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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Burn the Boomers

I was watching this video by Stefan Molyneux. I don't know about anyone else, but I love it when Stef goes on a rant. It's better than watching Dennis Leary. He went off on Western Civilization being the cause of its own destruction by learning nothing from its past.

I am going to say something here that my long time readers already know, but will surprise anyone new who is hitting my blog. I hate Baby Boomers. I despise them, in fact. I so hate their parents that it's like a dragon holding back its fire when confronted with them. My hate for them is generational.

I was born in 1965, at the end of the boom. My parents were Boomers. You know full well my feelings there. A bunch of whining, grasping, grabby, self-entitled whiners I have never seen in any generation and rarely outside the toddler room of a day care center. They love the idea of ending poverty and educating everyone as long as they don't have to really put any effort into it. In other words, they are the ultimate virtue signalers.

The welfare state was their parents' bailiwick. Social Security, then Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, the Great Society of freakin' Johnson (may he rot in hell) have all had the effect of destroying the family and financially enslaving generations of the poor they wanted to help, all with your tax dollars, of course, not their OWN money. God forbid.

It was like checking off a list of wonderful things they were doing in their lifetime. Provide for the elderly who, like the grasshopper in the fable, never provided for the next day, much less retirement, so we don't have to save for our retirement. Provide for the poor because money makes everything better. Destroying the black family because, well, they're all racist aren't they, just refusing to acknowledge it is their biggest crime.

They embraced abortion and a sort of hedonism and were called the ME Generation. It was all about them. And they were forward thinking for everything but planning for when they couldn't work, if they ever did work. In the late 60s they figured that for real change they needed to convince everyone their way was the only way and they started in inner city schools because the burbs were just too uptight and conservative. They convinced inner city kids that welfare was their right to make up for the injustices of slavery. They convinced them to have children out of wedlock, that marriage and raising a family were old world and patriarchal. Black women needed to empower themselves by having out of wedlock children so they could get more welfare benefits and then their children could being having children as teens so as to bring more benefits into the household. This was when they weren't herding them into Planned Parenthood clinics to scrape away the mud they were carrying, according to Saint Margaret Sanger of the Abortion Mill.

Everything suddenly became a right to these former campus commies trying desperately to stay relevant in a world where the cracks in their face masks were becoming noticeable. The generation who thought they would fuck everyone forever had to come up with a gimmick and that gimmick was Government Healthcare, because seeing England's example, for some reason, did not make them decide that socialized medicine was a bad idea. Many of them, doctors themselves, knew they would stay in private practice to their moneyed friends whilst the young doctors would be slaves to their never-ending appetite for virtue signaling.

You know how I know all of my opinions here are right? Every single time, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Boomers start screeching we need to do something and tax Americans to do it, when we suggest they use their own money to show us how well it works, you never hear about it again. EVAR. Doubt me? Just look at the recent silencing of JK Rowling and George Clooney. They wanted to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian "refugees" into England and America. When it was pointed out that they owned houses they didn't even use and that perhaps they should put some up, and people even put up money to buy these economic refugees air fare to their houses, they belted up and never uttered another work. They love pontificating from their gated enclaves, not once giving a thought about anything else but how good they appear to their friends and the idiot public who follow them.

And that is the Baby Boomers in a nutshell.

They convinced my generation that we needed to go out and work, warehousing our children in indifferent day care centers. Our children grew up unable to cope, especially the millennials, because they never had real care from any adult around them. Now we reap the benefits of that lie with grown children who stand around screaming and crying about Starbucks being out of their favorite flavor cappuccino like a two year old in the middle of toddler room trying to get the attention of the indifferent minimum wage person who is supposed to be caring for them. They are at college and can't cope with an opinion they have not been taught to parrot back to their leftist instructors. They can't think, can't earn, and are thus relegated to being insignificant to the world around them because they can do nothing, but think they should be at the top of the ladder.

Boomers thought they would be young forever, live forever, fuck forever and didn't give a thought to tomorrow. They are two entire generations who can't cope with aging, haven't provided for their retirement and will be relegated as the last people to buy Alpo to eat with their dwindling Social Security payments. I've paid into that system since I was 16 and got my first paycheck. I will never see a dime of it. Sure, let the future pay for your retirement, Grandma. You have robbed your children and grandchildren so you could live as you wanted without a thought to the future, because your parents were so horrified by a World War they tried to shield you from any adversity. You got us civil rights and then ruined it with welfare, because you thought money was infinite.

Boomers are Utopians. They think that if they can just change people, the world will be perfect and no one will hate anyone and it will be wonderful with unicorns, kittens and cotton candy clouds. They just need to change people and this is where and why I hate them so much. The social engineering that we've had to stand back and watch since the 60's. For this alone I think they should all die horribly and go to the hell of Christopher Stasheff. If you've read Her Majesty's Wizard, you will understand the depths of my desire to punish every single one of the so-called do-gooders.

Let's see, what have we changed drastically since the 60s and the introduction of a welfare state? Well, more out of wedlock births, the death of the black family, and it's quickly happening in the Hispanic world, but at a slower rate. More minority males in prison because they've grown up with no man in their unstable, beast run households. Drug use in the minority community that makes the 70s heroin plague look like a walk in the park. We have had homosexuality, trans, and all that gender bull shit, crammed down our throats while they screamed at us that we HAD to accept it.

Here's the truth, idiots. No one really cares, they just don't want it shoved in their faces. They don't even want hetero pushed in their faces. So really, shut the fuck up and go back to finding more ways to steal your children and grandchildren's future.

Boomers are liars and thieves, so excellently represented by the Clintons. They are the ultimate that Boomers have to offer as to why they should all be immediately be shot and buried and immediately forgotten.

It feels good to get that poison out of my system. Hashtag not all Boomers fit this mold, but most do. We should hold them up as a lesson we teach children as what happens to lying thieves when they get caught at it. In a perfect world, they would already be building roads using prison labor to do so. You want to retire in style? Prepare for it like we've had to do because we've always known we could not rely on Social Security. We won't have Medicare, hopefully. Get rid of Medicare and Medicaid and open up the free market in medicine and you will see everyone has affordable healthcare without HMOs, PPOs or anything but indemnity health insurance.

So, next time you see a Boomer screaming about anything, punch them in the face, because they are all Nazis at heart, and if it's good enough for Nazis...

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