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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Parenting Fail!

I saw the meme above today and I laughed. I laughed until I sat up in my chair and stopped, and then said, "Oh!"

My reaction was due to realizing after the initial funny HA HA moment, was that those "parents" hadn't parented, they'd been the buddy, the pal, of their child. That is possibly the most wrong thing you can do to your child. Ever. On any level.

Children need love, they need boundaries, they need rules. In short, they need parents, not friends. They've got plenty of those at school.

I've told my children no, spanked them, put them in corners, sent them to their rooms until I could cool down, so they could cool down. I've removed every enjoyable object from their rooms. I've listened to my daughter sing her litany of hate to me from the corner, the only punishment that ever worked for her. I have four children, and discipline was geared towards what worked for them, not a one-size-fits-all mindset. My youngest daughter died every time we took her social life away. My boys absolutely hated being sent to their rooms that were devoid of toys, video games, comic books, but full of Mark Twain and other stories, I felt it was healthy for their souls to read.

I have four millennials, and yet, none of them act like the Precious Snowflakes running our college campi in this nation and in Europe. I think, I'm not sure, but one of them voted for Trump. So he says. I wrote in a name. The other voted Libertarian I think. (I'm more proud of that than anyone could know.)

They are all ashamed of their contemporaries. They are aghast and frankly. befuddled by their friends. Only two of them have gotten any college educating, the others worked their asses off at their respective jobs and are highly successful at what they do. But they look at people their age and they shake their heads. Most of their friends, frankly shake theirs as well. It's as if they witness these people, recognize that they are in that age group, but realize that is where any and all comparisons end. They are part of the millennial generation, but they are not of it. They simply don't have the bubble wrap, impenetrable barrier that these kids have wrapped around them, so sure they're right, and yet so wholly ignorant of just exactly how stupid they really are.

Last year when Safe Spaces were first thrown out there, my boys, who have both been to college groaned and said they wouldn't be going back anytime soon because of that BS. They hadn't fought for these little idiots to deny reality, they had fought for the Free Speech Zone known as the United States of America.

My daughters unmercifully mocked their peers. My sons rolled their eyes and asked my why I had to birth them during the Millennial phase. Like I had anything to do with that. None of my kids act like these brats do. Personally, if I looked at the TV and saw my kid, at college on my dime, acting like that? I'd go to the campus, find him, beat him in front of God and everybody, then drag him home and refuse to pay for anything more. He'd have to get a job and dig ditches until he's earned or learned enough to move on.

Perhaps many parents should be considering that option for their precious snowflakes.

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