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Monday, May 09, 2016

A Letter To My Readers

I have changed the name on my blog because, I will be using the Sev blog for my books, exclusively. And, more than likely, will stop using Blogspot entirely for my literary blogging. Most people came here for my political stuff at any rate, so it's not a huge upheaval.

It's kind of tough to do during a Presidential Election cycle, but it's become necessary to keep my political stuff separate from my writing stuff. I'll still be posting here, about as often as ever, especially with everything going on in the electoral world. Sorry, I took a moment to wonder as I just spelled out expecially for some weird reason. I stand in awe of my ability to make grand typos.

I am, right now, just watching the farce, and frankly, finding pure comedy gold in the hypocrisy exhibited by all involved. I had something come up so I cannot attend the State GOP Convention as I'd planned, but it really doesn't matter now anyway. Texas' guy pulled out like a teen-aged boy on Prom night. So all we do now it wait for the National Convention to see who Trump picks as running mate. I'll admit, as I go over his most likely choices, I rub my hands together with glee in between polishing up the scope on my .270.

I won't go into the possibilities because it's all just mental masturbation at this point, but I can tell you this much, who he picks determines whether or not I vote GOP or whether I go Libertarian, and Gary Johnson's looking better with each passing day. If that party could just get rid of the nuts and flakes, it would be a serious political contender.

This nation cannot handle four more years of regressive policies. We must not let them get the House or the Senate, much less the presidency. The thing that gets me is that regressives cannot look beyond the right now to see how harmful their policies are down the line. Generational Welfare is a scandal. The fact that we warehouse these people in Projects and Section 8 housing is a sin that would send most people to hell, which is paved with their good intentions. I want to bitch slap the lot of them for being so unforgivably stupid.

Hillary needs to go down faster than a hooker during Fleet Week on Nickel Night. She's shown herself to be completely untrustworthy and the fact that they refuse to admit what is yelling at them in the face in between the cackles of a aged crone, is the most telling. They refuse to see the harm they have done to the entire country.

Doubt me? Did we have safe spaces for college kids when Barry took office? Could we afford health care and health insurance, which are two totally different things, when Barry took office? Race relations were better when that Post-Racial retard took office. They have made everything, across the board, WORSE THAN BEFORE.

Why? Because regressives realized, during the Bush years and wars, that nobody gave a flying fuck on a rolling donut about them or their politics, so once again, they start with the racial divide that simply no longer existed. They have had to gin up this outrage so their life can have meaning.

My life has meaning you retarded fucks. I don't need your damned fear at aging to make me take notice. So stop it. Just stop it now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stop Being Afraid!

I've come to the end of my patience.  I have had it up to my teeth with the whining, crying, tantrum throwing left of this nation. Because, and let me be blunt here, it's not just the Left any longer. The RNC has quickly hopped on the "But, I'm a Victim, Too!" bandwagon.

I'm sick of the college students who are such delicate little snowflakes that they can't even bear to see a word written in chalk on their college campus. Suck it UP, Buttercup. Because, since your parents obviously couldn't parent, I will feel it incumbent upon me to become your momma and slap you into next week as you so richly deserve. I'll just tell the police that I self-identified as your momma and therefore had the right to lay the smack down on yours stupid, empty, useless skull. Use your ignorant head for something other than a place to hang your hipster horn rimmed glasses. Fucking Posers.

I can't get a job with my major in Elizabethan Couplets that will pay off my student loans because I spent 9 years getting said degree because I didn't want to work at a real job! Wah. Fucking baby.

Someone said a word that makes me feel insecure because I'm an ignorant git who got through school on perfect attendance. Wah. Fucking Baby.

You're socially appropriating because you listen to rap! Well then give me back my blue jeans. Wah, fucking baby.

I'm too afraid to listen to difference of view, dissent or logic or reason, I need a safe space where reality doesn't follow me. Find a home on a Dyson Sphere you moron. Wah! Fucking baby.

I can't understand the logic you're using to win the argument so I'll just shout random bullshit until you give up. *Punch* Fucking baby.

Poor little indoctrinated babies. Can't handle reality at all. You want a free education, because you realize at some level of your obviously limited understanding that you will never be able to work more than an entry level job. Yes, you may know all the talking points of 2nd Wave Feminism, but you also need to learn, "Would you like fries with that?" because you will be saying it for the rest of your useless life.

Let me lay some science on you. The Universe is really, really old. As in, existed before your useless carcass was spat on this earth to begin your whining and moaning about what a delicate freaking flower you are. IT OWES YOU NOTHING. And no one else in the universe owes you shit. Not a fucking thing.

In fact, I am of the opinion that I should be allowed to walk up to your parents, daily, if not hourly, and slap them for having raised such a useless waste of skin. So, while you scream about war and weapons and military spending, just remember this, you feckless git, nobody cares. Not me, not the guy standing next to you in line for the ladies room. NO ONE. And your parents care even less than we do because they couldn't be arsed to raise you to be a decent human being who was willing to work their way up, pay their dues. No, you are the eternal baby bird, constantly squawking for mommy to drop your food into your mouth because you're too fucking stupid AND lazy to feed yourself.

So, let me give you some advice you Social Justice Warrior, you. The universe doesn't give a shit about your unearned moral superiority. Neither do employers. They literally don't give a flying fuck on a rolling donut that it took you 6 years to get a bachelors degree in political science because you were too busy SJWing. An employer is going to take one look at that and figure you're too busy to work for him and just never call you back.

This all stems from fear. Fear of being called racist, or being accused of hating the poor, the old, fill in whatever buzzword is popular at the moment. Stop it! I'm not afraid of being called a racist. Why? Because I know I'm not. You know why you're afraid of it? Because you know it's true. Call me anything you like, but be careful, because I will make you back it up with objective proof. No feels involved here motherfucker, you have to back your ass up in the real world.

Especially in a real world where people are so fed up that they will lash out because they're sick of it. They're sick of precious little snowflakes such as yourself mewling and whining about how put upon you are. Useless sacks of shit have more use in the universe than you do. At least they can fertilize. You are completely worthless to anyone or anything until you die and feed the trees. But, as for that skin thing? I really wasn't kidding. There are burned kids that could use your skin, so be sure to donate it all before you jump into the despair you're always pretending you're in.

Maybe they'll open up full-service service stations again and you can fill the tank of my car. I'm sure those 6 years in college prepared you to be bored in life.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Taken Then Given

In a cute skit on their show Bull$hit, Penn and Teller very eerily and visually demonstrated taxation with the use of cherry pie. Penn Gillette, bombastic spokesman for the two-man group, was the waiter and he would put a piece of pie on one guy's plate. Then he would take the plate and hand it to Teller. Then he would say, "I'm not taking your pie, see? I'm giving it to Teller."

It explained, in the best way possible, how taxation really works. And, I will admit now, I love Penn & Teller and have since the 80s. I love Penn Gillette's outspoken libertarian views and most days he makes a lot of sense. They are also the ONLY act I would see if I were somehow to find myself magically put in Las Vegas, a city I've never wanted to visit.

Now we are coming up on State Party Conventions and then starting in June, the National Party Conventions. The GOP Establishment has let slip that if they don't get their way in the first vote at the convention, then they will take the nomination from whomever receives it, and give it to John Kasish of Ohio. "No, Mr. Nominee, I'm not taking your nomination to be our candidate, see? I'm giving it to the undeserving Mr. Kasich."

I will say this, I can't find myself voting for a candidate that accepted a stolen nomination. It shows how craven they are. I can't vote for Hillary or Bernie either. I hate Statist to a degree with is most reasonable. So, I will be left with Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate. And that does not truly bother me. If Rand Paul had wanted to be president as much as so many wanted him to be president, I would have gleefully campaigned for him. I can happily vote for Johnson where I can't even grudgingly vote for any of the candidates presented by the other parties at all. I lean more libertarian than any other political philosophy anyway. I just hate their kook contingent. I can ignore them easily.

I have spent months wracking my brain, trying to figure out how this was all going to spin out and it is the exact disaster I predicted, and the GOP is doing exactly what I predicted and it sickens me. So I have decided to remove them from the equation, because I cannot balance the equation with them in it. And that's important. It's the most important. You cannot balance the equation if the GOP or Democrats are involved in it. So remove them, then see if you can balance your political philosophy. This time I'm actually happy. I can now vote without having a clothes pin on my nose.

Monday, March 28, 2016


As I sit in the Arena and watch this presidential election I am often reminded of the movie Serenity, based on the TV series Firefly. In the movie, the crew of the Firefly are trying to figure out the mystery behind a planet that had virtually been erased by the governing body of the solar system, a planet called Miranda. They have to fly through a gauntlet of bad buys, called Reavers, to get to Miranda, but they do and they find a planet full of people who just lay down and died. The crew find that the governing body of the solar system had put a drug into the air stabilizers, as the planet was terraformed, that was supposed to weed out aggression in the populace. Well, they stopped breeding, eating, going to work. They just lay down and died. Except for a small percentage who went mad and wildly aggressive. You guessed it, they became the Reavers who surrounded the planet.

They find this out from a recording made by a scientist who had come on a rescue mission to the planet when they lost contact. So, they made their way to the one person who could broadcast it to the entire Solar System so everyone would know. They get to where they are to broadcast the recording and there's a huge fight but in the end, Captain Tightpants is able to take out the government operative sent to stop him and he tells him that he's about to see his "perfect world", the one he'd droned on to Mal about earlier in the movie. The look on the operative's face as he watches the secret he's been hiding is priceless. He knows he can't ever put the toothpaste back in the tube. He will never be their operative again.

But there is one line in the movie that stays with me. There isn't a day that goes by, while I'm watching the morons on the left and the right quibble, bicker and try to cover their sizable asses, that I don't think about it at some point or another. The scene is a flashback from River Tam, and young girl. She's in school and the teacher is trying to discuss the Brown Coat fight for independence from the Alliance. The teacher asks why anyone wouldn't want all the progressive wonderful utopian ideals. And here is River's answer:

People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.
That line there, written, probably in 2003, is the perfect explanation of voter anger this election cycle. I'll be honest, I'm a political animal and have watched races since I can remember, and this one is ugly, and it's not really just the candidates. People are angry. We've spent the past 25 years having the Left tell us what we can say, what we can think. They are in our homes and our heads and they don't have the fucking right. They are meddlesome and we're fed up.

It's funny, because the writer of the show and movie is purportedly a big time Hollywood Liberal. And yet, every work I've seen by Joss Whedon screams Libertarian to me. The fight of the Brown Coats against the Alliance was much like the Civil War in America, people not liking DC telling them what to do our how to live their lives. Granted, slavery was a horrible thing, but without all of that horror, and the political impotence of the Whigs, we would have never gotten Lincoln into the White House and won that war to keep the nation whole.

It also highlights the opinion that Progressives will always signal what they fear. And this showed me that Hollywood, the location known for movies and entertainment, fears free-thinkers. And it also explains the lack of a single original movie in too long to remember. Raise your hand if you're sick of re-boots.

Speaking of fear signaling and re-boots, I saw the Batman vs Superman movie Saturday. Loved it so much. But wasn't Lex Luthor so perfect? I'll be honest, it was a little like Oren Boyle come to life for me. Lex is a cronyist, he openly steals, and he has folks in Washington to help him do it, as long as the money makes it into their pockets, and the one woman who stands against him, he murders in front of God and everybody. The thing was, she didn't really stand against him, she just stood in his way. As Lex signals, "The greatest lie in America is that power can be innocent." Because they only know how they run things when they are in power. Carter did it. Even Bill Clinton managed to do it with the Reagan years ahead of him, the GW Bush and now Barry. With the exception of the eight years Reagan was in office, every single president since Ford has run this country into the ground because they virtually believe in nothing. They believe in padding their nests and making sure that no one has any more than they do.

They're meddlesome, and they haven't the right.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Krauthammer Has Come Down

On March 18, 2016, even the Arch-Liche himself, Charles Krauthammer, could see how the land lay for the 2016 primary season. He predicts that Trump will prevail. However, he does point out, quite accurately, even today, that Cruz is still in this race and Trump will have to beat him to win it, and that's not a sure thing. That makes me happy, because my guy is still in it. It's why I don't pick a guy until I go into the booth. I give them every chance in the world to screw up. Sadly, most do it after I've pulled the lever.

So, in my attempt to stave off writer's block, and write something every day, I am here to discuss why this is.

Last Saturday I attended my County GOP Convention where I was slapped in the face by more than a few Establishment GOP Ass Coverers. I'll tell you this much, they're not bothering to even hide their absolute hatred of the new guys coming up and getting involved who want no part of their nest-padding, protectionist bullshit. It was best illustrated when my fellow precinct member stood up and spoke out against a new rule they wanted to send up to the State level that only State level GOP members got to pick all leadership position like precinct chairman, etc.,. I have never even met my precinct chairman at ANY of the conventions or meetings we have. This sort of patronage BS is expected within the Democrat party where eveyrone is hanging on to everybody else's coattails. This rule was attempted to be pushed through without even being read, but, once again, the new, snot-nosed upstarts bogged down the works.

A particularly snotty, older lady got up to tell us all our place and where we belong within "their" party. She openly sneered at my fellow precinct fellow. She lost. She lost quite handily when we had to have an open vote and vote our strength. The number of people who didn't want this rule once it was spelled out in it's obscene ideals, no one really wanted it. It went down faster than a hooker on Nickle Night.

People just like that old, bitter, dried up hag are exactly what is wrong with the party, and the fact that she could not see that SHE'S the problem, not us is what has killed the GOP in the past 8 years. I despise one phrase almost as much as the Marxist "From each according to ability to each according to his need" and that phrase is "But, we've always done it this way." If I ran this rock, merely thinking that phrase would land you a severe beating and time in the stocks with tons of rotten fruit handed out to everyone you know.

You may have done it that way before, Gramma, but it's time to change up and step into the 21st Century. I'm pretty sure that old besom supported Mitt Romney whole-heartedly and wrote his name on her doodle pad with hearts all around it. Strap in, Granny, listen to what we're saying: WE'RE NOT DOING IT YOUR WAY ANY LONGER. IT'S NOT WORKING!

Did you catch that? Do I need to repeat myself? Did I stutter?  Good. Then you understand no amount of whining, caterwauling or fit throwing will get you the results you desire. None whatsoever. So, in your own words to me over the years. Go, sit down, shut up and listen to what I'm telling you. We are NOT doing it your way, because it doesn't work. And no amount of tantrum throwing will achieve your goals. We're trying our damnedest to make this a fair game and no, it's not the only one in town. Because of stupid, scared old fools just like you, the GOP is dead and merely standing due to inertia, but there are no dampeners and soon you will realize that it stopped rolling ages ago, so you're not prepared for the sudden stop you're about to experience.

If you doubt me, learn your history and see what the GOP replaced. We got rid of the Whigs in two elections after forming because of Abolition. Again, we are trying to free the slaves of Progressive thought slavery and you are fighting us, but like the Whigs of Old, you will die without even a whimper.

The GOP is dead. And you killed it.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

So, That Happened

We held our precinct conventions in my county today. It was different from years past when we held them as soon as the polls closed the night of the primary. This year we did it four days after in a middle school lunch room. Last primary There were two people from my precinct, we both went on to the county convention, but couldn't make the State Convention, where the rancid sausage is made within the GOP. It was a non-General Election convention so nobody cared and it was all posturing and positioning for the elections this year. Am I right, Ralph Patterson.

Old Ralphie boy gave up his chairmanship of the GOP to run for Congress and set up his boy Jeb to hold the place for him. Ralph lost by the hugest numbers yet seen in our county politics, and his boy Jeb was not far behind. But, Ralph, trouper that he is, showed up to the Precinct Convention meeting and greeting like he was still a candidate or, dare I say it, County GOP Chairman? Frankly it was quite embarrassing as he was snubbed by even me. Frankly, who the f$ck am I? The world loves a winner, Ralph.

I got to meet two new folks that had not been through the convention combine process yet. You could almost hear the whispers of the blue hairs in the cafeteria saying, "Fresh Meat!New Ideas! Let's kill it!" These two folks are people like many across America who are saying, "Fuck this shit, I've had enough, I'm getting involved." And they're actually doing it. You know me, I'd only decided to get involved on the local level after Barry's last election win. However, the process disgusted me to such a degree I wasn't sure I'd return for another go. It's meeting folks just like these that remind me I made the decision for a reason.

It was very nice to meet them, these political tyros and see how they were coming at it. Every time I talk to a newbie I get recharged. Seriously, I rub my hands together, ready to dive into the viper pit that is politics. Some are called to fight, some aren't. I have no problem with those who don't wish to get their hands dirty, I just have a problem when they want to run things without getting their hands dirty. If you're gonna make the pie, you're gonna get flour on ya, as I like to say.

Now, my regular readers know that I have no problem rubbing anyone's nose in their wrong doing. I train dogs, so DUH! When it comes to the GOP I distinctly remember begging for McCain not to be nominated, and then holding my nose as Romney became "the guy". I'm done, I am so over of "the lesser of two evils" ballot choices. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I refuse to ignore it any longer. See, note my use of language here. I didn't say couldn't. The verbiage I utilized indicates that I will not ignore it any longer. Aristotle said the best way to win an argument was to know language. English is not my first, but it is my most well known. I still get hung up on your weird verb conjugations and subjunctive tense, but I think it's a wash in my brilliant usage.

And people wonder why I love my work with hard case dogs, theirs is a very limited but exact language. No false signs from canines.

History teaches me that new parties can and have come along. The Whig party was voted into extinction over abolition. Long Live the Republican Party that then elected Lincoln who helmed this country through the awful was of Northern Aggression. Civil War? Whatever.

So, when I said in May, 2 years ago, that the GOP was dead, regardless of who won this year's General Election, I wasn't being hyperbolic, I was being prescient. The curtain has been flung back and the populace witnessed perhaps the most craven act of bending over and asking for it with no lube than Mitt Romney's disgusting facial spewing this week. STFU already Mitt. I won't elect you this year for the same reasons I wouldn't vote for you four years ago. You're a coward hiding behind a smile of civility while you find a way to stab us all in the back with your unwillingness to stand up and be a man. I don't mean in the testosterone sense, since you showed in the 4th Presidential Debate in 2012 that you have none. I mean as a human being. I know, it's a stretch.

So keep flying over me. Keep referring to me as a stupid, backwoods, hillbilly, redneck, racism, Nazi, Islamophobe and homophobe. And each time you do it, as in the past, I will make you BACK YOUR ASS UP. I will never say anything behind someone's back. I'm quite open in my likes and dislikes. Life's too short to remember what lies I told, so I tend to tell the truth so I can fill up my head with things like science, crime statistics, and how many pages are in the US Tax Code. I know, ouch, right?

So I will consider this my official "Bring It" challenge. And what's sad, it's not from the opposite side. It's from my own party. This is going to be more fun than that pizza party in high school where we made the most offensive pep rally posters ever not seen at a pep rally.  So I will just leave you with this:

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Dear Mitt Romney and GOP

I listened to Mitt Romney’s speech this morning and I will admit, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. So, this is an open letter to Mitt Romney and the GOP.

Dear Morons,

With all due respect to non-political morons, I will have to admit, this morning’s propaganda was a bit of bitter in my day. First off, let me just say that having Romney pull this was the dumbest idea, on a long list of GOP bad ideas.

Do you want to know what thought was screaming through my mind while I listened to the drivel Romney was spewing out of his face? I am in HELL. Consigned there by YOU because you couldn’t take a tough stand against Barry O 4 years ago. But now, you can take a fellow member of your own party to the mat? That tells me everything I’ve known for years. You’re dead, you just don’t know it yet.

At State primaries two years ago, I made the observation, at my County Convention, that regardless of who wins in 2016, the GOP is dead. And this time, they will know for sure. All your tantrum throwing and blatant refusal to see yourselves as the problem is why voters are so pissed off that Trump looks good to them. Why? Because the GOP is nothing more the Democrat Lite.

Just so you don’t seem as stupid as we all know you to be, Trump is not my guy, was never going to be my guy. He has all the resolve of a Trump Tower of Jell-O. No, my vote was never going to go for Trump, but your tactics, within your own party mind you, will force me to vote for him when he becomes he nominee this summer. And, trust me on this, your idiocy in not supporting Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina will make sure that Trump is your nominee.

But, be forewarned, you are OVER once Trump becomes head of the GOP, for the president is the head of his party, right? What will get you there? Your shortsighted, ass-covering, padding of your own importance and bank accounts will get you there, because you think holding the status quo will keep you in your perceived power. And let me outline what several people who can influence a weak mind, like Trump has, will do.

1.       Term limits. For everyone. Once you have an expiration date on your ass sitting in that chair, no one cares about you or padding your pockets. No more two term multi-millionaires.

2.       Repeal of Obamacare. I think privatization and buying insurance across state lines is a good thing.
3.       Repeal of the 17th Amendment, perhaps many of the so-called “progressive” amendments. Perhaps you can see the wisdom in this. There is actually already a huge groundswell of grass-roots support for it. You have no idea because it’s all in fly-over country where people you don’t know anything about exist when you let them.
4.       Once lobbying is useless in DC, then I guess the economy of that town falls and everything with it, and then no one will want to hang out or live there. Which is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they made it a district and not a welfare office, which is all it is now.
5.       Oh, and for those golden parachutes every one termer is looking forward to, nope. Get a Roth, 401K or IRA like the rest of us have to do because Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme about to be toppled by its own weight.

So, you see, it’s really not that difficult to realize that YOU’RE the problem. Not Donald Trump, not grass roots, and not the TEA Party. You made each and every one of them. You only have yourselves to blame. See you on the golf course!