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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Affirmative Action

I was raging today over the Bioware/EA scandal in gaming for hiring a completely unqualified woman as their 3D animator when she had no experience. On her CV her experience portion reads, and I quote, "Lots of experience". Because of the pioneering efforts of twat waffles Anita Sarkesian and Brianna Wu, two other completely unqualified human beings, she was hired because... Gamergate.

Anyway, my husband and I disagree on the degree of suckitude of the art so I explained to him why Affirmative Action is one of the worst ideas on the very long list of bad Progressive ideas. Just under Social Security and Federal Income Tax.

Affirmative Action tells a person that they are not good enough, not smart enough to do something, so the government will tell the world that they have the right to do it, regardless of their ability or intelligence. Take college, for instance. You're black, and some counselor tells you that you don't have the grades of test scores to get into the college you want to go to, but the government tells them they have to take you to get their federal money for Pell and other grants. It doesn't matter that you don't have the intelligence, the work ethic or even the aptitude to major in whatever it is, all that matters is the color of your skin. You believe it and you get into that college. Wow! How great is that? Until you're kicked out because you're failing, don't go to class and spend most of your time playing video games with your dorm buddies.

Now what? You go home to your bad neighborhood and community that you were trying to get out of, and instead of going to junior college or trade school, you get into gangs and drugs. Why? Because that's a way you can make money and still play video games instead of being a wage slave and holding a real job and slowly working your way up the ladder. You know, like white people have to do.

This is what happens when you can't read yet are told you can do anything you want to... with government assistance. You are never encouraged to do anything on your own, think on your own or act without government permission. You are then put on welfare and your life is set on a path that the real racists want you to be on. Blandly sitting in front of a television where they will tell you what to do and what to think until November when your repayment to them is by voting straight Democrat ticket, then going back to your cud-chewing ways on their Ballot Cattle Plantation.

Nice, right?

You were educated in poorly run, derelict schools where you were told it was all about self-esteem and participation trophies, that you really didn't need to put forth any effort because you were owed because slavery/institutional racism/insert whatever buzzword fits.

The lesson you should learn is that you are owed nothing by any other person on this planet. Nobody owes you anything. Ever. The ONLY way to get ahead is by being smarter and faster than your closest competition. You have to fight and claw your way to dominating anything and anyone who tells you different has a bet on your opponent.

The biggest lie of Affirmative Action is that they were doing what was best for you. Was it best that your graduated from high school reading at a fourth grade level, were told you had a right to a college education when you had no qualifications that would indicate that you could stick it out so that you wound up going home a failure to a life of criminality or a drugged haze to deny your reality?

What amazes me is that more minorities don't rise up and turn on the proponents of this poisonous policy. My personal theory is that they don't want to admit their own complicity in how they got to where they are. They wanted to believe that they were in some way scamming the system, getting one over on the man, when in reality they were all fooling themselves and Karma doesn't really like that at all, so the lesson is harsh when it's dealt.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the first person to ever bring this subject to the notice it deserves, and I have been screaming this from the rooftops ever since. Affirmative Action is a lie told to blacks and other minorities to keep them quiet, keep them compliant and keep them voting for more Progressive policies while keeping them shut away on their ballot cattle plantations, only showing up around election years making promises they have no intention of keeping. They don't want the poor out of poverty. They don't want you to have healthcare to take care of you, they want it to have control over your life and hold your life or death in their hands because they honestly get off on it.

Why people buy into it is beyond me. Of course, my first response to anyone telling me I'm not smart enough or good enough to do something is to prove them wrong. But that requires self-awareness and introspection on a level that is not approved of in government run education.

Take the case of Talcum X, aka Shawn King, The Young Turks newest hire. Talcum X, a white man masquerading as a black man and founder of Black Lives Matter. This white boy stole a black man's position at an all black college. Does anyone within the Progressivesphere become outraged? Nope. He identifies as black and helps the black community, so he's untouchable. Really? how has he improved the black community? Name ONE WAY. One. I'll wait. I packed a lunch.

Name one way that Affirmative Action has helped any minority community other than white women who are NOT a minority. Title IX may not appear anywhere in your excuse or apologetics. Again, I packed a lunch. I can wait.

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