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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Schaub The Dog

Nine years ago, my youngest son, just recently separated from The Marines and having moved back home to go to school, called us while we were out and asked if he could have a dog. I told him he'd have to ask his step-father, who had said "no more animals" in his dad voice, so we knew he was serious.

He listened to Clint and then laid down some serious rules about taking care of HIS dog, paying for HIS dog's care, and cleaning up HIS dog's messes. That's when I was told that his dog was going to be a Beagle that he'd gotten a line on in a town an hour away. Arrangements were made and I came home to this face.
He was just over six weeks old and the cutest puppy I think I'd ever seen. I was immediately smitten and loved my little grandpuppy with everything in me.

Clint was dealing with some demons when he got out. No one comes home from war whole and Schaub helped him a lot. He was a very big part of Clint's life. He was a big part of our lives, but for both of them, it was really about the other.

He went away shortly when Clint moved to Corpus for a while and then he came back. I insisted he be fixed, because he was already a Beagle, who very much followed his nose wherever it led and because the new ordinances mandated that he be fixed. I paid for it myself. I figured we'd have him longer if he wasn't being hit by a car chasing a rabbit or a fecund female. He grew large, even though he was constantly on a diet. Beagles don't react well to being neutered from what I've since found out.

We got Apollo a few years later and Schaub and Zeus fitted him into the pack very nicely. Apollo loved nothing more than playing with Schaub.

 He injured a ligament in his leg and Clint could not afford the surgery, but Schaub was a trouper and he soldiered on, still playing and still catching squirrels up to his final weeks. Our backyard will probably now be overrun with rabbits and squirrels without his diligent pursuit of them. However, even with the diets, his weight came back and he began to slow down in his last year.

I seriously missed him getting out and having to chase him down through the neighborhood and his nose scenting something only he could discern. I hated that he was getting older, and I could see pain in his eyes sometimes, especially in winter. We made sure he had warm, soft places to lay down.

Wednesday and Thursday night he didn't look good when he went home. Clint called asking if our other dogs were OK. Thursday night he was rushed to the local Animal Emergency Clinic and he was hydrated and a ton of lab and imaging was done. He was taken to the recommended vet who had their hand out before they even bothered to print out his patient information to see what had already been done. We had just spent over $1200 for the previous night and they wanted $600 just to hook his IV back up.

Clint called around and got another vet to take a look at him that morning. He found out that his precious boon companion was far more ill that the other vets had let on and it would be best if he were put down as he was suffering a lot. He went over the Rainbow Bridge at noon, August 2, 1019.

Every single person in our family loved Schaub, fiercely. I'm very happy that my son now has his beautiful wife to help him through this. I can only say that it's very much like losing a child. I can say that as I've lost both. I couldn't sleep last night as the cat kept waking me up making a sound that was much like Schaub crawling under our bed to get to Apollo's bed in the corner. I'd wake up and for just a moment, think it was Schaub, who still spent the night with us sometimes. Then I'd cry myself back to sleep.

We all loved Schaub. Even Apollo is a little morose, still. He was that way after Sam died as well. Dogs know.

I'm going to think of Schaub in happy days, chasing scents around the yard when he wasn't catching  squirrels or chasing rabbits. I will miss his baying and his pathetic howl. I will miss him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him.
I will no longer look down and see that precious face staring up at me, begging me for just one more treat he shouldn't have.

You were loved Schaub the Dog. You will be missed.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

I have very few people I consider friends. I have a ton of acquaintances, but very few I could call if I was in trouble. Those people are friends.

Today, I learned that I could be as loyal and protective of certain acquaintances as I am of my friends. He's a YouTuber, has a really popular daily live stream and I met him at Anime Matsuri. He wore a painted hockey mask, because his avatar on YouTube and online is one of a faceless consumer. Apropos, as he discusses the lack of professionalism in certain markets and sectors of industry.

Today, he was doxed by three reprehensible... beings. I refuse to name them because they are all clout chasing idiots who like to feel powerful by ruining other people on Twitter. May I insert here that I can't think of anything more pathetic or sad than being such a disgustingly sad person that the ONLY way you can feel good about your existence is to make other people just as miserable as you are.

Yeah, your little troika of thickness only exists because Zoe Quinn provides a lot of shade. Grifters gonna grift.

Today, they "playfully" released his name and employer on Twitter, being so deviously clever. Just about as clever as Jamie Marchi's attorney's cute little anagram in his conclusion on the TCPA petition. Money well spent, you stupid <insert word that rhymes with punt here>.

They have threatened his employment, his child, SWATting, and much more. He's had to retain an attorney just to make sure they don't use institutions.

Yeah, I bet you're asking why. I know I still am.

Because he made a comic book about a pretend adventure with his little girl and he played their game better than they did by their own rules. he pointed out how unprofessional they are, how they treat customers, and how they hate fans.

His wife is ten days from her due date for their second child. He has a five year old daughter. Everything they've done for the past five months has put tremendous pressure on an already high risk pregnancy.

They've been calling the man's employer, trying to get him fired. His car decided to die this past weekend and he's had to buy a new one, all while worrying about his wife and daughter. These people would not relent.

I'm not naming names here. No. I went farming. Reaped the names and other info. Everyone has details. I wonder how clever they'll feel soon.

It's not often I get pissed off to this degree. I've played the internet game too long. Water off a duck's back.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

The Left's War on Human Nature

For years I have stated that the main goal of the Left was to deny true human nature. They are at war with true humanity by trying to shape it into some Utopian Ideal that can never exist because... humans gonna human.

The ONLY way anything they dream about can work is if the universe works on puppy kisses and unicorn farts. Human beings don't operate under those fantasies, so humans must be changed. None of this "Well, I guess I'll just have to do it the right way" crap for them. No! They are going to change human beings. Thank you Dr. Raymond Cocteau.

I hope you're sitting down because I am about to reveal the horrible truth about mankind. We are spiteful, ugly things when no one is looking. It's true. We feel horrible things, think horrible thoughts, and then smile when someone walks in the room. We're petty, vengeful, and best of all, lying sacks of shit, for the most part. We would all gladly shiv our own mothers for whatever reward we think we deserve while celebrating Mother's Day and talking about what a wonderful institution motherhood is.

That, My Dear Leftist, is real human.

Leftists don't Human very well.

Here is the other big secret about human beings. We all strive to be better than petty, vengeful fuckers who want to wreck things when they don't go our way. We overcome those urges because we know, in the grand scheme of things, it's not productive and actually harmful to our futures.

You could say it's why we make nice with people who are just flat out assholes and we'd rather put our fist through their stupid faces. Because it's more productive, more profitable to do so. It is, you could say, in our rational self-interest to do so.

The past century has been spent with Lefties and their social engineering, trying to "make man better". Dude, this is as good as we get. We can be noble, but it's usually only under circumstances so horrific we don't want to rinse and repeat those situations so that you can feel better about who you are.

I have spent a lifetime fighting against this sort of shit and now we see it fully manifest before us. This is what you get when you left people who don't want to work for anything and yet bleat on how noble and holy their cause is. You get a generation whose self-esteem was built on lies so they don't bother doing more than repeating lines back to educators, too stupid to fail them because it would reflect poorly on their own teaching skills, producing whining children too stupid to get jobs once they are out of college and crying about being unable to pay back $200K in college loans for their degree in Intersectional Feminist Interpretive Dance. Hey, it took them 12 years to get that bachelor's but what's a couple hundred thou between friends, right?

So, as you look out across the ruined landscape of our educational system, realize that the Millennials are the penultimate of the Leftist Achievement. This is their archetype.

Laugh all you want, but Soy Boi is their ultimate goal.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Name Calling

I'm good at name calling. Really good at it. In fact, you could almost call it a talent. However, I will take a personal thing and use it. I don't use racial epithets or political terms to denigrate another human being. If I'm calling you names, I most likely have enough of just YOU, to make a damning diatribe.

The first time I was called Nazi was when I was seven years old, in second grade in Caldwell, Idaho. Lincoln Elementary, on the playground. It made me cry. Why? Because I didn't even know what it was and not one of my friends knew either, so I had been called a name I didn't understand. I was crying in frustration. I remember well, the boy who called me that name because I had a German surname. His name was Brett, and I believe I punched him in the shoulder, and then he pushed me down on my butt and then a teacher's aide came to break it up. He got in trouble for fighting with a girl, but the real trouble came when I told the teacher what he'd called me.

I can honestly say, it was the first time I have ever seen that particular look in an adult's eyes. It was anger. Mrs. Snyder stood up straight and said, "Is that so?" I nodded and she grabbed Brett and he went to the principal's office. I am pleased to say that in second grade I did not visit the principal's office one single time. First grade I lived there.

The following weekend, I visited my grandfather, who I knew had fought in World War Two, and I had no idea what that was, we were in Viet Nam, and Papa was old. So I asked him the Nazi question. I had to tell him that a boy at school had called me a Nazi but no one would tell me what one was. So, my grandfather tried to explain to me about Hitler and the Nazis. He said he hadn't fought Nazis, he'd fought Italians and been shot down over Anzio. However, he was in the Air Force and had fought in a war and I had to respect his opinion as expert.

He then explained to me that I would get a lot of flack from stupid people because of my surname. I still have a German surname, so you could say I've not let it bother me since then.

Until today.

Someone I know and respect called Trump Hitler in a post. Yeah, someone said something mean in the intarwebs, cry me a river. However, I think I reached my limits on my ability to hear awful words trivialized by people who have no argument. I invoked Godwin's Law. The first person to cry Nazi or Hitler, loses. Hitlerum in absurdum.

In the past thirty years we have manged to trivialize horrible words like Nazi, Hitler, nigger, racist, white nationalist and many others. We've made them mean nothing at all. When I learned what a Nazi was, I was so hurt that anyone would think I was that awful. They were, quite literally, fighting words. Now, if you call me a Nazi, I laugh in your face. it's not the surety of knowing I'm not, it's because I know that you have no real argument against me or what I'm saying because you're stupid and emotionally stunted.

So sure, call me what you like. I know it's not true. If it is true, I'll thank you and move on.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

No Toxic Fandom

There is no toxic fandom. Today, on Nerdotic, we get a video about George RR Martin and his reaction to "fans" of GoT and their reaction to the end of HBOs version of his books.

In gaming I'm considered a toxic fan. In comic books I'm considered a toxic fan. In anime and now knitting, I'm considered a toxic fan.

Fan, the word, is shortening of the word fanatic. Movie fanatics were really the first to have that moniker hurled upon them. Then we had sports fans, and on down the line.

If you're a fan, you like something. End of story.

So the reason toxic fandom doesn't exist is because they don't like whatever it is you're selling. They are most likely former fans you have somehow offended into no longer buying your product. That's not toxic, that's bad marketing on YOUR part.

Case in point, Star Wars. Disney and Lucasfilms so poorly handled the next stories in the line that George Lucas created to the point where people who were rabid, mouth frothing fanatics, won't even consider seeing another movie and the merchandising has yielded no profit at all. In fact, Disney for the first time ever has lost money on merchandising and for the first time ever Star Wars isn't making a profit.

The Star Wars fans were very vocal in their dislike of Kathleen "The Force is Feminine" Kennedy who has single-highhandedly ruined a virtual money printing machine for Lucasfilm and Disney. You have to hand it to the retard, she managed to do what no man has ever done. Well played, chica.

Another Disney product, Marvel Films. They so poorly cast the next "Tent Pole" for their Avengers franchise, then went through so many machinations and contortionist movements to try to sell Captain Marvel, a character who cannot sell comic books, but by God, Marvel will shove her down your throat, time after time, book after book, movie after movie. Nobody wants to see her. It was so bad they had to recut Avenger's: End Game at the last minute to make Brie Larson barely visible in the movie. They keep talking about her still being the main focus of the next phase, like Iron Man was for the first phase, but the audience is steadfast. They will not spend money on the cunt in any form.

Full disclosure, everything that I've seen and heard from the Captain Marvel movie leads me to believe that someone gave a gender studies feminist interpretive dance major a typewriter and the wrong Wikipedia page and then tried to make Brie Larson likable. Wow, talk about a thankless job.

In comic books, so many people have stopped buying comic books because they are so stupid, so insipid and so soy infused that they are unreadable and the characters are more like old day villains that heroic beings. Iron Heart, Iceman, and Captain Marvel (oh my, what a revisit on an horrific character). Plus, they over-ship and have ruined comic book stores, and then cancel books just to reissue with a new number one for bucks. The price of a single book now is more than a paperback first run book.

As for anime, well, I'm not buying anything new, preferring to put things on hold until they realize they are killing themselves and settling for subs from Japan, who don't even hear SJW REEEEEing. They don't care one bit what white, liberal Americans think about their products. Why? Because the fuckers don't buy anything. They steal, they pirate but they don't spent money on what they're selling and they know it and they call their bluff every single damned time. Which is why I haven't thrown my hands up and walked away from that, too.

Toxic fandom means "People Who See Through Our Shit."

Monday, June 24, 2019

They Came For My Knitting

A few weeks ago, on a YouTube stream I said that they had come for my games and I fought back. They came for my comic books and I fought back. Then they came for my anime and I'm fighting. I've thrown a ton of money allowing idiots to burn down industries and hobbies they don't understand or even participate in because it's important to allow them to burn that shit down so you can use them as an example of what not to do while you build on their ashes.

I then quipped that I would go Scorched Earth if they touched knitting. Because that would never happen, right?

Ravelry looked at other SJWs and NPCs and said, "Here, hold my beer."

Then Tim Pool posted a video on it, where he consistently mispronounced the name of the site, but it suited my purposes not to correct him.

About ten days ago I attended Anime Matsuri and a panel called For The Fans where Ty Beard said he was tired of giving money to people who scolded him. I put it this way, you don't get to call me names and defame me and expect me to give you money.

Now, Ravelry is a knitting web site. It's great to find new projects, try to find solutions for patterns that were wonky and posted no errata. A lot of brilliant folks there usually had a solution. Better yet, if you just needed one more ball of yarn to finish a project, you could usually find your colorway and lot number. I've never seen a community more geared to helping each other than Ravelry. Never.


You proudly talk about your pussy hat patterns but say anything about Trump and OMG you're a White Supremacist.

Oh, sweetie pie, I hope you have some proof to back that shit up because defamation is a real thing these days. Just ask WaPo or NBC News. Better yet, ask Mark Waid, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, Funimation and Ron Soye. OK, yeah, it's Toye, but he's so soy infused it really works better.

I've been with Ravelry for over ten years. I've bought many patterns there, sought quite a bit of advice when I struggled with my style of knitting. I didn't use them so much these days because all I seem to knit anymore are scarves, hats and socks. I'm doing baby blankets right now, but I don't need them for that. They're patterns I've done often and know well.

I won't go back. I've removed my link from my toolbar, removed it from my bookmarks and I will forget about them.

However, White Supremacist? That is defamatory and they said, themselves, I didn't make it up, that BECAUSE I support Trump, I am a White Supremacist.

I happen to know a good lawyer here in Texas.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. However, sometimes, as in the case of DC canceling their Vertigo line, supposedly for adult, edgy bois, it's a relief. Diversity & Comics did a video that echoed my sentiments perfectly. PERFECTLY.

I remember, starkly, the first comics released by Vertigo. My friend Cathy, who managed my Local Comic Book Shop, knew I loved Marvel's Excalibur and suggested Sandman to me. I immediately fell in love with that series. I'll be honest, I loved Neil Gaiman and his Books of Magic, I think it was called. I still love Gaiman even now when I sometimes just want to slap him.Gaiman was a huge inspiration to my imagination. Back then I was drawing and my youngest son loved my drawing I did that were inspired by Gaiman's stuff. I wish I still had that sketch book.

Jonah Hex was my next foray into Vertigo books. I loved it. Hated the movie, but I loved the books. However, Vertigo continued on with some pretty good books. I had stopped buying them by the time the millennium rolled around because... life and time.

Last year, Vertigo announced they were "rebranding" after Karen Berger announced she was withdrawing from the Vertigo line and DC altogether. They brought in a guy who made one bad decision after another. Allow me to illustrate. Yeah, Andi Khouri has done sooooo well.

These were the new books Vertigo announced last year, according to Wikipedia and Vertigo's own website on DC.

  • Border Town by Eric Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos – Cancelled in December 2018 after four published and two unpublished issues. Esquivel was outed as a serial sexual harrasser of underage, high school girls and forced nonconsensual sex on them while he was their boss at comic book stores.
  • Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo – cancelled after 6 Issues. This book was so hypergamous and ... STUPID, that no one bought anything after issue 3.
  • American Carnage - The ONLY good book in the whole lot. by Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez.
  • Goddess Mode by Zoe Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez. Let's take a moment here to reflect on how Grifter Quinn got into comic books after being found to be a 6 timing whore in games and was found to be doing the same thing in comics, sleeping with reporters for good reviews. Then there is Robbi "Chocolate Starfish" Rodriguez. The man who purposely took a picture of his anus and posted it for Ethan Van Sciver on Twitter and DC's response was, "He's a freelancer!" Which is now the rally cry of every single entertainment genre because they're too afraid to fire people for being idiotic and turning off customers.
  • High Level by Rob Sheridan and Barnaby Bagenda Ugh, did anyone even read issue 1? I don't even remember getting past the third page.
  • Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace – cancelled before its debut, and that says everything.
  • Safe Sex by Tina Horn and Mike Dowling – cancelled before its debut,and again, says everything.
So, two books that never even got out of the chute and Four that were so bad they were very public when they tanked into the toilet they should never have climbed from.

Out of all of those books, only ONE was worth reading. American Carnage was good.  So, even a blind squirrel can find a nut. Or Andy Khouri a good comic book.

DC is already "streamlining" it's line. They are... not canceling... what's the word? Oh yeah, Canceling books to have less books on the shelf, but they took a page from Marvel's book and are now overshipping to comic book shops that are already operating on a losing margin. I guess, like Marvel, DC, too, can bundle up in plastic bags and sell unsold books to Walmart and Overstock and consider them sold. Industry standard, right?

Yet, they sit there in their offices, underpaying their labor, if they are paying at all, Yeah, Rooster Teeth, I'm looking at you, and saying, "We set the standard." You may, but is it selling?