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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dancing Through the Aftermath

I am a political animal, but even I am relieved to have this electoral season over with. Hillary didn't win, and that;s all I was really asking for this year. I celebrate, I gloat a little and then I realize there is still so much more to be done before I can rest.

My son spent yesterday bathing in Liberal Tears. I spent the day feasting on Media broken dreams. I've worked too damned long to not enjoy the hell out of that. Watching their faces as they realized Trump had clinched it, while on camera... Well, it was priceless and worth everything I've worked for since the Bork nomination to the Supreme Court.

The one thing that I find hilarious is that the same people who were hating on Trump for refusing to concede the race in the third debate, are the same ones who are now mad at him for winning and thwarting all of their plans to gloat to all the right-wingers. The funniest response I read to all of this suddenly patriotic dissent was a joke headline about calming protestors by handing out participation trophies.

But it hit at a nerve. These millennials are all products of the participation trophy system where you get a parade just for showing up. They have never had to deal with loss, so being on the losing side of a presidential election throws them into tizzy territory where they just melt down like a four year old child being told no at the checkout. I seriously want to slap them. As a parent of grown children who are looking at their peers in horror, I want to strangle their parents.

They are tweeting death threats to Trump and most will be very horrified when the Secret Service shows up on their doorstep, or rather their parent's doorstep to have a serious talk to them about threatening a President or President Elect. No, they won't think it's a joke. However, I recommend chocolate chip cookies with the coffee you offer them. It worked well for the guys who showed up when I threatened to show up to W's ranch and aggressively negotiate with Cindy Sheehan, and the other guys who came when I suggested Eric Holder suck start a shotgun from Fast and Furious preferred snickerdoodles, but loved my chickory coffee.

My children are millennials and I can honestly say that if any of them were acting like the kids I'm seeing in news stories, I would hunt them down, then hurt them badly for acting like spoiled brats in full public view. I don't care how grown you are, I will kick your ass for not representing that you were raised better. None of my four children are acting like this and are, in fact, making fun of their peers who are acting like this. None of them have finished college. They all work, they are starting families and have something called responsibilities. I think my eldest was the only one to vote Trump, though. Like many, he voted for the lesser of two evils. I wrote in a candidate, then totally lied to the exit poller. I wanted to make sure the 2% margin was kept in our precinct so we wouldn't require a recount in the event the race was contested.

I'm enjoying my few days of dancing and then I'll get back to doing what I do to bring down the political media complex. I've spent today watching the reactions and things I didn't get to see Wednesday because I was concentrating on enjoying my grandchildren. I will enjoy them again tomorrow and get back to work writing. I'll keep busy and not have time to gloat too much. Mainly because I don't wan to.

I spent days moping over the first time Obama was elected and his re-election had me shell shocked. But I did not despair. I never give up hope. I do know I could not have borne more years of the same or worse than Obama. The country would not have survived, nor would Western Civilization. That's why there is so much work to do. We need to take back education. We MUST drain the swamp that is DC, term limits, repeal Obamacare, and set firm term limits, repeal the progressive amendments... the list is long because they've had over 100 years to ruin it while most of us turned a blind eye.

So, whichever side you're one, suck it up and get back to work. We've got 100 years of damage to try to clear up in four years.

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