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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Somedays You Search For Meaning

And other days meaning finds you.

As a female born and raised at the end of the 20th century I have watched the hoopla surrounding Sarah Palin with curiosity and a ton of anger. But the laughs far outweigh the disgust. Today I experienced the perfect storm of clarity that made me understand what's going on concerning Sarah as never before.

Rush Limbaugh said on his show yesterday that he doesn't think Palin is a legitimate candidate or nominee because, and I quote, "Women hate her. Viscerally".

Today I figured it out, while munching on my burger and reading Ann Coulter's latest gigglefest.

Women, liberal, conservative, don't really hate Sarah Palin. They hate themselves. Sarah Palin is the mirror most dissatisfied women look at and hate the reflection because it tells them what they should be and tells them loudly that they aren't even trying. Palin is attractive, smart, successful in business and public office, and is wildly popular.

Just like a supermodel in Vogue magazine, average women hate her. Because she is everything they say they are, but aren't. They know it. We know it. And worse, they know WE know it.

Have you ever seen an attractive liberal female? Take your time. I'll make something to eat while you think about it.

Anything? No? You won't come up with one. The best they've got is Nancy Legosi, and let's face it, ain't nobody tapped that in a generation... or wants to. She's neither smart, nor attractive. Her family? Who knows if she really has one? All she cared about was acquiring power to progress the liberal agenda and once there refuses to be moved. Witness her death grip on Mjolnir when John Boehner took over.

If you stand Pelosi next to Palin, you know right away the liberals have already lost the race. Palin is fresh and sassy, and she gets far more right than Pelosi ever has. Even Debbie Wasserman Schultz, another dumber-than-a-bag-of-hair democrat, looks drab and very Ugly Jewish Girl next to Palin. It's a shame she couldn't use campaign funds to do something with that skin. Yikes.

Liberals look at Palin and know the dissatisfaction with their lives that they rarely admit to themselves. The type of woman that admires Palin is the woman who is secure in herself, loves herself and does not need the approbation of another person on this planet to validate her existence. She's more than a Volvo driving soccer mom, she rose above the PTA committees and girl scout cookie round ups. And she was damned good at it. She sits today as the most wildly popular, successful women our daughters will look at and hopefully emulate. Would you seriously want your daughter to emulate Nancy Legosi or Hillary Clinton? Think about it for a moment... I forgot my chips.

So the next time you want to just pop off and call someone stupid or deride their achievements, stop and ask yourself why. Are you doing it because they really are stupid, or are you doing it because they are wildly successful and their very presence on this planet is an affront to your mediocrity? Because I can tell you the very salient reasons I despise Nancy Legosi, Debbier Wasserman Schultz, Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton. I can tell you why I hate Obama and his Cronies with the heat of a thousand suns, and it has nothing to do with how they look or public gaffes. It has everything to do with their philosophy. I can name that philosophy and in this blog, weekly I spell out why I loathe their lack of logic and reason. It's got nothing to do with personality and everything to do with sanity.

So go ahead, hate away. But know why you hate, why you dislike and be ready to name it. I'd even prefer someone to say, "I hate her because she's everything I'm not" , and just pin it all down to envy.

Oooooo one of the Seven Deadlies!


Zalbar said...

I hate her because she is just plain stupid and ignorant. You can lump Ann Coulter in there with her as well. I'm not quite sure which is the bigger moron.

Do I know why? Yes, I do, because every time they open their stupid pie holes nothing but shit, and incorrect shit at that, comes out of it.

End of story.

p.s. wtf do looks have to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

You hate her? I'm betting you don't know her.

PDS. Palin Derangement Syndrome. Symptoms presenting: Potty mouth.

The left always call the right hateful. Yet everyone I have ever seen talking about hate has been one of those all-inclusive left wingers.

Severine said...

Zalbar, my brother from another mother, little of anything coming out of Palin's mouth is factually incorrect. I will take Andrew Breitbart's example and ask you, respectfully, to prove it. And by proof, I mean something with no emotion whatsoever in it, only facts.

Just FYI, Gawker, Salon, HuffPo, and many other left leaning bloggers have tried and failed this test. But I have faith in you.

Zalbar said...

Facts? Ok, facts...That means I don't want any quibbling or splitting hairs. Wrong is wrong.

1. Paul Revere warned the British.

Really? wow.

2. "And he needs to remember that what happened back then with the former communist USSR and their victory in that race to space, yes, they won, but they also incurred so much debt at the time that it resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union."

W....T....F...Evel Kenievel couldn't make that leap of logic.

3. The vice-president is in charge of the senate.

Excuse me, but if that is not a clear cut case of blatant ignorance, I'm not sure what else is. Even I know that's wrong and I'm not even an american. The only thing the vice-president does with the senate is split a tied vote. He is not in charge of anything.

4. "Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance."

Wildly wrong. Your pledge of allegiance wasn't even written until 1892. Complete off the cuff fabrication for the benefit of sounding good on camera.

5. The US Consitution is based on the bible.

More inaccuracy. "Jesus Christ," "Christianity," "Bible" and "God" don't ever appear in the actual Constitution. The constitution was hammered out by 55 people and had nothing whatsoever to do with the bible.

6.Kodiak island is the largest island in America. "As we work and sightsee on America's largest island, we'll get to view more majestic bears, so now is a good time to draw attention to the political equivalent of the species."


Zalbar said...

7. “Susan B. Anthony saw the fight for the rights of the unborn as part of the broader fight for women’s rights."

No, no she didn't, not ever.

8. "I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out."

The White House doesn't have a department of law.

9. "because it seems like here and in our last rally too -- other parts around this great Northwest -- here in New Hampshire you just get it."

Not only is she inventing new government departments, now she's rearranging geography.

10. "They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan."

Not content with rearranging national geography, let's go international.

11. "I have not, and I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I just gave you."

That's the problem, she's not thinking. Every vice-president in the last 32 years has met a head of state before taking office. Every single one.

12. Russia invaded a "smaller, democratic country unprovoked."

I guess Georgia attacking and killing russians isn't considered provocation. Where I grew up..."them's fightin' words"


I would honestly respect her a lot more if she openly just admitted her mistakes, and moved on. At least then you know you're dealing with someone that can learn.

What we see is someone that attempts to use subterfuge, and redirecting blame. This is hardly the sort of person I would want in any capacity of government.

To ANONYMOUS: Your reply is exactly the sort of problem with your country's two-party political system. It polarizes both the left and the right with both sides arguing and shouting over the other instead of coming to solutions and compromises in a reasoned civilized manner.

Everyone seems to forget that it is not an left versus. right. It is not an us versus them. Your constitution enshrines that everyone is equal, and everyone's voice and opinion is equally valid. The words and meaning of that historical document seem to have been forgotten by both parties as well as the media who's job it is to keep government honest.

I am not left, I am not right. I am someone that holds my own opinions, some of which would be considered leftist, and a lot of them that would be considered rightist. I prefer to form my own opinions and conclusions instead of having the kool-aid spoon-fed to me by a political party so I can do my part of cheering on the sidelines.

If it was up to me there would be no parties at all and everyone would run on their own merits.

Severine said...

Zal, I think I could have held back if you had not been so enumeratively wrong and Eastern Canadian about things you are unclear about, The US Constitution and US History. So, allow me, with the words of many scholars and elite in the field (liberals run to these guys like they are the mothership, so it must hurt when they have to admit she's right.)

1. Paul Revere DID warn the British. He was, on his Midnight Ride, captured by the British and he told them that they would not be able to hold Americans down because we had guns. He was a cocky little silversmith. You can look that up. I thought the Harvard history professor would actually throw up on TV when he had to admit she was right.

2. The Russian Space Race, the build up of their military and their attempt to capture any and every country they could to rob and stick under their boot led to the collapse of the Soviet Regime. It's also a fact you can look up just about anywhere that isn't Canadia.

3. The Vice-President is the President of the Senate and is, Constitutionally in charge of the Senate. It's spelled out in the enumerated powers of our Executive Branch. Again, you can look that up online.

4. Before we had a Pledge of Allegiance, Before we even had a National Anthem, groups of people gathered together would Sing Columbia, Jewel of the Ocean, for some odd reason. Pledging allegiance to our republic was adopted after Texas entered the Union and had both a pledge and anthem. We're trailblazers that way. And yes, our Forefathers would invoke The Deity at the beginning of every meeting. Dear God in Heaven, what will the Stanford set think?

5. The Constitution WAS based on the Bible and the Judeo-Christian beliefs held therein. Also, a very provable fact given all of the biographies written of Jefferson, Adams,Washington, Franklin, Payne, etc. Again, look it up before you speculate.

6. I refer you to this article... Talk about splitting hairs.

Severine said...

7. Susan B Anthony, and American woman, BTW, saw that men would run away from the fruits of their loins if ever given a chance and saw Abortion as an evil against women and children, not FOR them. Again, I encourage you to look it up.

8. They have a legal counsel office in the White House. So she didn't name it correctly. You didn't even know about Paul Revere, so how stupid does that make you?

9. Holy cats, Zal. Travel outside Eastern Canukia much? Or often? She's from the Northwest... you have a western part of your country, even if all you do is pay attention to it to rape it's resources and steal from it's producers so you can try to be French. (I warned you this would hurt)

10. She never said that.

11. I'm not even sure where you dredged this from, but I cannot find any reference source for it, so I'm going to call BS on this one too.

12. Russia started shelling Georgia first. As far as I'm concerned, both need to be spanked and sent to their rooms.

I admit, she's not always on target, but she's right far more often than any liberal can give her credit for. You have to discredit her because she is so beautiful, popular and smart. Just ask the NYT who are culling through 24,000 pages of email and have only found that she was an excellent executive for the State of Alaska.

Zalbar said...

Paul Revere did not ride through town ringing bells to warn the british that they would not be taking their guns. He was warning the militia that the british were coming. End...of...story.

Your "rebuttal" is exactly the hair-brained semantics that I said I didn't want to hear. A pile of excuses and revisionist history to explain away incorrect facts and incorrect history. This continues on with every excuse you dredge up to explain away the actions of someone who is just fundamentally wrong on every point I have brought up.

Quid pro quo, since we've descended into the realm of making personal attacks. Apparently you are part and parcel of the lunatic right that cannot see anything objectively and dispassionately when someone criticizes a member of your rabid pack. You are incapable of shutting off prejudices and seeing any other point of view but your own. If someone does not agree with you, then they are to be ostracized, berated and shut off in as denigrating fashion as possible.

When rhetoric isn't enough you have to resort to ad hominem attacks on me. That's fine, I know where you stand, and more importantly just what you are now.

I had thought better of you. Good day to you.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate her, but she still is not a serious candidate. Say what you will but she will always be a "Cheerleader" in my eyes

Mark Richter said...

What I see is a blatant dislike for someone and non-factual justification used on irrelevant topics to make a point.

When facts are made up or rhetoric expanded to the point of absurdity, it is used as a personal attack against the person and ignores the merits that they have accomplished.

PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is just that. No matter what good she does, people will attack the irrelevant topics to make her look bad.

Because she advocates for personal freedom and small government, those that depend on the government and drink the milk from it, hate her.

They want to force their own ideals and morals on the rest of us without so much as giving us the benefit of a reach around.

If they can't get people to 'see' it their way, they cry to the government to make some arbitrary law, wasting our tax dollars and time to fight against.

The oppression comes from people with such uncontrolled and abhorrent hate toward someone they cannot see the damage they are doing by uttering the falsehoods that sprout from their pie holes.

So she said Africa was a country..... and because of that, they call her an idiot. Most people don't effing care, (or knew the difference) because it matters little in the grand scheme of life.

Yet those that foam at the mouth with PDS, believe it is relevant when it is not.

I like my life free of people telling me 'what is good for me', and trying to force it down my throat.

How do you think they'd like it if my 11 1/2 inch, steel toed boot went up their ass, as a response added to "mind your own effing business"?