set on a path that the real racists want you to be on. Blandly sitting in front of a television where they will tell you what to do and what to think until November when your repayment to them is by voting straight Democrat ticket, then going back to your cud-chewing ways on their Ballot Cattle Plantation.

Nice, right?

You were educated in poorly run, derelict schools where you were told it was all about self-esteem and participation trophies, that you really didn't need to put forth any effort because you were owed because slavery/institutional racism/insert whatever buzzword fits.

The lesson you should learn is that you are owed nothing by any other person on this planet. Nobody owes you anything. Ever. The ONLY way to get ahead is by being smarter and faster than your closest competition. You have to fight and claw your way to dominating anything and anyone who tells you different has a bet on your opponent.

The biggest lie of Affirmative Action is that they were doing what was best for you. Was it best that your graduated from high school reading at a fourth grade level, were told you had a right to a college education when you had no qualifications that would indicate that you could stick it out so that you wound up going home a failure to a life of criminality or a drugged haze to deny your reality?

What amazes me is that more minorities don't rise up and turn on the proponents of this poisonous policy. My personal theory is that they don't want to admit their own complicity in how they got to where they are. They wanted to believe that they were in some way scamming the system, getting one over on the man, when in reality they were all fooling themselves and Karma doesn't really like that at all, so the lesson is harsh when it's dealt.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the first person to ever bring this subject to the notice it deserves, and I have been screaming this from the rooftops ever since. Affirmative Action is a lie told to blacks and other minorities to keep them quiet, keep them compliant and keep them voting for more Progressive policies while keeping them shut away on their ballot cattle plantations, only showing up around election years making promises they have no intention of keeping. They don't want the poor out of poverty. They don't want you to have healthcare to take care of you, they want it to have control over your life and hold your life or death in their hands because they honestly get off on it.

Why people buy into it is beyond me. Of course, my first response to anyone telling me I'm not smart enough or good enough to do something is to prove them wrong. But that requires self-awareness and introspection on a level that is not approved of in government run education.

Take the case of Talcum X, aka Shawn King, The Young Turks newest hire. Talcum X, a white man masquerading as a black man and founder of Black Lives Matter. This white boy stole a black man's position at an all black college. Does anyone within the Progressivesphere become outraged? Nope. He identifies as black and helps the black community, so he's untouchable. Really? how has he improved the black community? Name ONE WAY. One. I'll wait. I packed a lunch.

Name one way that Affirmative Action has helped any minority community other than white women who are NOT a minority. Title IX may not appear anywhere in your excuse or apologetics. Again, I packed a lunch. I can wait.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Burn the Boomers

I was watching this video by Stefan Molyneux. I don't know about anyone else, but I love it when Stef goes on a rant. It's better than watching Dennis Leary. He went off on Western Civilization being the cause of its own destruction by learning nothing from its past.

I am going to say something here that my long time readers already know, but will surprise anyone new who is hitting my blog. I hate Baby Boomers. I despise them, in fact. I so hate their parents that it's like a dragon holding back its fire when confronted with them. My hate for them is generational.

I was born in 1965, at the end of the boom. My parents were Boomers. You know full well my feelings there. A bunch of whining, grasping, grabby, self-entitled whiners I have never seen in any generation and rarely outside the toddler room of a day care center. They love the idea of ending poverty and educating everyone as long as they don't have to really put any effort into it. In other words, they are the ultimate virtue signalers.

The welfare state was their parents' bailiwick. Social Security, then Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, the Great Society of freakin' Johnson (may he rot in hell) have all had the effect of destroying the family and financially enslaving generations of the poor they wanted to help, all with your tax dollars, of course, not their OWN money. God forbid.

It was like checking off a list of wonderful things they were doing in their lifetime. Provide for the elderly who, like the grasshopper in the fable, never provided for the next day, much less retirement, so we don't have to save for our retirement. Provide for the poor because money makes everything better. Destroying the black family because, well, they're all racist aren't they, just refusing to acknowledge it is their biggest crime.

They embraced abortion and a sort of hedonism and were called the ME Generation. It was all about them. And they were forward thinking for everything but planning for when they couldn't work, if they ever did work. In the late 60s they figured that for real change they needed to convince everyone their way was the only way and they started in inner city schools because the burbs were just too uptight and conservative. They convinced inner city kids that welfare was their right to make up for the injustices of slavery. They convinced them to have children out of wedlock, that marriage and raising a family were old world and patriarchal. Black women needed to empower themselves by having out of wedlock children so they could get more welfare benefits and then their children could being having children as teens so as to bring more benefits into the household. This was when they weren't herding them into Planned Parenthood clinics to scrape away the mud they were carrying, according to Saint Margaret Sanger of the Abortion Mill.

Everything suddenly became a right to these former campus commies trying desperately to stay relevant in a world where the cracks in their face masks were becoming noticeable. The generation who thought they would fuck everyone forever had to come up with a gimmick and that gimmick was Government Healthcare, because seeing England's example, for some reason, did not make them decide that socialized medicine was a bad idea. Many of them, doctors themselves, knew they would stay in private practice to their moneyed friends whilst the young doctors would be slaves to their never-ending appetite for virtue signaling.

You know how I know all of my opinions here are right? Every single time, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Boomers start screeching we need to do something and tax Americans to do it, when we suggest they use their own money to show us how well it works, you never hear about it again. EVAR. Doubt me? Just look at the recent silencing of JK Rowling and George Clooney. They wanted to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian "refugees" into England and America. When it was pointed out that they owned houses they didn't even use and that perhaps they should put some up, and people even put up money to buy these economic refugees air fare to their houses, they belted up and never uttered another work. They love pontificating from their gated enclaves, not once giving a thought about anything else but how good they appear to their friends and the idiot public who follow them.

And that is the Baby Boomers in a nutshell.

They convinced my generation that we needed to go out and work, warehousing our children in indifferent day care centers. Our children grew up unable to cope, especially the millennials, because they never had real care from any adult around them. Now we reap the benefits of that lie with grown children who stand around screaming and crying about Starbucks being out of their favorite flavor cappuccino like a two year old in the middle of toddler room trying to get the attention of the indifferent minimum wage person who is supposed to be caring for them. They are at college and can't cope with an opinion they have not been taught to parrot back to their leftist instructors. They can't think, can't earn, and are thus relegated to being insignificant to the world around them because they can do nothing, but think they should be at the top of the ladder.

Boomers thought they would be young forever, live forever, fuck forever and didn't give a thought to tomorrow. They are two entire generations who can't cope with aging, haven't provided for their retirement and will be relegated as the last people to buy Alpo to eat with their dwindling Social Security payments. I've paid into that system since I was 16 and got my first paycheck. I will never see a dime of it. Sure, let the future pay for your retirement, Grandma. You have robbed your children and grandchildren so you could live as you wanted without a thought to the future, because your parents were so horrified by a World War they tried to shield you from any adversity. You got us civil rights and then ruined it with welfare, because you thought money was infinite.

Boomers are Utopians. They think that if they can just change people, the world will be perfect and no one will hate anyone and it will be wonderful with unicorns, kittens and cotton candy clouds. They just need to change people and this is where and why I hate them so much. The social engineering that we've had to stand back and watch since the 60's. For this alone I think they should all die horribly and go to the hell of Christopher Stasheff. If you've read Her Majesty's Wizard, you will understand the depths of my desire to punish every single one of the so-called do-gooders.

Let's see, what have we changed drastically since the 60s and the introduction of a welfare state? Well, more out of wedlock births, the death of the black family, and it's quickly happening in the Hispanic world, but at a slower rate. More minority males in prison because they've grown up with no man in their unstable, beast run households. Drug use in the minority community that makes the 70s heroin plague look like a walk in the park. We have had homosexuality, trans, and all that gender bull shit, crammed down our throats while they screamed at us that we HAD to accept it.

Here's the truth, idiots. No one really cares, they just don't want it shoved in their faces. They don't even want hetero pushed in their faces. So really, shut the fuck up and go back to finding more ways to steal your children and grandchildren's future.

Boomers are liars and thieves, so excellently represented by the Clintons. They are the ultimate that Boomers have to offer as to why they should all be immediately be shot and buried and immediately forgotten.

It feels good to get that poison out of my system. Hashtag not all Boomers fit this mold, but most do. We should hold them up as a lesson we teach children as what happens to lying thieves when they get caught at it. In a perfect world, they would already be building roads using prison labor to do so. You want to retire in style? Prepare for it like we've had to do because we've always known we could not rely on Social Security. We won't have Medicare, hopefully. Get rid of Medicare and Medicaid and open up the free market in medicine and you will see everyone has affordable healthcare without HMOs, PPOs or anything but indemnity health insurance.

So, next time you see a Boomer screaming about anything, punch them in the face, because they are all Nazis at heart, and if it's good enough for Nazis...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ruminations On A Civil Rights Failure

This past weekend, John Lewis of Selma fame, and Congress Critter from Georgia, thought to call President Elect Donald Trump's election win illegitimate. Now, I didn't vote for The Donald. I had my reservations that he would be anything more than Hillary in a Saville Row suit. So I wrote in a name of an unqualified person and left the rest of my ballot as I saw fit.

Now, as to the legitimacy question. Let's see the score card now, the CIA admits that they have no proof that Russians actually hacked anything. The FBI, ditto. They claim there is undisputed evidence that Russians "interfered" in our election process, i.e. Wikileaks publications, but again, can provide no proof. Putin denies giving Assange anything. Assange assures everyone he knows that he did not get his information on DNC emails from Russia. In fact, he got them from a DNC insider, Bernie supporter, who was disgusted by what he saw happening to his chosen candidate with full approval of Yenta Barbie, Donna Brazille and HRC herself. For people who have seen the archives that Assange demands when given digital data, they all know who it was and who continued that work after that person mysteriously died as people around HRC do.

So, John Lewis, noted liar, race huckster and Democrat Party shill thinks that Trump's win is not legitimate. Really? Interesting, that. Truly. In point of fact, it's FASCINATING.

Why? Because John Lewis is a known liar. In 2009 he accused people of calling him and Elijah Cummings the N-Word on the capital steps while they marched in , arm in arm with Nancy Legosi and Mjolnir to vote for Obamacare. Andrew Breitbart immediately offered $100K to anyone who could provide video proof of this happening. In the seven years since that incident, not one single person has stepped up to collect that from Andrew Breitbart or now, his estate. Not. One. Single. Person.

Proven Lie.

Now, the ONLY reason we know John Lewis, AT ALL, is because he got clubbed in the head in the Selma riots back in the Civil Rights days down South in Alabama. He's been dining out on that story for over fifty years. Here's is what I don't understand about John Lewis, everyone involved in his beating, in being set on by dogs, fire hosed, and jailed was all done at the hands of the Democrat Party with "Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever". Yeah, hate me because I paid attention in all of the American History classes I was forced to take compared to my one year of world history and world geography.

So, John Lewis decides to then go out and shill for the Party that saw him as nothing more than dirt under their feet, and now he seeks their protection as they try to virtue signal about how much they love minorities.

Sitting on this side of 50+ years of The Great Society, how's that worked for your people Mr. Lewis? Perhaps Trump was right and you need to go home and pay attention to what's going on in your streets. You're a worthless party hack who doesn't even realize he's been used for all of these years by people who really do see him as beneath him.

Illegitimate, indeed.