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Monday, January 16, 2017

Ruminations On A Civil Rights Failure

This past weekend, John Lewis of Selma fame, and Congress Critter from Georgia, thought to call President Elect Donald Trump's election win illegitimate. Now, I didn't vote for The Donald. I had my reservations that he would be anything more than Hillary in a Saville Row suit. So I wrote in a name of an unqualified person and left the rest of my ballot as I saw fit.

Now, as to the legitimacy question. Let's see the score card now, the CIA admits that they have no proof that Russians actually hacked anything. The FBI, ditto. They claim there is undisputed evidence that Russians "interfered" in our election process, i.e. Wikileaks publications, but again, can provide no proof. Putin denies giving Assange anything. Assange assures everyone he knows that he did not get his information on DNC emails from Russia. In fact, he got them from a DNC insider, Bernie supporter, who was disgusted by what he saw happening to his chosen candidate with full approval of Yenta Barbie, Donna Brazille and HRC herself. For people who have seen the archives that Assange demands when given digital data, they all know who it was and who continued that work after that person mysteriously died as people around HRC do.

So, John Lewis, noted liar, race huckster and Democrat Party shill thinks that Trump's win is not legitimate. Really? Interesting, that. Truly. In point of fact, it's FASCINATING.

Why? Because John Lewis is a known liar. In 2009 he accused people of calling him and Elijah Cummings the N-Word on the capital steps while they marched in , arm in arm with Nancy Legosi and Mjolnir to vote for Obamacare. Andrew Breitbart immediately offered $100K to anyone who could provide video proof of this happening. In the seven years since that incident, not one single person has stepped up to collect that from Andrew Breitbart or now, his estate. Not. One. Single. Person.

Proven Lie.

Now, the ONLY reason we know John Lewis, AT ALL, is because he got clubbed in the head in the Selma riots back in the Civil Rights days down South in Alabama. He's been dining out on that story for over fifty years. Here's is what I don't understand about John Lewis, everyone involved in his beating, in being set on by dogs, fire hosed, and jailed was all done at the hands of the Democrat Party with "Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever". Yeah, hate me because I paid attention in all of the American History classes I was forced to take compared to my one year of world history and world geography.

So, John Lewis decides to then go out and shill for the Party that saw him as nothing more than dirt under their feet, and now he seeks their protection as they try to virtue signal about how much they love minorities.

Sitting on this side of 50+ years of The Great Society, how's that worked for your people Mr. Lewis? Perhaps Trump was right and you need to go home and pay attention to what's going on in your streets. You're a worthless party hack who doesn't even realize he's been used for all of these years by people who really do see him as beneath him.

Illegitimate, indeed.

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