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Friday, January 22, 2016

An Open Letter To the Idiots at National Review

Today, in a number of posts and articles around 4oo words, the Pseudo Conservatives at National Review proved that they are just as brain dead as the Liberals they say they oppose.  Since no one wants to read any of that tripe, I have taken it upon myself to translate for people who are confused by the irrationality of these posts and articles.

By the time you finish reading this post you will understand why after this election cycle, the GOP will be dead and realize it. They're dead now and these National Review suicide essays just prove it. The fact that the GOP just severed ties with The National Review proves it.

First off, let me give you the translation, then an explanation.

The Translation:

I want you to hate Donald Trump and Ted Cruz just as irrationally and illogically as I do because if you don't then it proves the X number of years I've spent inside the beltway have no meaning whatsoever and that my thoughts and opinions are irrelevant because, let's be honest, I haven't been outside the Beltway since I got to DC, so I'm not slimed with you fly-over retards who have no idea how important I am and how my ideas matter. So just shut up and let me and my brethren maintain our power base. We'll get around to something that looks like we're doing something, so sit, down, shut up and pull the straight party ticket lever in the booth. I've got my tee time at Augusta, so get out of my way, I'm important.


People in DC are afraid of losing their status as the "decision makers" and/or "king makers". Those guys are more powerful than the Senate or President. If Cruz or Trump is the nominee, that proves they are wrong, and then, how much more are they wrong about, and if they're that wrong, why is anyone listening to them? What's more, why are they being paid? That's what it all really comes down to. If they're so monumentally wrong about just this, then why on Earth is anyone buying their opinions or thoughts? That is what subscriptions are paid with. The answer to that question.

None of the retards who call themselves Conservative are worthy of the name. Why? Not because Trump is my guy, because he's not. He's still not. He's not even on my list. My very short list. The reason I bring this up is to point out why they hate Trump and Cruz. They can't put words in their mouths or ideas in their heads, and if they can't do that they are nothing. Less than zero. They have no juice at all in the political world where they so desperately want to matter.

Because of this tactical mistake, because it is a doozy, I am canceling my subscription. I'm sure it will not make one jot of difference to those in the rarified air of their editorial staff. I don't matter because I can't do anything for them. I'm doing it because I don't need their thoughts or opinions. I did think I was getting more than GOP mouthpieces, but I was wrong.

You may want to check your subscriptions as well. I recently canceled mine for PJ media because they made an accusation against Trump in an article that had nothing to do with some Muslim arrested in Houston, and refused to retract or attribute the sentence.  I'm voting with my pocketbook, I recommend you do the same.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Goodbye, Ziggy Stardust

This week it has been one blow after another as several beloved icons have passed away. David Bowie, Alan Rickman... It almost renders the mind incapable of thought to lose that much talents within days of each other. I'd been busy writing and editing and everything I was doing just stopped as I tried to take it all in.

I was about 7 years old when I snuck into the living room to watch The Midnight Special while my babysitter necked on the couch with her boyfriend. I heard a song I liked and sat, quietly, to watch. Then this "video" came on with this bizarre looking man, singing in a weird way to music I'd never heard put together like that before. I remember sitting there, thinking to myself, THIS is music, not that Bobby Sherman or Partridge Family stuff I hear on the radio. THIS is what I have been waiting to hear. The song was Space Oddity. that had been released years before but was just beginning to make its way into America. I was sold. I watched The Midnight Special every Friday night waiting to see more of this Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie person.

My mother could not find any of his records in Boise, Idaho, and wouldn't have bought them for me at any rate because he was "an AC/DC freak who shouldn't be on television".

When I was old enough, I began to babysit to earn my own money. One of the first things I bought with my own money when I was 11 years old was the Ziggy Stardust album. I have had Bowie on vinyl, 8-Track, cassette, CD and now digitally. I now have his entire catalog with the purchase of his last album, Blackstar. I had been putting it off when I found out about it because it was one of those "I'll get to it" things. Even upon his death, I was so busy with things that I put it off. Then I couldn't because PJTV decided it should air his Blackstar video.

I encourage any Bowie fan to watch the video. The song is beautiful in the typical Bowie way. However, the video is the most beautiful goodbye from any beloved entertainer to his fans. I wept and have watched it one other time, because it brings home to me how much I miss him. Yes, he was 69 and one would expect that he was not going to be writing new music forever, but in your head you keep thinking it will last forever. Sadly, it does not, and he's left us with something so indescribably beautiful as the Blackstar album. Well done, Mr. Bowie. Well done, indeed.

Then came the announcement of Alan Rickman's death. I'd been gutted by Bowie's passing so Rickman's death was such a blow. He was brilliant as Hans Gruber in Die Hard where most of us learned that wondrous voice. He was a wonderful villain. But the movie that taught me to love Alan Rickman was a small movie called "Truly, Madly, Deeply" that he did with Juliet Stevenson. He was so good in that movie and I just fell for him completely. I fell in love with him again years later with "Love Actually". In both movies he played flawed men who were loved desperately by their wives. One realized it, the other did not. And then Sense and Sensibility, the role of Colonel Brandon was a small role in a movie full of great actors, but his performance was like finding a brilliant diamond in a packet of raw diamonds. The Colonel's patient love of Maryann was a part of each scene he had with her. It was palpable. His acting was such that he made you feel a part of it.

I read each of the Harry Potter stories and after the movies came out I would read them thinking, "I wonder how Rickman will portray this scene if it's in the movie?" And it was a fun mental game until The Deathly Hollows. I was stunned by Snape's death in the book. The movie portrayal ripped me apart. I couldn't figure out why it affected me so, until my oldest son pointed out that in the whole of the story, Snape was the only true hero in the whole of it and Rickman's portrayal nailed it perfectly.
He brought something to each of his roles. He was such a good actor that you just bought into every scene he did. I never watched a movie he was in and thought, "Oh look, Hans Gruber is being a nice guy in this movie."  He was so talented he brought each character he played to life and you never thought of the other characters he had played.

Both Bowie's and Rickman's death will leave a hole in my soul that nothing will fill. That is the way it should people who appreciate and admire.  It wasn't that I was a fan. I didn't have posters or the teeny-bopper admiration thing going on with them. No, my admiration was in each album and movie ticket I bought. Every time I decided to spend my money on a new version of their work, that was my admiration, my "fandom". They were never on any list of "Top Ten Favorites" because I don't think most people understood them as they should have been, each entertainer to the role they played at that time. In the firmament of ours, they were not necessarily the brightest stars, but they were the most beautiful to sit and watch... and enjoy the performance.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Writing in NaNoWriMo

For several years I've had different writer pals encourage me to participate in Nation Novel Writing Month, aka NanoWriMo. I always just laughed and said "Maybe next year," and left it at that.  This year, I felt challenged by several author friends and so I did it.

For those who don't know, NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write fifty thousand words in a month, making a coherent story. The goal is to write approximately 1,776 words per day. My challenge was to write just around that much. As many of you know, I'm wordy. When you reach 50K you make up a cover and post that you're done. Everyone who writes 50K words wins.

I loved this challenge, absolutely loved it as it gave my writing new purpose. I did not plan or plot my story, which came from a dream I'd had a few weeks before NaNoWriMo started.  I literally made it up as I went along, making me the ultimate Pantser. Completely flew by the seat of my pants. I'm pretty proud since I have at least an idea and rough outline when I start a story.

While I was writing in NaNoWriMo I was also working on my Paladin project, No Owner's Manual, at the same time, trying to get that finished. On average I was writing about 5K words per day.  For some reason, working on two projects at the same time was easier than concentrating on just one thing.  There were some days that were harder than others, but I made the time for NaNoWriMo if for no other reason than I had a goal that I had to achieve.

The thing I discovered?  If I get up and start writing early, I tend to write all day, telling the stories that are going on in my head. I was working on the second in the Instruments of Wrath series, Tangled Strings, and before I knew it, I'd written well over 5K words, way past the 2K goal I set for myself each day. I had the dogs outside, the guys were at work, school, just being quiet. I got two chapters done.

So, now that November is over, I am busy outlining some new stories while working on editing No Owner's Manual, and Consciousness for publication as soon as I can get some covers. Meanwhile Tangled Strings is chugging along, and I've got the plot outlined for the third in the Instruments of Wrath series, Uncertain Principles, Jyseth's story. I have also fleshed out two shorts I will be doing in that series as well. There may be an addition to Consciousness as well.  One of the characters I wrote in that story intrigued me.

So, November was an incredibly productive month for  me. I'm hoping December is as well, but there is so much to do with the holidays and family birthdays and anniversaries going on. Stay tuned for more stories!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


As I began my morning, just like any other, perusing information, I came upon a question in an Objectivist forum about ambition. Evidently the person who had a misunderstanding about ambition was from Great Britain, that Utopia of the Welfare State, so it is perhaps understandable that they didn't "get" ambition.  Why would you when you're provided with everything cradle to grave?

It raised a question in my mind that no one has been able to adequately answer in my fifty years on this rock.

Parenthetically, for those of you wondering why the sudden exposition on Objectivist thought, I am stuck in a scene in the new novel, so keeping with my admonition to write something every day, this is my writing until the Muse is back from her booze cruise or I figure out how to move the story forward.

I have always noted that the Looter Class always project their fears and characteristics when they screech about anything not in the Loot and Scoot philosophy.  Take the Free Market, and I get this on a daily basis from a "Libertarian" son who mooches off me and refuses to work or go to school and is one smart-mouth comment from living in the gutter, the what I like to call the"

  1. "You can't really expect people to be honest.  People are just out for themselves." - No one can be expected to run a straight game is the theory behind this Harpie skreed.  Of course, darling, people are in it for themselves.  For what other reason would I do anything if not for myself?  However, what is best for me is that my enterprise continue running and, if I am smart, growing.  It cannot run and grow if I deal dishonestly with people.  Let me give you an example from my real life.

    I bought a washing machine from a local Big Box store and purchased the extended warranty because I have grown children in my house who have never once stopped to read directions. With six months left on the extended warranty a bearing went out making my washing machine sound like a jet engine powering up for take off during each spin cycle.  I call and put in a ticket and they sent out the local "service provider" who spent thirty seconds looking at my washing machine, never even touched it, told me a bearing was out and they they would put in the work request and get back to me within 3-4 days.  After 3 weeks I and numerous unanswered phone calls to the appliance repair people, who never told me their names or the company name, and left me with no paperwork whatsoever, and whom I had to look up online, I called the national service center to find out what was going on. They also could not get a hold of the "service provider".  Their "service provider".  That they hired and contracted to.  I was told they would get a status update and call me back within 4-5 business days.  I waited a week and then called them back, and here is where it gets interesting.

    The Service Center was able to contact a woman who didn't recognize my name (despite my daily calls and messages left with me phone number and name) but said she was on her way into the office and would check it out. I got on Google and left a very poor review for them which was one of many bad reviews by evidently anyone who had had to deal with these people and their extended warranty.  Now, the "service provider" who could not be arsed to call me back on any of my dozens of phone messages, suddenly found the bad Google review and called me back on THAT.  After evidently not reading the entire review or he would have known I was in contact with the National Service Center. He proceeded to lie to me and tell me that they had cancelled the repair and he could forward me the e-mail (for which I am still waiting) and that they had told him they would contact me with buy out offers.

    Naturally I get back on the phone with the NSC and let them know what their "service provider" had told me, which, of course, they could find no record for since they had sent approval and parts for the repair to the "service provider". At this point I, again, asked to speak to a supervisor type, because I knew the person I was talking to was not authorized to hear what I was about to loose. I spoke with a supervisor type who apologized and explained to me that this "service provider" was the ONLY one in my area.  After I read off the names of eight dealers within my area who were also authorized to repair my machine, then it went to, well, they were the only ones the local store had told them about, and therefore the ONLY ones who could repair my machine, which they evidently did not want to do, as it was work and not just a free check from a large, national company.  They are now offering me the purchase price of my washer, which I see as it should be, however I am also asking for the refund of the extended warranty price since they "would" not honor it by calling anyone else in my immediate area to simply fix the damned machine and now I will be without my matching set.

    Now, neither of the entities in this story have dealt with me honestly. What are the chances of me buying another appliance at their store and purchasing an extended warranty? None whatsoever. And, in keeping with Consumer Rule No. 1, I will loudly tell anyone I know not to deal with either of them because of this. It no longer matters that I have had years of good dealings these people, this one incident has forever marred that relationship. Because of that I will want no one else to deal with that and will therefore encourage them to take their money elsewhere.  In these days of the internet.  Think about that for a moment, and how Best Buy was forced to change many of its business practices due to entire websites set up to complain about their policies.
  2. Now, on to Consumer Rule Number 1. A person who has bought a service or good from you and has a good experience will tell another person about you but only if they know they are in the market for the same good or service.  However, if they have a bad experience, they will tell anyone who will listen (and many who aren't) about it, trying to ruin your reputation and thus your ability to bilk people out of their hard earned money.  In these days of the internet, their reach is worldwide.
 Now, if you have even two neurons rubbing together in your head, you can see where this is heading.  The local "service provider" has a very bad rep in my small town. No one will deal with them willingly and the ONLY hope they have to make a living is to work as the "service provider" for local appliance stores farming out their warranty work. When I was reading off all of the local dealers in our area to the supervisor at the NSC he was a little shocked.  I asked him if he wanted me to delve into the surrounding area for more. The local store had told them the "service provider" was the only one in the area.  The local store manager is obviously in cahoots with the "service provider" and thus you have the perfect example of crony capitalism which is not build on ambition but greed. And, if you've read my essay on Capitalism, you know that greed is the desire for something with no effort put in on your part.  It's a nice way to say theft.

In these days of the intarwebs, how long can a bad actor stay hidden?  Well, my local "service provider" only reacts to bad reviews he gets no Google. Before the information age it was easy for these con men to get away with their bad acts and chicanery. Now, the entire world can catch you with a simple word typed into a search engine.  That is the power of the market balancing itself without any government intervention. The only time it gets wonkyjawed, to use a Texasism, is when bad actors enter and try to game the system so they are making money with no effort on their part.  In other words, they are stealing from the consumers.

How does this wrap into ambition?  Easy, if the "service provider" cared to provide a service he would not have bad reviews left by anyone who has ever dealt with him in my local area. He has no ambition to better his life by providing excellent service, a service so superior to anyone else around that people are clamoring for his service.  No, he wants to be handed work by the local store manager, then do half-ass repairs ONLY when he feels like it, if he feels like it.  Either way, he gets paid.  There is no downside for him except for he may have to get his ass up out of his recliner and turn the TV off and actually do the job he was contracted to do.  That's not ambition, that flim-flam man.  He has no wish to deal honestly or he would.  He's already lied to me on a couple of occasions.  What are the odds I believe he will fix my washing machine?  Slim and none, because I already have had bad dealings with him, I don't want him in my house, ever.

An ambitious man would have A) not lied to me at any step; and B) done the work to the very best of his ability and exceeded expectations and then hope that I would call him if I needed repairs on any of the other appliances in my house.  He would have done this, made the consumer happy, in the hopes of repeat business.  Do I keep receipts because I like paper?  No. I keep them in the event I need a like good or service in the future from people who have acted well on my behalf, and in the end, their own behalf. By making my life better, they better their own at the end of the day.  They strive to meet my needs and I pay them accordingly.  I have no problem whatsoever paying someone for a job well done. I will fight tooth and nail against a bad actor, however. I see lack of ambition as a lack of will to live.  I really do.

Think of your own ambitions.  What do you want from your life?  What do you want to accomplish?  Then think beyond that.  How do you plan on achieving those goals?  Honestly or through lying and cheating?  Only one answer is right.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Been A While

So I saw a post on Facebook today that I felt I needed to respond to, because frankly, I'm tired of listening to people who watched Bambi one too many times.

After reading the abject stupidity being spouted at the Trophy Hunting dentist (I despise him for trophy hunting, not because he killed a lion, there is a difference and a distinction) I felt I had to respond in a reasoned manner.

I make a reasoned, logical response to a bunch of whining, emotional people who should be taken out and slapped. I point out their logical fallacy immediately and I expect that even a 5 year old should be able to make the association.  But, no.  Once again, Liberal education rears its ugly head and I'm forced to deal with people who should be standing in a corner eating paste while shitting themselves.

You will note, I'm not even trying to be clever, just state the facts.  They don't care about the facts. Whining and Puling indeed. And in typical Liberal style, they start out telling me what I should and shouldn't do, because, you know, I'm not smart enough to figure it out for myself.

Honestly, they cannot react in any sort of rational manner, it's all emotion with these idiots.  Who the hell never even argues without first looking up the facts?  Here they are if you are blessedly unfamiliar with Cecil the Lion (Jesus, naming a wild animal).
  1. A Detroit dentist trophy huntard filled out all the paperwork the officials in Zimbabwe told him to and hired two guides to help him kill a lion as a vacation.  To each his own.  I don't judge.
  2. The guides, brothers, lured Cecil off the reserve where he lived and lured him to where the huntard was waiting to pop a cap in his ass.  (I can speak in the parlance of the brain dead!)
  3. The American Press immediately glommed on to the story because their chosen, Hillary Clinton had managed to get herself in a bit of e-mail hot water, and in true wag the dog fashion, would not let up on the story until every single person in their idiocracy was foaming at the mouth while chugging Gatorade.
  4. When an AP reporter tried to get outrage on the ground in Zimbabwe there was a big resounding, "What? Who?" and thus the journalist, who had never been trained to be objective because he was taught that you could not be truly objective because you view everything through your own prejudices, didn't know how to react when asked the questions he should have been asking, posted the story and AP touted it as a Page 18 blurb, because the narrative could not fall back on Hillary.
  5. The government of Zimbabwe arrested the two brothers who lured Cecil off his reserve, as well they should.  They did something illegal.
  6. The American Justice Department made a show of trying to hammer the dentist, but they can't really do anything because he broke no laws.  He was not the one to lure the lion off he reserve, his guides did.
Let me be crystal clear here, I don't condone or even like the idea of trophy hunting.  It reeks of penis measuring and I am secure that mine is always bigger,  Not a superiority complex, it's just confidence in ones self. Something those libtards who responded might want to take a bite out of.

The people didn't even know that the dentist couldn't be prosecuted or "deported to Zimbabwe".  That's how amazing, horrifically ignorant these people are.  They weren't aware that the country of Zimbabwe makes a lot of money and GDP from big game hunting by foreigners to keep their wild animal population under control.  As you can see, one pea brain there blames hunters for the animals killing Humans when regular prey is scarce.  One even misunderstands the term Apex Predator.  To be honest, I laughed my way through reading the ignorant vitriol being heaped upon my person by these mental midgets.  One has to wonder how they manage to dress and feed themselves.  From the looks of things, they've forgotten how to breathe for themselves for too long at several points in their lives.

My religion was called into question and then of course, the emotional plea, did I know what happened to the buffalo.

Come on folks, if you are an adult and don't know that, you are perhaps the biggest moron on the planet.  The self-hatred, ignorance and abject, mouth drooling stupidity illustrated in just this one post disgusts me.  I believe we will have to totally write off all GenXers and Millenials as TSTL and move along, trying to teach youth logic, reason and that you don't fucking name wild animals.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Questionnaire To Be My Next Husband

With the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, we know it's only a matter of time before polygamous relationships must also be recognized.  With that in mind, I am having candidates fill out a short questionnaire so that I can whittle the field down to find my 2nd husband and, depending on how far down the rabbit hole goes, a 3rd husband.

My short list is Karl Urban, David Beckham, Antonin Scalia (our love may now speak its name), João Magueijo, and Patrick Stewart.  As you can see, it's a brainy, arm-candy, sense of humor list.  And, let's face it, I can take Posh.  Unfortunately Denzel Washington did not make it because he's already married and very secure in that marriage and let's face it, he's so damned pretty.  He may get a questionnaire depending on how well my short list does.

And with that in mind, on to the Questionnaire:

1. Please check all of the following Monty Python movies you have seen and know by heart:
    a. The Life of Brian
    b. The Holy Grail
    c. The Meaning of Life
    d. Yellowbeard
    e. Jabberwocky

2. Please list all Guy Richey films you have seen.

3. Are you willing to discuss theoretical physics at the dinner table?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c.  Theoretical What?

4. Do you ride a motorcycle?  This is not a deal killer, just a litmus test for open-mindedness.  No pressure.
    a. Yes
    b. No

5. Do you cook?  If so, what can you cook?

6. Can you grill?  If so, gas or charcoal?  Can you smoke meat?

7. Do you have a working knowledge of firearms?
    a. Yes
    b. No

8. How do you feel about beach vacations?
   a. Take them
   b. Leave them
   c. Define beach

9. What are your views on living away from most of society?
    a. Just call me Grizzly Adams.
    b. Ah, hell no!  I'm an attention whore!
    c.  I had a friend online once.

10. Do you do much entertaining?
    a. I can't imagine life without a before-party and after-party.
    b. I socialize a little but big parties aren't my thing.
    c.  Does entertaining require me leaving my man cave?

11. Do you read books outside your area of specialty?
    a. Yes
    b. No

12. Compare and contrast the social impact of Venture Bros. vs Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

13. How are you at hot rock massage?
    a. I've heard of it.
    b. I have super-sensitive hands.  I can barely hold a dinner roll.
    c. You've seen my Youtube video.

14. How important is travel in your future plans?
    a. I plan on seeing everything on this planet!
    b. I've traveled so much, so often.  I never want to see an airport for as long as I live.
    c.  Does coming out of my man-can count?

15. How well do you get along with other men and probably Alpha types in close proximity on a day to day basis.
    a. No can do, it's Fight Club and on like Donkey Kong.
    b.  Love my bros!
    c. I'm not really into the whole social thing, so I don't really know.

16. Are you in to shopping so I don't have to?
    a. I'd rather be impaled then drawn and quartered.
    b. Online shopping is it!
    c. I love to people watch at the malls and I get texts on department store sales!

17. Do you like camping?
    a. Yes
    b. No

18.  Are you allergic to shellfish?
    a. Yes
    b. No

19. Conversation is easy.  Silence is hard.  Do you feel the need to fill the silence with inane chatter.
    a. Yes
    b. No

20. Essay:  What so you bring to the relationship?  Remember, money is not in question.  Please be honest, this answer is the most important.

As you can see, it's very comprehensive.  Now, to get these back so I can be ready when polygamy and polyamorous affairs are legitimized by SCOTUS!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends

And yet another disappointing decision to come out of the worst SCOTUS in history.  This is what happens when the only question you care about asking in the Senate confirmation hearings is whether or not you are Pro-Life or Pro-Death.

Now, let me preface this by saying a few things.  Number One, I have no problems with gay people getting married.  Not one single objection.  Part B, I don't see why the government is involved in marriage at all, anyway.  iii. It's not the job of SCOTUS to decide what is basically a States problem; and D, gay people can't procreate, so give it some time.

I know that every single one of my gay friends out there just gasped and swooned on D.  You may have knee jerk outrage, but it's true.  Through your marriage you cannot procreate legitimate children yourselves. You need a little surrogate or turkey baster help, ya know what I mean.  Marriage only exists to legitimize children say the people who say government has not place in choosing who can marry.  These are the same people who scream about the illegitimacy rate in the minority communities, too.  Can't eat your government cheese and have it, too, folks.  You cannot denigrate the institution of the family and have a lawful society, too.

Marriage is about strong family bonds, and God knows Liberals don't want that going on or you won't be dependent on Momma Gubmint for everything.  Do you really think they care about the living conditions in the ghettos?  No, they want a dependent voting block whose only reason for existing is to pull the Democrat Party lever on Election Day because they are beholden to those same Democrats for their gubmint cheddah.  Now let this bake in your noodle for a minute. Why are Liberals so crazy about gay rights when gays just want legitimacy to do the same things everyone else does and have a strong family bond via marriage and adoption or in vitro?  Liberals don't want strong families, they also don't want father figures in the home.  So why are they screaming about gay marriage?  If you've read George Orwell you already know the answer to that.

But then, after yesterday's SCOTUS decision on SCOTUScare (officially the name now in Court Documents :wink:wink:) and then hours later the decision on some People's Republik of Kalifornia raisin growers  give two completely opposite decisions on basically the same subject, subsidies.  If you read both cases, and then both decisions you come away scratching your head that in an apples apples competition, they came to two totally different conclusions, it shows that the SCOTUS has definitely become an activist court, which they should never, ever be, and were not brought into existence to be.

So again, Americans are stupefied by that what their government does and yet will again go to ballot boxes and pull a lever for the name they recognize rather than for the issues with which they agree.  And for every one of you out there saying, "Oh no!  My guy does what's best for me!"  Unless you live in Texas or Kentucky, you're wrong.  And then those states only get 50% representation because Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are the biggest RINOs since John McCain.

So, while I am happy my gay friends can now get familiar with license forms, social security forms, DMV waits and divorce courts, I'm not happy how it came about.

Straight Up Cowardice

In less than a week the SCOTUS has managed to turn the entire nation on it's ear.  They have basically wiped their asses with The Constitution and caved in to fear.  Chief Justice John Roberts is nothing more than a yellow-bellied coward who refuses to stand up to Obama.  He's afraid of arguing the facts against everything Obama and his ilk are doing because he doesn't want to be the one person to stand up and and point out the Emperor has no clothes.

So many in DC are afraid of being the one person to use reason and logic to stand up to Obama because they don't want their name on anything in history that will go against the first Black President (he's not).  It's so stupid!  I'd rather see my name in history as the one brave person who stood up to all of the idiocy and sheer stupidity going on across the nation, than be part of the herd of lemmings that just followed them off the cliff.  But, I've always been that way.

Let me illustrate with a story straight out of my life, as I am wont to do here.

My husband and sons will not throw anything away unless I am watching them.  Finish up a carton of cokes in the fridge?  Leave it there or better yet, set it on the floor for someone else to pick up.  I've yelled, threatened and finally ridiculed them in front of friends.  I ask one question.  "What are you afraid is going to happen if you throw out the coke carton/mill jug/jam jar/bread wrapper...?"  They just look at me and shrug.  I've actually trained them in the past year to put it on the table or counter... which is about 10 inches from the actual garbage can.  I've showed them by throwing things into the trash can and illustrated that no doom fell upon me by throwing away garbage.  WTF people?  So when they say they're not afraid I always respond with, "Oh, then you're just a lazy f$ck.  Got it." And then I walk away.  I always make sure to do this in front of their friends.  Always.

Why are our elected officials so lazy?  We know they're not afraid of press coverage.  Hell, we've all seen She-Jack mow down the elderly and infirm to get her face in front of a camera.  And I know we're all aware that Lindsey Graham would sell his own excrement if he thought he'd get five minutes of face time on CNN.  So they have to be lazy.

It's because it's hard to row against the tide.  It's very hard to buck the system to which you wish to become beholden (most GOP and all Dems).  When we're learning civics in school (for those who still get those lessons) we're told that you CAN do this or that, but that it's very difficult. You can repeal bad Amendments to the Constitution, however, it's an Sisyphus type labor and hardly any of us are up to it.  And to be honest, keeping with the Greek Mythos, the one who does stand up to it, hello Ted Cruz, I'm looking at you, they will most likely be laid out for their liver to be ripped out daily like Prometheus.

With the exception of people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Justin Amish, hardly anyone in Washington DC has the guts to stand up for what is right, what is logical, what is reasonable.  The rest of the politicos are nothing more than a bunch of cringing, bullied cowards, toadying to whatever the Libs tell them to do in some weird kind of Stockholm Syndrome that we can all thank Richard Nixon for.

So there is your Fundamental Transformation of America folks.  Hope you're happy.  I am not.  But I know how to make myself happy.