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Sunday, November 13, 2016

On Tolerance

This is my love letter to Leftists after Donald Trump's victory last Tuesday. Beware, salty language follows.

Dear Leftists,

Hi, Take a break from your eternal butt-hurt, tantrum throwing, and just overall immaturity. Take a deep breath. Momma's gonna lay some truth down on you.

You suck. You really do. And nobody outside your bubbles likes or agrees with you. I think the election results clearly show that if we could legally shoot you into space without benefit of life support on a trajectory for the sun, we would. Like yesterday.

You have spent the past eight years calling me racist, homophobic, misogynistic (that one may well be true, but it's feminism's fault), Islamophobic (which isn't even a real thing), bigoted, Nazi, climate denier, hateful, violent and a whole bunch of other terms that you most likely failed to identify on your SAT.

In the past year I've seen you tell Black they are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID, refuse to defend gays that were shot by a maniac, self-hating Islamofascist at a nightclub, turn your back on women raped and groped by a former president, pour more hate and ire on to white males than any other demographic on this planet, and call yourselves Tolerant.

Tolerate this, Snowflake. When you tell anyone that they can't do anything without your largess, you are disenfranchising them and removing from them all moral agency. Tolerate the fact that each time you were given a trophy for showing up, a Kindergarten graduation party, you made your own hell that told you just being you was enough and you would never have to work for anything. And, I certainly hope that you can tolerate all the disapprobation and hate coming down the pike at you is your own fault. You caused this, not anyone else. All by yourself, too.

The backlash has already started at some colleges. They're removing free speech zones, seeing that, thanks to the pesky First Amendment you all hate so much, puts the whole of America as a Free Speech zone. The fact that you don't recognize your desire to shut down speech you don't like as fascist is amazing to me. Totalitarian much? Freakin' babies.

And please, recognize that your desire not to hear or see anything you disagree with played out within the mainstream media. New media wiped their butts all over the place election night because people are sick and tired of being lied to so that no one can harsh your sensibilities.

Your protests, demanding they put Hillary in office just because you don't like who won are possibly the most idiotic things I've ever seen. Your threats, your violence, your abject refusal to accept reality show that you clearly should not be allowed to vote until you can prove you have read and understand the Constitution, especially the section that explains the Electoral College and the Federalist Papers that explain why we do it that way. You stupid cunts. And, I mean that in the best possible way.

I watched my two year old granddaughter have a meltdown when she was told no by her mother. She cried, she screamed, she pitched a fit. My daughter ignored her, continued to deny her what she wanted, and in a few minutes she figured out she wasn't getting what she wanted and went on to what she could have. She settled.

Yes, a two year old can accept reality. A Twenty-two year old cannot. Your parents must be so proud. I can only imagine how proudly they display all of your participation trophies from your years of trying and failing at everything you ever attempted, because you really didn't need to try, you just needed to show up and stand around. Oh, wait, I get the protest thing now. You think you'll get a participation trophy for having voted even though your candidate lost. Well, bless your little hearts. Aren't you just a special kind of stupid.

Quit college, get a job picking up trash, digging ditches, scraping up dead animals off the road. Honestly, I still don't think you're qualified for those jobs and besides, you'd break a nail or get your hands dirty.

You are nothing more than spoiled, entitled brats whose parents should be ashamed for supporting you in any way whatsoever. Personally, if one of my kids acted like you I'd slap the crap out of them. But, none of them are like you. Why? Because we protested the participation trophy, we made them work hard for things they wanted and showed them practice will get you the real trophies. None of my kids has a college degree and yet they are light years more intelligent than any of your Precious Little Snowflakes. They understand how the process works and why this election was so important. You don't get it. You just want the assurance that someone will still be there to change your diaper and make sure you're tucked in at night.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. I know it's an unfamiliar word, and you really should look it up, then apply that emotion to yourself. You're a waste of resources as you are.

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