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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gun Grabber Anxiety - Dealing With The Anxious Gun Grabber

Like us, gun grabbers have anxieties and fears. A gun grabber's anxieties, may not be the same as our own anxieties, but they cause stress and physical reactions just the same.
Some common gun grabber anxiety problems include -
  • No Repeal of the 2nd Amendment – A gun grabber gets anxious when every attempt to take guns away from law abiding citizens fails.
  • Noise anxiety – A gun grabber becomes fearful when exposed to loud or unusual noises. Some examples include fireworks, BB Gun fire, hand gun fire, shot gun blasts and rifle fire.
  • Meme anxiety – The gun grabber is so afraid of everything he believes every meme on the internet and that spoons really do cause obesity.
  • Appeasement anxiety – This happens when a gun grabber has done everything to make the criminal like him, up to and including peeing on himself in a submissive posture but gets shot anyway. Because he knows it's not the criminal's fault, it's HIS fault the gun just spontaneously fired and hit him in the kidney.

Symptoms of Gun Grabber Anxiety

When gun grabbers are anxious, they may engage in repetitive or displacement behaviors to relieve their stress. For example, when we are anxious, we may pace, bite our nails, or play with our hair.

Gun grabbers may also pace, whine, cry on camera and more. Some gun grabber anxiety behaviors may lead to property destruction, may cause us harm, or may simply be an Occupy Whatever sit in. This may include -
  • Non-stop whining.
  • Screaming at every TV camera in sight.
  • Pooping and peeing in the tent, sidewalk or police car areas.
  • Eating his own poop.
  • Aggression toward people, Conservatives, or other 2nd Amendment protectors.
Punishment or aversive techniques will do little to stop these anxious gun grabber behaviors in the long-run, because punishment does not address the source of the problem, which is the gun grabber’s anxiety. In fact, suppression of these displacement behaviors, through pain and dominance methods, will make the problem worse, because pain increases stress and uncertainty. And further cause the gun grabber to pee himself when in the presence of guns.

Gun Grabber Anxiety Solution 1 – Desensitization

One of the best ways to help a gun grabber deal with his anxiety issues, is by slowly desensitizing him to the problem stimulus.

In the desensitization process, we start with a weak version of the stimulus that is triggering the anxiety attack.  In this case, pictures of guns alone, by themselves, just lying around being guns.

The stimulus must be weak enough, so that gun grabber is able to stay calm in its presence. Then, get him to focus on the picture, by telling him baby seals will learn to feed penguins at the South Pole if he looks long enough.

If the gun grabber is able to focus and stay in-control, reward him with a very high priority treat. For desensitization purposes, I usually try hipster kid mottos and memes. I try to pick a highly aromatic or smelly treat that the gun grabber loves, but does not usually get to eat. The smell will help to engage his nose, and further distract him from the source of his anxiety. Try a Starbucks coffee with biscotti.

When he is comfortable with this exercise, is calm, and able to follow simple commands, I very slowly raise the strength of the problem stimulus. I make each session short, fun, and very rewarding.  At this point, show him pictures of hunters holding rifles and shot guns, of police at the pistol range.

In this way, the gun grabber learns alternative behaviors for dealing with stressful situations. He also learns to associate something that was previously a source of fear and stress, with something positive (nice smells, yummy treats, a clean bathroom) with being calm.

Gun Grabber Anxiety Solution 2 – Calm Environment

Another important aspect of helping an anxious dog, is to create a calm and predictable environment for him, in his daily life.
  • Fixed routine – The problem with most gun grabbers is that most of them don't have real jobs so they spend most of their time online or staring at their cell phones, not engaging with the world around them.  Try to get them to wake up early, hit the Help Wanted ads and get a routine going that does not include coffee shops, texting or Skype.
  • Staying calm - Most gun grabbers are very good at picking up the energy of the people around them, especially at a protest rally. It is always best to maintain a calm, assertive attitude around them.  Also, be sure to threaten violence upon their person if they don't calm down.  It is my theory this hearkens back to their childhood and instills a parental fear in them.
  • Yanking the Collar– When your gun grabber gets too excited (they are all very excitable about myths and false narratives) the only rebuke I would recommend, so that you do not reinforce the gun fears, is to yank back on the shirt collar sharply, while giving a firm command of "NO!". Repeat as needed until your gun grabber is back in a calm submissive state and ready to learn.
At this point you should be ready to walk your gun grabber past a gun cabinet or open gun locker.  Do not be disappointed by any behavior regression, it is common.  Just start back at the beginning and work back up.

You should work up from viewing real guns in a home atmosphere to perhaps walking by a gun shop or entering a Target or Wal*Mart without screaming anything about guns.  Once again, expect some regression, but a sharp yank on the collar at this point does the gun grabber a world of good.

Once you can walk into a gun shop, work on touching.  Tactile experience is usually the best way to break the gun grabber anxiety, but it takes a lot of work to get them to that point. You may also want to take them, as a guest, to your local range. The day you know you've won is when they walk up to you at the range, having driven there by themselves, to show you their new Ruger, you've turned a gun grabber into a 2nd Amendment lover.

There is no greater joy than to take a person so afraid of everything they piss themselves at the slightest evidence of aggression to being self-assured because they can now protect themselves.

I do caution you, however, there are a few intransigent gun grabbers that cannot be rehabilitated.  They will have to be put down and their spawn watched very closely for this abhorrent behavior, if they have managed to reproduce.

This is not easy work, but it is rewarding.  To see the gleam in their eyes when it finally dawns of them that they are the masters of their own destinies and no longer blown about by the fads and whims of whatever the Leftists make up, well, I admit,  I've cried.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Beyond Ferguson Missouri

I've spent the past week listening and reading about the news from Ferguson, MO.  I don't want to get into the weeds because it's all speculation about this kind of thing until the Fat Lady sings.  However, ever after the incisive and through provoking news articles and blogs I've read, no one has touched on the main thing that drives me crazy about incidents like this.

Wanton destruction of private property.

As I watched news footage and camera phone videos of the looting, pillaging, arson and stupidity going on in Ferguson, I was disgusted by everything I saw.  And folks, it wasn't just happening on one side of the police barricades. I saw people destroying the neighborhoods they lived in on the very flimsy excuse of outrage over the death of a person evidently nobody knew, but claimed as a close friend or relative once the spoils were to be divided.  I also saw the police tear gas and then destroy the equipment of an Al Jazeera news crew.  I'm not a big Al Jazeera fan.  I think all of them should be sent back to J school with my sixth grade teacher (trust me on this, you did not misbehave in that woman's class).  They did not deserve what they got from the policemen who got a little too full of themselves and put themselves against the law and forgot their mission is to protect and serve the public.

The citizens of the neighborhood where all of this looting was going on live in that neighborhood.  Those small businesses and shops they were robbing and then setting on fire are more than likely owned by their own neighbors trying to make ends meet while still managing to employ some of the people who live there.  The people in this neighborhood are cannibals, eating themselves while screaming outrage over something most of them are barely aware happened.  There were shop owners who defended their property with firearms and the Left was outraged!  How dare they protect their stores and inventory with force when the people of Ferguson are so oppressed and angry.  Just give them what they want and they will like you and go away.  Because nothing excites a Progressive Liberal quite like rolling over on their backs and peeing on themselves.  They really don't get self-preservation at all.  Because death and destruction are all they believe in, they just don't get that yet.

The police should protect us, right?  How did that work out for Ferguson, again?  Yeah, get back to me on that, will you?

Don't get me wrong, people have the right to be outraged. They have the right to rage and scream and protest.  What they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO is to destroy the property of others while they do it.  Right Occupiers?  You never see a TEA Party protest that local municipalities have to pay to clean up after.  They usually leave it in better shape than they found it.  These people?  Destruction is their motivating reason for living.  They are angry at the world for being alive and so they seek the death and destruction of themselves and everything around them.  They want to die and take YOU with them.

Doubt me?  Drugs?  Promiscuous sex?  Subsistence living off the state?  Living in filth, squalor and despair and hating everyone who gets out of it?  Their entire childhood is spent in the soul killing public school system and the rest of their lives is in a mad seeking for release from their intolerable lives as ballot cattle.

See?  That's the insidious nature of the welfare state.  Making something dependent on you, totally, never allowing them to seek any kind of independence of thought or action steals the soul and leaves a willing slave that does exactly what it's told to do. What happens to the people of these ballot cattle communities that try to better themselves, try to get ahead?  They are named Uncle Tom's (for a reason that completely escapes me as Uncle Tom was a hero doing the right thing, so I guess they are right) and sell-outs and race haters.  See Bill Cosby and what happened to him when he merely mentioned that black men should raise their kids and keep it in their pants.

Look at all of the hate and discontent spewed by the Left at Black Conservatives.  Looks like those uppity blacks went and got independent and we all know the Democrats have been trying to re-enslave blacks since Republicans won a war to free them in the mid-19th century.  But, if you want to see the real results of Liberal Policies and Ghettos of Despair look no further than Detroit or New Orleans after Katrina.  Do you want to know the real reason Libs foam at the mouth and blame Bush?  Because when their ballot cattle had to leave Nawlins and headed elsewhere, the results of their disastrous policies became clear to anyone who could see. They have trained entire generations to depend on them, knowing they would never do anything for these people to better their lives.  I'm sorry, a new playground at the projects is not doing anything for these people.  It's just a new place to sell drugs and have thugs hang out drinking their 40s while trying to build street cred.

The first thing the people who fled from Nawlins wanted, upon entering Texas as their EBT cards.  FIRST THING.  They didn't ask about them, did not ask about forms or availability, no, they were screaming.  How do I know? I was one of the people they screamed at while I was donating food, water, bedding and clothing.  What I saw was generations of people who have been dependent on their Massah Gubmint and could not function without Massah telling them what to do and where to show up and what forms to sign where before pulling a lever for folks that would leave them more and more dependent on Massah.  They waiting in Nawlins waiting for Massah to come save them.  When they found out that in Texas you have to work to get benefits, they didn't stay long. I know of two women, bleeding heart liberals who never, ever want to deal with that type of person again because it completely destroyed all illusions they held about helping people and them being appreciative.

So you have an entire city in Missouri who have found out what getting whipped by Massah is like.  They have been sucking on the government teat for so long that when that underpinning was ripped out from under them, they could not function as human beings and reverted to an animal state, foaming at the mouth, aggressive, incoherent.  If you doubt me, I encourage you to watch the videos again.  Then, they turned on their own, destroying their own neighborhoods.  Who do you want to bet will be the first to get in front of cameras demanding Massah Gubmint come repair their wanton destruction?

And I am going to be mean here.  Do not help them.  Do not donate one thin dime to assist them in cleaning up the mess they have made.  Make them rebuild their own neighborhoods, their own communities.  Do you want to know why they are so reckless in destroying everything around them?  Because they have never been taught to appreciated their own lives as something precious, so respect for their own property and the property of others does not flow from that self-respect that one achieves through independence.  That is how they can easily rob the stores they work at part time and burn it down.  Then cry in front of the cameras about their loss of income after the smoke clears.

Progressive Liberalism is to blame for everything that is happening in Ferguson, MO.  I'm not going to be Glen Beck and get out a chalkboard and start drawing lines back to Cass Sunstein.  I think it's pretty damned obvious to anyone who doesn't want to hide from the truth.  At the end of the day the people will moan and cry about what's happened to their own community and they will blame everything outside for it and never acknowledge that their worst enemy is themselves.  They allowed this to happen, and in most cases, made it happen.  Because it would all be replaced by Massah Gubmint when they ruined it all through their own stupidity. It won't matter to them that they ruined shops and local businesses of their own neighbors.  It won't matter to them that they burned down their own homes.  Because they are so entrenched in being the victim they will never acknowledge to themselves or anyone else how culpable they are in their own destruction. 

And that's just how the Libs like them.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturdays and Publishing

I was awakened at shortly after 7 this morning as the dogs were desperate to get outside and bark at air molecules.  Banner day in the Sev household as we got to sleep in until 7 AM.  Our mutts are harsh task masters.  I came in, made some coffee, watched Mr. Sev stumble from the bedroom only to stop and lay on the new couch before advancing into the kitchen and managing to make his cup of coffee. He's had a hard week, working out of town and in town.  He's completely allowed to be bleary eyed.

I've started laundry and put some banana bread into the oven.  Typical Saturday. I've also cleaned up dog messes, handed out milk bones and fed the cats.  And, I've still got to write today since I've not had five minutes to do it in the past two weeks.  With all the guys home I should be able to, right?  First Y chromosome that asks me if there's anything to eat will be shown the business side of a Ginsu and shown the deli drawer and bread area of the countertop.  I may have to fire myself for that last statement. I'm kind of a bitch about social media.

So I felt brave enough to open my e-mail.  I should have listened to my inner hobo's voice and just played Free Cell. There is a letter from my publisher.  Yes, I have a publisher.  I'm considered by the publishing world to be self-published and yet I am not.  I just managed to find a publisher who really doesn't care what I write as long as they can make a dime off of it.  For a first time published writer it was a match made in heaven. My publisher is Amazon Kindle Books, AKA Kindle Direct Publishers.  My books are only available from Amazon in the Kindle format.  Does this mean I'm limiting my market?  I have a market?  No, because anyone can install the Kindle app on their phone, tablet, PC.  You don't have to own a Kindle to read the Kindle books, you just have to have the app.  It's available for Apple devices, Android Devices, Windows, etc.  It's also free.  Why?  Because Amazon is in the business of selling things like books and making it easier for you to use their format is a bonus in the sales tree.

I have a feeling that Kat Richardson is going to end up hating me, I don't know, but I'm actually fighting for her to make more of a profit off her books.  But let me start this story correctly.

Years ago, when Mr. Sev bought me my first Kindle (2nd Gen White) I was in absolute raptures.  He got the one with Whispernet and I could easily purchase and download books to the device on the fly.  I already had an extensive (over 100K) e-book library and I quickly loaded that puppy up and it was my personal dream come true.  Endless books!  However, I was dismayed that I was paying hardcover and paperback prices for e-books.  Frankly, I was outraged.  Why on earth was I paying as much for a digital book that didn't have to be printed, stored, shipped, put on shelves, reprinted, etc.,?  KDP pointed out in their e-mail this morning:

Fast forward to today, and it’s the e-book’s turn to be opposed by the literary establishment. Amazon and Hachette – a big US publisher and part of a $10 billion media conglomerate – are in the middle of a business dispute about e-books. We want lower e-book prices. Hachette does not. Many e-books are being released at $14.99 and even $19.99. That is unjustifiably high for an e-book. With an e-book, there’s no printing, no over-printing, no need to forecast, no returns, no lost sales due to out of stock, no warehousing costs, no transportation costs, and there is no secondary market – e-books cannot be resold as used books. E-books can and should be less expensive.
 This is all before the author sees one dime of royalties from the sales of their books.  The publishing industry is in the business to make money and I'm so down with that. However, as most of you know, I am very hostile to industries that refuse to change with the market and try to hogtie consumers into their business model, despite there being a better mousetrap out there.  Also, note the re-sale quip.  Authors do not see one dime from used book store sales. They go on to say:
The fact is many established incumbents in the industry have taken the position that lower e-book prices will “devalue books” and hurt “Arts and Letters.” They’re wrong. Just as paperbacks did not destroy book culture despite being ten times cheaper, neither will e-books. On the contrary, paperbacks ended up rejuvenating the book industry and making it stronger. The same will happen with e-books.
  How many folks, especially young people with little discretionary funds, have to wait for the paperbacks or worse, for the used book stores, to have their favorite author on sale to buy these books at an already over-inflated price?  Don't discount libraries either.  Most of them are using tablet devices to check out e-books already.  They won't have wear and tear or "lost books" unless someone gets stupid and loses the tablet device and wow, that's a price to pay for a book, right?  No more stolen or lost books.  No more worrying about shelf space.  Of course they still get the revenue for late device turn in, etc.,.

Imagine if the publishing industry realized that e-books freed up revenue for further marketing of their authors and published books? What if they realized they could publish more books because they had more revenue to buy more books? The movie and recording industries are still bathing in their own blood from the file sharing fight that they lost.  Movie and music streaming was the future, digital music and movies is the now, it's where they make their money. And, they are making money hand over fist.  Who cares if the theatre industry is dying?  They, too, will find ways to get butts into seats once they realize that their concession prices and rude customers is what keeps most people home.  Why do you think I still have not gone to see Guardians of the Galaxy, as I am one of the biggest fans of the comic book?  Not a fan of attending movies with children, rude, stupid teen-agers and a generation so ignorant of simple manners it's disgusting and kills my hope for the future of mankind every time I'm exposed to it.

If the publishers were smart they would quickly see that e-books is where the money is.  But, what do they do?  They whine, they run to DC and collude with each other to keep prices artificially high.

Authors really just want to be left alone to write, and I would be more than happy to not be dragged into this fight, however, I do have a dog in it.  My problem is, if I just self-publish to Kindle, I get no marketing at all.  Everything is word of mouth, which as a marketing tool, is not a reliable marketing tactic.  I would love to sell tons of books. I would love for readers to love my books, like I do my favorite authors.

And let me let you in on another secret.  Over the past few years I have re-bought many of my favorite authors e-books and donated my paper and ink books to shelters, retirement communities and the local libraries.  Sadly, many of my books were so worn for love of the book that they had to be recycled.  So, for many authors, I've bought your books several times over.  Win-Win for the authors and publishing houses.  But do the publishing houses see it that way?  No, they only see that they lose control over every aspect of the author's ability to make any money so like toddlers, they dig in their heels, go all stiff, and begin screaming and crying because they are not getting their way.

So, my dear Kat Richardson and all of my other favorite authors out there, I fight for you and for me, because I'm not going to fight any battle I don't have a stake in.  But I do have one request for Amazon and all the publishing houses out there not embracing e-books, keep us out of the middle of it.  I just want to write books people want to read.  If you keep dragging us into the middle of it, trust me, you won't like the results.  There is always a better mouse-trap out there, always a bigger fish and if we all band together and rebel, no one will like the results except us and our readers.

We're imaginative that way.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


I was very young when I had to look up the definition for defiant in the giant American Heritage dictionary my dad had for us on his desk.  I think I was nine or ten, but I had seen that word in a report given to my teachers by the school psychologist who was constantly checking in with me to see how my prodigious little brain was working.  The word defiant came up in the report enough times for me to remember how to spell it so I could look it up.  Even as young as I was, I understood the cognate to defy and I knew what defiance was.  I was pretty sure what the word meant, but me being me, I had to make sure before I used it to bludgeon the school psychologist's brain to smithereens.  I did not like her one bit.

So of course I was defiant.  I was sick of looking at pictures or drawing pictures and telling her what they meant.  If I recall correctly, this report was brought about by my graphic description of Injun Joe kidnapping Tom Sawyer and how the kids got away.  I went a little fast and loose with Mark Twain's prose in my drawings and blood was involved.  She asked me why I drew blood and I told her that I was thinking of her when I drew that picture then stared in that scary way only little girls have. 

Number one, she said I lied about reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  No little girl of my age could possibly read those books and understand them.  I had read both books when I was seven years old.  And I had understood both.  Secondly, she said that no child my age could possibly have my vocabulary and after having spoken to my parents knew it was something I was not learning at home.  Because I kept insisting I was reading books she was sure I couldn't read, I was defiant.

I've always loved to read and it was a skill my parents encouraged.  My entire family knew the perfect present for me was books and I received them often.  When I ran out of things to read I would spend time at the library.  I often attempted to check out books the librarian was sure I couldn't read.  When I was eight and wanted to read Mary Shelley's Frankentstein and Bram Stoker's Dracula (my gothic phase, it passed mercifully quick) she called my mother who told her, probably with a sigh of exasperation, to just let me read what I wanted.  Back then I loved libraries because there were so many books to read, so much to learn.  I learned the limits of the regular library when I was in high school and rediscovered the love of archives in college.

However, according to this one woman, with letters behind her name, if no actual knowledge existed, I was defiant in insisting that I could do something that most other children could not. It didn't matter that I was doing it and could reasonably discuss the books I had claimed to read, she was certain that I had not read them because other children my age were not.

It seems to me that most people these days are much like that misguided school psychologist, so locked into what they think should be, that they are totally ignorant of what really is and that those of us who do see it and speak up are labeled as defiant.  Defiant as we speak out on how our Constitution is nearly is rags because of this current administration, which was only helped along by the two administrations before it.

We are defiant because we "cling" to our values and beliefs because we know them to be true.  Defiant because we insist that we can protect ourselves better than anyone or anything else.  Defiant because we insist we can provide for ourselves and resent the living hell out of those who refuse to do so while insisting it is our duty to provide for them.  We remain defiant by insisting that our 200 year old Constitution means exactly what it says and tough boogers on those who cry because it doesn't say what they want it to say or give them the power they think they should have.

All in all I have been defiant my entire life.  Some call it stubborn.  I will cop to both accusations.  Because I know both to be true.  However, I am not stupidly defiant or stubborn.  I can back up my stance with facts and logic.  The moment some idiot says, "Well, it feels like..." SLAP!  Feelings have no place in anything but interpersonal relationships and should be kept between those people.  Feelings are the worst things on which to run public policy.  It's just stupid.  No, let me be clear, it's fucktarded.

So, yes, I will remain defiant throughout my life.  I will not just let them come take things from me without a fight.  More of you should do the same.  Because it's very true.  If you don't stand up for you, why should I?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I have to admit, I've had a bit of fun with all of this illegal influx into the US.  For years I've had to hear the Liberal Harpies screech about "just let them in!" And suddenly, here's Obama just 'letting them in' and they see what the border states have been dealing with for decades of crap immigration policy in the US and the NIMBY chant is heard all over the damned nation.

Nancy Legosi goes to the border and the Mutha of Our Nation just loves them so much she wants to take them home with her, but she just can't.  Because it would be unfair.  Not in my backyard!

Typical of all Modern Liberals, they just love the little immigrant children.  Just love them so much they don't want anything to do with them until some bright Ivy Leaguer points out that they are just unregistered democrats and thus Tammany Hall is reborn, with the DNC leader, Obama, as their modern day Boss Tweed.  Today's elected official are nothing more than ward heelers.   Central Americans are to politicians what the Irish were 100 years ago.  Remember, last century when all of those words had bad connotations?

Modern Libs are like this all over the map.  Wind Farms?  Because the earth is warming so everyone needs to get their power from wind turbines that kill the birds and are pretty noisy. Well, NIMBY!  Right Kennedys? 

Free the mentally ill trapped in mental institutions!  These people can't help their mental illness!  Well, NIMBY!  Libs don't pay outrageous property taxes to have homeless people bring down their property values! (And they portray that as a Republican or Conservative action, which makes it delicious in my catalog of the ridiculous.)

Oh the poor illegal immigrants!  Give them amnesty!  They do this out of love!  Well, NIMBY!  Except we don't want them in our neighborhoods without uniforms on or pushing a baby carriage.  Oh, no need to get a work VISA or green card, they'll just pay under the table thus avoiding those horrid taxes they are forever raising for everyone else.

Love a Liberal.  Because God knows, no one else does.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Drift and Die

One of my friends, a mother very involved with her children, has been talking to me a lot lately as her eldest, a boy, has graduated high school, quit his job, made a ton of bad decisions and figures he can hide out in his room playing video games until his future plops into his lap with no effort on his part.  I know how this goes because I have children older than hers and she watched as I went through this with my own daughter.

We both wondered why on earth kids are not champing at the bit to get out of the house, like we were when we were 18.  Both of my boys entered the Marines as soon as they graduated.  My youngest left home and graduated high school with a month and she has not looked back.  I'm more proud of her than I've ever told her.  She works hard, is married, expecting their first child, my first grand-child, and she and her husband have decided she will be a stay-at-home mom. To them their family is the most important thing and they show how much the value it by making a hard decision to do without her income.  I have no doubt they will both make it a good home for themselves and their child.

I could not wait to get out of my house when I was 18.  It wasn't because it was a horrible place, it was a very easy place to be lazy and coast.  I wanted to get out on my own, live my life and begin proving my parents wrong about how the world really worked. I worked, went to school and found out my parents were right about a good many things, but I was living my life on my terms as best I could.  I had a dog that I got shortly after I turned 18 and there were many times I went without so I could afford dog food.  She was my responsibility and I would do without because I'd taken it on.

Did I ever get help?  Oh hell, yes.  My parents loved me.  When I worked as a DJ at a small radio station in Wharton, TX, my dad would send trucks through the town and the guys would stop at the station and drop off my dad's care packages.  Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup and more mac and cheese and top ramen noodles.  He would even put in small bags of dog food sometimes, knowing I'd feed my dog before myself.

I always wanted my own place, my own home, my own castle.  I've allowed both of my sons to move in with me.  Only one of them has a job, but he's not showing signs of saving up money to get out.  The other one doesn't work, hasn't signed up for school in the fall and basically sleeps all damned day.  He constantly tells me I don't do anything around here.  Wow, Junior!  Who cooks your meals, does the shopping, the cleaning, takes care of the pets you like as long as you don't have to pay actual attention to them...

I've made it way too easy for my free-loaders.  But that's ending because frankly, I want my house back.  The son who does work is planning on getting a house to rent with a friend of his with a yard for his Beagle.  That is good and cannot happen fast enough.  I'm reclaiming parts of my life that have been on hold since they both moved into my home... again.  I need a dedicated office for my writing, so one of my bedrooms will be reclaimed.  Frankly, I don't care which one has to sleep on the curb.  I bet it won't be the one with a job, a car, and a plan for his future, I can tell you that.

My friend and her husband are at a crucial point in their son's development.  The point where you kick them into the deep end, after all the swimming lessons you pray took root in their vapid little minds, and hope they swim.  I had to do that to my eldest daughter when she was floundering after high school.  College was not for her, but she had a nowhere job taking care of kids that was slowly getting to her.  I finally got fed up and kicked her out.  Her brother had to drive her to Houston and drop her at her father's apartment.  She struggled there as well and got kicked out of there.  Once she was kicked into the deep end, she didn't tread water any longer.  She worked three jobs, hustled personal training jobs and she eventually got hired on as a file clerk at a law firm.  She's worked her way into a paralegal position and she now has a nice apartment downtown, a car and she's making money and paying her bills. She still works personal training jobs because she likes to shop, so she earns the extra ducats she needs.  She does not stand around with her hand out yelling at everyone how it's their responsibility to provide her with whatever she wants.

I'm more proud of that kid than there are words in the English language to describe.

I'm proud of my youngest son who seized an opportunity where he works.  He will be using his GI bill to get into an electrical engineering course at the local trade college and will be promoted to an assistant manager position working evenings at his current job. When he completes the program he can pretty much write his own ticket because he will also have years of experience to go with his certificate. He's suffered quite a bit since he's gotten home from his tours with the Marines.  I think his friends shamed into quitting his whining and making some good life choices.  He's in a much better frame of mind since making this decision, because he's no longer drifting.  Very proud of him.

My friend asks my advice because she's a much nicer person than I am.  If her kid were mine, he'd be living under a bridge already.  I can fully understand his father's desire to punch the kid in his useless head.  He wouldn't be hurting anything the boy uses.  I almost cheered for my friend when she told me that she was going to get him a sleeping bag and drop him off at the interstate bridge down the road.  She's getting it that by allowing your child to tread water, to drift, kills any need they have to get out and prove themselves.  Welcome to the Participation Trophy generation.  They get awards just for showing up.  No need to accomplish anything at all.

It's just like welfare, if you do something for somebody they are less likely to even try to do for themselves.  It's easier just to drift and complain how you're entitled to more.  It's also the easiest way to get your father to shrug off all paternalistic protection and punch you in your whining mouth.  I've seen it happen, and I have to say the shocked look on the little punk's face is still one of my favorite sights in my life.  Call CPS, you little stain, you're 18 now and you can get your ass out of my house.

Once our kids are 18, the legal majority in this nation, we do no favors by encouraging them to stay at home and continue being children.  Boot them out.  They will sink or swim.  But drifting and dying is a much more horrifying future than learning to swim.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Horror and Revulsion

I first heard this quote fro Golda Meir when I was a pre-teen.  Ingrid Bergman had starred in a bio-pic of the great Israeli Prime Minister.  I admired Golda Meir greatly, but mainly for this thought alone.  To me, at least, it crystallized Islam.

You have to realize, for most of my conscious life I have heard, nearly daily, the atrocities and horrors that followers of Islam visit upon their fellow human beings in the name of God. Whose God is up to interpretation.  Their God in no way resembles anything I know of Him. One of my first memories is of Moshe Dyan.  I clearly remember the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the horror that followed Islam into that event.  Everything I hate about Islam began at that moment.  I was too young to be properly horrified by the murders, but they ruined something precious for me at a very young age, so you could say, Palestinians molded my distrust and disgust of them and all of Islam.

Irony, thy name is PLO.

Yesterday my husband gave into his inner shopper and bought a huge TV.  We had both been talking about it for a while and the TV came with a price within our discussed budget and so he bought it.  The whole family is delighted.  He and our oldest began setting it up and so naturally, I wanted to turn it on.  When I did it was to visions of fire and war and horrible sounds.  I've been watching wars and battles on TV since I was born.  Such is man and his irrational need to be superior to someone else.  But, for some unknown reason, this telecast had me near tears and I was, for the first time ever, scared.

Right there, in Crispyvision, was hatred writ large on my living room wall, inside my home.

I told my son about it when he came in and saw the look on my face.  He's been in war, twice.  He scoffed and said I would be horrified by the memories in his head, and I could not disagree. And I could not rationally explain why, for the first time in nearly 50 years, was so horrified by what I saw and heard on the TV.  I don't scare but this, for some reason scared me.

Overnight, while allowing this to percolate in my brain I think I came up with an answer that might clearly explain my reaction.  The Islamic idiots of this world hate.  They don't love anything because there is no room for love in their hearts because they are so filled with hate.  So much hate that they cannot love and value their own children, their own lives.  I cannot understand such depravity, such hate.  I may dislike things to an intense degree but it never effects my ability to reason, my appreciation of life itself.  It just makes me ask the question, how big of a fucktard do you have to be to want to watch the world burn.  THEN WHAT, FUCKER? Then what do you do?  Do you even care?

I read a book a few months ago by Elizabeth Hunter where her heroine confronts her nemesis, who killed her father.  As she kills him her husband prays, "Let it be enough.  Please let it be enough."  It brings into stark contrast Islamic fuckheads. There is never enough for them.  Because God tells them this.

They kill because God tells them to?  God's never told me to kill them because they don't believe or celebrate God the same way I do and supposedly we follow the same God. Why would he tell Muslims one thing and Christians another if he is, indeed, the same God?  That's not God talking, that's some man's insecurity and fever dreams talking and frankly, you'll have to forgive me if I don't listen.

When did God tell you to hate your children? You say you don't and yet every action you take proves otherwise.  If you valued your children and loved them more than you hated anything else, you would make sure they lived in peace.  You would not send them out to die and put them in the line of fire while your cowardly hide behind children and the skirts of women.

This event, more than anything else has proven to me what cowardly fucks Muslims are. Send children out to blow them up to kill other people.  Way to go, asshats.  Yeah, you've certainly proven that yours is a religion of peace.  Lob missiles then hide in a school full of children so they can't fire back at you.  That's not battle strategy, that's cowardice.  Strap bomb vests on women and send them to security checkpoints.  NO WONDER YOU'RE A GENETIC DEAD END!!!  You are bringing yourselves to the edge of extinction and for once no one will cry that we save you, except for the moron actors who know fuck all anyway.

There has never, ever, in the entire history of the world been a Palestinian Homeland.  Israel tried to work with you stupid fucks but, just like American Feminists, you didn't want equal, you wanted complete dominance.  Nothing will appease your hate because the hole inside your soul can never be filled.  You cannot kill enough, destroy enough to ever be happy because it's YOU that is wrong with the world.

If any of you stupid fucks had any sort of decency you would take those vest bombs, strap them on while all of you stand in the middle of nowhere and flip the damned switch, leaving all of your women and children in safety while you extinct yourselves.

It is my devout prayer to Allah that you do so, then we can wipe the memory of you from history and finally live in peace and rational thought.  I will admit, if I had one wish that could be granted it would be for every single member that practices or believes in Islam to disappear from the Earth and reappear on the surface of the closest star to our planet. A little too Hitler for you?  So be it.  He killed millions based on hatred as well.  I wish this for peace, to rid our planet of people who are so irrational they see nothing wrong with killing their own children.