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Friday, July 18, 2014

Horror and Revulsion

I first heard this quote fro Golda Meir when I was a pre-teen.  Ingrid Bergman had starred in a bio-pic of the great Israeli Prime Minister.  I admired Golda Meir greatly, but mainly for this thought alone.  To me, at least, it crystallized Islam.

You have to realize, for most of my conscious life I have heard, nearly daily, the atrocities and horrors that followers of Islam visit upon their fellow human beings in the name of God. Whose God is up to interpretation.  Their God in no way resembles anything I know of Him. One of my first memories is of Moshe Dyan.  I clearly remember the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the horror that followed Islam into that event.  Everything I hate about Islam began at that moment.  I was too young to be properly horrified by the murders, but they ruined something precious for me at a very young age, so you could say, Palestinians molded my distrust and disgust of them and all of Islam.

Irony, thy name is PLO.

Yesterday my husband gave into his inner shopper and bought a huge TV.  We had both been talking about it for a while and the TV came with a price within our discussed budget and so he bought it.  The whole family is delighted.  He and our oldest began setting it up and so naturally, I wanted to turn it on.  When I did it was to visions of fire and war and horrible sounds.  I've been watching wars and battles on TV since I was born.  Such is man and his irrational need to be superior to someone else.  But, for some unknown reason, this telecast had me near tears and I was, for the first time ever, scared.

Right there, in Crispyvision, was hatred writ large on my living room wall, inside my home.

I told my son about it when he came in and saw the look on my face.  He's been in war, twice.  He scoffed and said I would be horrified by the memories in his head, and I could not disagree. And I could not rationally explain why, for the first time in nearly 50 years, was so horrified by what I saw and heard on the TV.  I don't scare but this, for some reason scared me.

Overnight, while allowing this to percolate in my brain I think I came up with an answer that might clearly explain my reaction.  The Islamic idiots of this world hate.  They don't love anything because there is no room for love in their hearts because they are so filled with hate.  So much hate that they cannot love and value their own children, their own lives.  I cannot understand such depravity, such hate.  I may dislike things to an intense degree but it never effects my ability to reason, my appreciation of life itself.  It just makes me ask the question, how big of a fucktard do you have to be to want to watch the world burn.  THEN WHAT, FUCKER? Then what do you do?  Do you even care?

I read a book a few months ago by Elizabeth Hunter where her heroine confronts her nemesis, who killed her father.  As she kills him her husband prays, "Let it be enough.  Please let it be enough."  It brings into stark contrast Islamic fuckheads. There is never enough for them.  Because God tells them this.

They kill because God tells them to?  God's never told me to kill them because they don't believe or celebrate God the same way I do and supposedly we follow the same God. Why would he tell Muslims one thing and Christians another if he is, indeed, the same God?  That's not God talking, that's some man's insecurity and fever dreams talking and frankly, you'll have to forgive me if I don't listen.

When did God tell you to hate your children? You say you don't and yet every action you take proves otherwise.  If you valued your children and loved them more than you hated anything else, you would make sure they lived in peace.  You would not send them out to die and put them in the line of fire while your cowardly hide behind children and the skirts of women.

This event, more than anything else has proven to me what cowardly fucks Muslims are. Send children out to blow them up to kill other people.  Way to go, asshats.  Yeah, you've certainly proven that yours is a religion of peace.  Lob missiles then hide in a school full of children so they can't fire back at you.  That's not battle strategy, that's cowardice.  Strap bomb vests on women and send them to security checkpoints.  NO WONDER YOU'RE A GENETIC DEAD END!!!  You are bringing yourselves to the edge of extinction and for once no one will cry that we save you, except for the moron actors who know fuck all anyway.

There has never, ever, in the entire history of the world been a Palestinian Homeland.  Israel tried to work with you stupid fucks but, just like American Feminists, you didn't want equal, you wanted complete dominance.  Nothing will appease your hate because the hole inside your soul can never be filled.  You cannot kill enough, destroy enough to ever be happy because it's YOU that is wrong with the world.

If any of you stupid fucks had any sort of decency you would take those vest bombs, strap them on while all of you stand in the middle of nowhere and flip the damned switch, leaving all of your women and children in safety while you extinct yourselves.

It is my devout prayer to Allah that you do so, then we can wipe the memory of you from history and finally live in peace and rational thought.  I will admit, if I had one wish that could be granted it would be for every single member that practices or believes in Islam to disappear from the Earth and reappear on the surface of the closest star to our planet. A little too Hitler for you?  So be it.  He killed millions based on hatred as well.  I wish this for peace, to rid our planet of people who are so irrational they see nothing wrong with killing their own children.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Modern Day Feminism

Today a friend posted this IJReview article on how young women react to feminism. It was great and I cheered for each young woman who was brave enough to post photos of herself holding up signs about why they didn't identify with the modern feminist. I have a dear friend who showed she didn't look at it saying, "And "she" doesn't realize that the Women's Movement of the 1970s made it possible for her voice to be heard saying those 15 things."  I pointed out the err in her thinking.  Knowing her, she will now view the article when she's not busy packing and unpacking from a week at the beach.

So, let's take a look at what the young women said.  I think you will find their reasons for not being a modern feminists eye opening.

1. I don't need feminism because I don't need to politicize my gender.  Women are not a means to a political movement's end.  Hands off my ovaries and I mean it.

2. I don't need feminism because I am not a victim. I would seriously have to question the morals and intelligence of anyone who would insist that I am a permanent victim and need THEM to protect me from, ultimately, myself.

3. I don't need feminism. I don't need something that demonizes men. I don't need something that tells me the actions of a slut are OK, and then the possible evidence of those actions can be thrown away like they were nothing more than a clump of tissue. And I sure as hell don't need anything that makes playing the victim to be "empowering".  This woman gets it.  She truly gets it. On all levels.

4. I don't need feminism because my self worth is not directly tied to the size of my victim complex. As a woman in the western world, I am not oppressed, and neither are you.  Again, with the victim status. I think we're on to a winner!

5. I don't need feminism because I am capable of critical thinking and I do not need other women representing me.  This is almost word for word what I wrote NOW when they would not stop sending me begging mail to support that stupid political agenda.

6. I don't need feminism because I actually am courageous and strong.  The picture that accompanied this one was a young women in Afghanistan on her second tour of duty.  Enough said. An Army chick not needing feminism. Wow, a shot right to the box.

7. I don't need feminism because I don't choose to ignore the fact that men have issues, too.  Wait!  What about the war on women?!

8. I don't need feminism because my choice not to be associated with it was met with patronizing (sic) and condescension.  Amen, my sister. Amen!  There is nothing more patronizing then an aging feminist telling me what I need to do for the struggle, when I don't see a struggle and don't hold their movement as valid.

9. This one requires a picture and no further explanation.

10. I need feminism because  I like to blame men for my unjustifiable slutty actions.  I see what you did there.

11. I don't need feminism because it's turned from a movement about equality to a hateful, sexist, corrupt group that disregards people's issues due to privilege.  Again, almost word for word what I wrote NOW decades ago.

12. I don't need feminism because society does not objectify me.  Feminists are the ones who tell me that.  Do I look oppressed?  No, darlin' you don't.  You look just fine.

13. I don't need feminism because I am an adult who is capable of taking responsibility for my actions; I define myself and I derive my value by my own standards. I don't need to be "empowered; I am not a target for violence and there is no war against me; I respect men.  I refuse to demonize them and blame them for my problems.  You said a mouthful there, sister.  This is exactly why NOW should not exist and Gloria Steinem should have a bounty on her.

14. I don't need feminism because I believe in equality not entitlements and supremacy.  My main argument against modern feminism is that it's all about dominance and punishing men, not about true equality.

15. And another that just requires a picture.

Sing it loud, sing it proud, then get back to work!

Thursday, July 03, 2014


I have been pondering the Hobby Lobby ruling wherein 4 entire forms of birth control are denied to people who work for Hobby Lobby and refuse to pay for their own contraception are left with only 16 choices mandated by Obamacare and Katherine Sebelius who never saw a fetus she didn't want to immediately terminate.  I've come up with an interesting extrapolation, using ONLY the Liberal arguments.  They're all false arguments, but just bear with me.  Because so far, every apocalyptic prediction concerning Obamacare has been proved true.

Now, Obamacare mandates that your employer via health insurance provide you with free contraception.  OK, SCOTUS really changed nothing when they decided that closely held companies do have First Amendment rights prohibiting Congress from making laws infringing on their right to freely practice their religious beliefs, JCPenny notwithstanding.

Now consider this, your employer is paying for your contraception via the health insurance he is mandated to provide for you.  Your employer now has a reasonable expectation that you will not get pregnant and therefore miss days of work due to morning sickness, doctor's visits and Maternity Leave.  You may consider this the social contract between employer and employee.  I bet, at this point, you could even spell that out in employee handbooks.  Let that percolate for a moment.

Now, you're employed, you're getting free contraception but lets say you are married and you and your spouse decide that it's time to have a family.  NO!  Says your employer.  It's not a good time, and they can't see a time where it would be good for you to be taking all that time away from work.  So, you can't have a baby, unless you quit your job.  Say your spouse's employer says the same thing to them.  It's not a good time for the company.  Now remember, when you were screaming for free contraception and at the same time for us to stay out of your womb, you wanted and demanded this. Let's go a step further, since no form of birth control is 100% effective, you wind up pregnant.  Can your boss now demand you have an abortion or lose your job because you got pregnant without permission?  It would appear from the Liberal arguments that this could pass muster in a court of law, according to the rules Obamacare has set down.

 So, as we jump down that rabbit hole, now the government and your employer, since they are paying for your contraception, can tell you when to breed, because you put them in charge of your reproduction by demanding they pay to keep you from breeding irresponsibly because you cannot control yourself well enough to pay your own way and be in charge of your own life.  Remember, you made this happen with all of your screeching and demonstrating and support of Sandra Fluke.  Wait until she gets a real job as an attorney and they tell her that working 100+ hours as an associate is not conducive to child bearing so she needs to turn her ovaries over to them.  Because she already has.  However, they will most likely be willing to pay for insurance that covers her blood transfusions as well.

I can see you sitting there gnashing your teeth and screaming at your monitor, "Stay out of my womb!"  Oh, but you demanded I go there, so now I get a say on what goes on with it.  Government pays for nothing, my tax dollars do, especially if I'm subsidizing your healthcare and especially if your employer is.  You cannot tell me to stay out, yet demand I also pay for your contraception in the same breath.  You want to eat your cake and have it, too, but that never works outside college class rooms where you're texting your next casual hook-up.  How do I know that?  Sandra Fluke told me.  You either want me to stay out of your reproductive choices or you want me to pay for them all and have a say.  You can't have it both ways.  I don't care what the Libs try to tell you.  Imfreakinpossible.

So, as I've extrapolated as Sandra Fluke did with the transfusions story and Jehova's Witness and Christian Science false appeals to authority (oh my, Aristotle does come in handy) I've also shown you ultimately where your road leads.  By making anyone else in charge of your contraception, you've put them in charge of your reproduction.  Damn, I'm almost ready to try this out in the courts, because the argument is so deliciously hypocritical.  It tickles my sense of the ridiculous.  And the funniest thing about it?  Libs demanded it!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I have been talking with a friend who is very active in GOP politics. I listen to her and use her as a sounding board because, in my opinion, she has an excellent head on her shoulders. Recently, something has happened in our Central Texas county that has utterly sickened the both of us.  She's still willing to fight.  I'm so disgusted I want to wash my hands of the entire party and nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

In a broad stroke, the County GOP decided to nullify Primary results and, in a secret meeting with a panel whose identities have not been revealed, they seated two of their own choices in two JP races, and perhaps a third.

What the McLennan County GOP has done is told every single person who voted in the Primary under the Republican Party ballot, that their vote does not, in point of fact, matter.  Besides being completely skeeved by this underhanded, backroom, Chicago politics move, I'm outraged the over 7,000 voters were just told, "Screw you!  My guy who wasn't even on the ballot is going to run in that place."

This is what Ralph Patterson, McLennan County GOP Chairman sent out to all of use who are part of the party process out here.

I am hoping the pic blows up to be legible.  I have left off the Justice of the Peace and Constable names because, frankly, I don't want to be responsible is someone decides to get stupid for something they probably could not help, but were most likely complicit in.  But I want to deconstruct Ralph's email, if you will, please be patient.  I'm exceedingly angry about this and the F-bomb could be dropped.  Felony.

The Republican Party of McLennan County announced the candidates for Justice of the Peace (JP) and Constable Positions for the November general election. The process of the selection was done by JP Precinct Executive Committee meetings in accordance with Texas statute.
 Can we look at this for a minute?  Since when are elected positions chosen by an Executive Committee? A committee that thinks it knows better than over 7,000 voters?

“Today we are witnesses to the local fulfillment of the Rule of Law. That is what separates us from dictatorships and chaos. Earlier this year, our Commissioners' Court members made some tough decisions to reduce expenses for the county. One of those decisions was to reduce the number of Justice of the Peace and Constable Precincts from 7 to 5. That decision set in motion a process outlined in Texas Law requiring the major parties to nominate their candidates for the November election for the new positions created.”
Fulfillment of the Rule of Law would be the will of the voters, Ralph.  THAT is what separates us from dictatorships and chaos you power hungry despot.  Give a little man a stage to stand on and sure enough he will think he is king.  This had nothing to do with cutting expenses, he did not and probably cannot point out HOW changing the ballot saves the county one freakin penny.  This has everything to do with your getting people off the ballot who do not agree with YOU.

“As is usual when we select Republican Candidates for offices in our county, we have an abundance of well qualified citizens from which to choose our nominees. Unfortunately, we have more candidates than positions available. The Republican Party Precinct Chairs did an outstanding job when presented with a difficult situation. In the end they did their duty just as we have said since the beginning: in accordance with the law, in a fair and reasonable manner. I would like to commend each of them for their willingness to serve the citizens of our community.”

The Candidates were selected and voted on during the Primary process, Ralph.  The voters decided on Kristi deCluitt for JP Pct 1 Pl 1, and Belinda Summers in Pct 5 and you decided you didn't like that, especially since Belinda Summers recently changed parties and came over to the GOP. Great way to welcome her to the party, jackwagon.  We did our duty by voting, you negated all of that by "choosing" for us.  I didn't choose your choices and yes, I will make you take it back.  Hide and watch if I don't.  They are serving their masters, not the voters of this county who DID NOT vote for them.

Our County GOP is acting on the same fear that the people in both parties are in DC.  Ralph Patterson is no different from Thad Cochran in Mississippi in my eyes. NO FREAKIN DIFFERENT.  Thad didn't even bother to file the proper papers to get on the Primary Ballot in Mississippi, then when someone in his office figured it out (Because Cochran is firmly in dimentia land at this point in his life) they went crying to the court friendly to them to get on the ballot at the last minute.  THEN, when the Primary wound up in a run-off, they conferred with the Democrat party to scare monger black voters who had voted in the democrat party primary to cross over and vote for Cochran in the run off, something which is illegal in the state of Mississippi.  Cochran won, however, so many votes have been found to be invalid and downright illegal, that his opponent is going to court to examine every single vote.  It doesn't help that a minister has come forward with proof that Cochran's campaign actually paid each black voter bussed to polling places, $15 each for their vote.  You gonna do that, too, Ralph, to get your people in place?

Voting is important in a Constitutional Republic because We The People elect people who represent us at the Local, State and National Level.  We tend to vote for people who appear to share the same values and beliefs as ourselves.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to decide that for me, and that includes the McLennan County GOP.

You don't have the right, Ralph Patterson and everyone on your "super secret select committee".  You think you've gotten away with it, and I can assure you, you have not.  Karma is a wonderful and horrible thing, depending on what you've done.  I can't imagine you want a visit from her.  I'll introduce you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This morning our German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, Samantha, was hit by a car and almost immediately killed.  She was walking with me and Apollo shortly after 5 AM in our neighborhood.  The guy who hit her was just as devastated as I, and was kind enough to drive up the street and get my husband to bring his pick up.  I have walked Sam off the leash nearly her entire life because she was the best behaved of any of my dogs, never chasing rabbits, going after other dogs that were out for walks and pretty much staying by my side, unless she got a sniff of something interesting, but I never got too far away.  This morning she got a sniff and walked into the road instead of staying on the grass as I'd trained her when a car was on the road.  I made the mistake of thinking that since there had been no cars running the roads in the neighborhood at 5 AM that there never would be. Our neighborhood is not well lit and she was almost entirely black.  Once again, the guy who hit her is not Satan.  He was just as upset as I was.

My husband was angry, and upset and being a man did not deal with these emotions well.  He yelled, knocked things over and yelled at me outside and inside the house.  I stopped talking after telling him to stop being a child.  Both of us were hurting, badly, and struck out irrationally at one another. We both loved Sam to a ridiculous degree. We love all of our dogs in this manner because they return it a thousandfold.  You cannot explain pets to someone who is not an animal person.  They will never get it in a million years.

Right now as I sit here writing this, my German Shepherd, my Husky mix and the Beagle are all around my chair, as close to me as possible.  They are mourning, too.  It's common for dogs to mourn the passing of a pack member, but Sam was Alpha, so this is rough for them.  Even my cat, Gimli, is being somewhat subdued and only tried to bite me once in an attempt to play.  He settled down for petting and purring instead.  A great comfort, indeed.

We've buried her in the back by the greenhouse she was always trying to follow me in to.  She's in the shade of a pecan tree.  She was a great dog, if a somewhat fussy one.  She thought she owned me and I thought that was pretty funny.  We owned each other.

She was such a timid thing, always.  It's why we mistook her for an Omega for so long.  Her calming influence was fantastic once she was out of the playful puppy stage.  It was why I walked her with Apollo, she kept him on pace and curious about his environment by sniffing every blade of grass in every yard we passed.  But we found out earlier this year when she was ill and had to eat a special diet away from the other dogs, she was definitely the Alpha.  Our poor males nearly starved two nights in a row because they could not see her eating in my bedroom.  I had to start feeding her where they could see her in the sunroom and then would begin eating their own food.  Quiet, assertive stubborness, that was Sam.

When she was a puppy and I took over her training I made the mistake of keeping a treat in my hand and putting it under her chin while walking to teach her to heel.  Even this morning she would come up to touch base and nibble at my fingers before stopping to smell another blade of grass. She loved nibbling my finger tips. It was our "thing".  She loved following me into the bathroom, well, everywhere, actually.  There was rarely a time you would see me, around my house, without her.  The kids often joked that I'd trained her to be dependent on me.  It made both of us happy, for the most part.  She slept right underneath me under my bed each night.  I had made her a bed area in our bedroom, but she wanted to be as close to me as possible. Apollo got that bed when we took him in.  Zeus is too active to want to stay in our small "master" bedroom for long, so he has his bed in the living room.  It should be by the fireplace, but he really likes the couch.  Sam did, too.

I have never forgotten that my pets, my companions are glorious gifts to me.  Their love and devotion are worth the clean ups, the training head aches, being stepped on, bowled over and licked within an inch of your life.  You show them a little bit of love, and perhaps food, and they are yours.  Like Sam always knew when I just needed her to press against me, nudge me with her nose to let me know she was there. She was a quiet, persistent presence in my life.  I miss her so much already and it's only been hours.  I pray she's somewhere gamboling around doggie heaven with Sasha and King and Ragnar, my other beloved pets who have gone.  Each one took a part of me with them.  The part that was uniquely theirs.

My husband and son dug her burial site.  Only in our family would we be grieving this loss and making Monty Python jokes at the same time.  It makes sense to us to laugh when you feel like you're being ripped up inside by grief.  We wrapped her up in her bedding, with a Milkbone, her favorite treat, and I will always be able to look out my sun room bay window and see where she is, but in reality, she's with me always, in my heart and memories.  I know that with time the hurt will ease, but I will always remember her with a pang, just as I do our other dogs.  Because I always feel that I should have loved them more, showed them more... just always more.  I think we eat ourselves up with that sort of thing all the time when it comes to loved ones who are gone.

So here's to Samantha, beloved companion.  I didn't deserve you as much as you thought I did, but I'm damned grateful you thought that much of me.  I'm sorry and I will be for a very, very long time.  I loved you as you loved me.  Unconditionally and eternally.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parenting, It's Not A Dirty Word

I just read a depressing article about unwed mothers and their children over at the Daily Signal. Granted, this is not one of my go to news sources, but there was nothing in the article, save the part about college education being the main factor in unwed women bearing children, with which I could argue rationally.  The sad fact is Dan Quayle was right, even the WaPo admits it.

At the time, it was still a huge deal to have a baby without even thinking about marrying the father of said baby.  This was the argument I always made, if you aren't thinking marriage, what are you doing in the baby making positions?  I know, shocker, I'm not a proponent of recreational promiscuity. forgive me if I choose to love myself a little bit more than my nail polish color.  I don't want others to think of me cheaply, so I don't think of myself in that way either.  However, I don't believe that you should wait for marriage, either.  Simply put, if that part of marriage does not work out, for either party, the marriage will have insurmountable problems.

However, deciding, as Dan Quayle put it, on just another lifestyle choice, you're being disingenuous and stupid.  Raising a child is the hardest job you'll ever do.  It's fraught with exhaustion (funny how that always comes up first), drains on your purse, frustration, isolation and yes, there are times you just don't like your own off-spring.  In fact, there are times you will put them and yourself in time-out just to keep yourself from throttling them.  When I told my kids to get to their room it was because I was about to lash out irrationally and possibly beat the snot out of one or all of them.  If I had not been able to share those responsibilities with their father (in the few times he could actually be bothered to be around and be a man) I would have gone stark raving mad and my kids would have been raised by rabid wolves in the wilds of Montana.  At least that was my favorite day dream.

Since Murphy Brown I have seen an actual epidemic in teen pregnancy, increased youth incarceration and youth crime.  It all stems back to not having parents or so-called parents.  If you are having a baby because you want someone to love you, get a damned dog.  You can ignore them when you want and you don't get mad because you never get to do whatever you want whenever you want because the love object needs feeding, cleaning and attention.  Keep your damned knees closed.  Don't believe me?  Ask any woman who is a single parent after her man left her in the lurch because he couldn't be a man and accept the responsibility he created right along with her.  If you're not thinking about putting a ring on that, sir, keep it in your pants.  Thank you.

The boys who see men acting like this think that this is socially acceptable behavior, regardless of what the media or others tell them.  They see what is real, what is happening and they take that cue and will treat their women the same way you let a man treat you.  You let a man use you like a damned door knob, that is how they will treat the women in their lives.  If your daughters see you treated like street meat, they will think that is the best they can achieve and just bend over and take it from any male who is willing to spend five minutes with them.  So sure, do it for the children.

Thus perpetuating the cycle and catastrophe that is parenting in the world.

Be a damned parent. They are not your friends, they are your kids and they deserve guidance and security from their parent, not a string of lovers in and out of the projects.  Raise your child up so that they will not be a drain on society, will be respected, and hopefully not incarcerated. My children are all in their 20s now. They are just reaching the ages where they now GET why I did the things I did.  I had such a short time to parent them.  I've got the rest of my life to be friends with them.  I'm proud of them, in fact, all four of them for the individuals they are.  Try to shoot for that instead of the bar bicycle.

Respect yourself and your children.  This, more than anything else, will stand your child in good stead.  Respect for oneself does not allow for being bullied, indoctrinated, enslaved physically or mentally, railroaded or cowed.  If you show your children respect for self and others, everything you need them to know flows from that.  Do you want to know why the Asian culture has less of a problem with their youth that Europe and America?  They are taught from birth to respect their elders.  Self-respect flows from the mutual respect shown by the elders towards them.  Shame is a huge deal in their culture.  If a teen girl gets pregnant in the US she's an MTV celebrity.  She's shown no respect for herself or her child and that will continue through their lives and most likely to the next generation after that.

So respect yourself and your future child enough to get it done right and make sure that child has enough love and support that two parents can give them.  You can go it alone, but you're only making it harder for both of you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

On Language h/t William Saffire

Recently, after being called racist, once again, on something that had nothing to do with race, I do as I usually do, I go back to the word and I break it down.  Like a rap song.

According to



1. a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others.
2. of or like racists or racism: racist policies; racist attitudes.
race2  (n.) + -ist

an·ti·ra·cist, noun, adjective
 Now that looks like the people are using the word in exactly the correct way, except... They're not.  If you're against Barack Obama you're automagically racist, even though his ineptitude has nothing to do with race, unless you are willing to admit that only half-white, half-black people are all this inept.  In which case, who is really the racist?

Then we have the ever-popular "if you're against homosexuals you are racist".  What the hell does homosexuality have to do with racism.  Homosexual is NOT a race.  If you are against homosexuals you may have a religious reason for that.  Again, not racism.  If you just hate all homosexuals because you're afraid, then you're a bigot, not a racist.  They are different words meaning different things are not interchangeable.

Now, to me, the origin of the word race + ist means you believe in race.

Race: an arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes, especially formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups.
 -ist: a suffix of nouns, often corresponding to verbs ending in -ize  or nouns ending in -ism,  that denote a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines, etc.: apologist; dramatist; machinist; novelist; realist; socialist; Thomist.
 So technically racism means a belief in race.  I don't know how the superiority of the human race ever came into it, but if you want to be technically correct, I guess I am a racist, because I do believe we have different races with homo sapiens.  If you want to say I think I am superior to the other races in the homo sapiens genus and species, then you would correctly call me a bigot.

Words have exact meanings. We should always consider the meaning of our words upon the people listening to them.  Aristotle believed that a strong knowledge of language would help anyone trying to win a logical, reasoned debate because knowledge of what things really are always helps.
a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
Origin:   1590–1600;  < Middle French  ( Old French:  derogatory name applied by the French to the Normans), perhaps < Old English God  by God
 However, if you look at the meaning of the word bigot, it really does not fit either.  Not really.  I am not intolerant of any differences between other people and myself.  In fact, I think those differences make the human race interesting rather than homogeneous and thus, boring.

I am currently looking for the word, in the English language that reflects intolerance based on the stupidity of others.  Any day now...