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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Crossing The Rubicon

I've always liked the phrase, "crossing the Rubicon". Until a few years ago, I didn't fully understand what it meant other than in the context of what I heard or read. You can look it up here.

When Julius Caesar was returning from his wars in Gaul and Briton the Senate, fearing an overthrow of their power told him that he could not cross into Rome proper (South of the Rubicon) but must bide his time in Cisalpine (North of the Rubicon). Julius Caesar, knowing what he was about, crossed anyway and said, "alea iacta est" or "The die is cast". Indicating that this was no accident, no misunderstanding of orders, this was a conscious move on his part to take over Rome.

We've all had to read Julius Caesar in school, we all know what happened because of this decision, and how it set up the Empire for centuries to come. It took a long while for it to fully bloom, but bloom it did. And we must keep this in mind with our election just two days away.

We sit on our own sides of the Rubicon, waiting to see what happens, and then going with whatever side wins. That is most people. Be honest, most people are spineless. They go with the flow, live and let live, and all that moderate panty-waist crap they use to justify their actions.

I would rather effect change rather than sit around and let it happen around me. I've worked very hard to get us to today. Much of that stems from the fact that panty-waists are horrified by what's been going on in politics and media, but they can't be horrified enough to actually do anything about it.

It's a well known fact that most think I am a misanthrope and they would not be wrong. I despise most of the other humans on the planet with me, and see no reason for your continued existence. You all like to think that you would step up to do the right thing, yet, when presented with that choice, you mewl, whine and slink back under your rocks crying about how it's not up to you, that you can't decide these things. You want all the glory of living with none of the responsibility.

So we sit with a woman, on one side who is shown to be more horrific, more corrupt, more terrible than anyone since Pol Pot. Godwin's Law forgive me, but honestly, the last person this horrible was really Hitler, but I get the feeling that Hillary would make him look like a piker. She would eliminate her political enemies with the ruthlessness of Stalin. She is so foul that it looks like her Foundation was part of a ring that gathered up children in Haiti and sold them into slavery. No, there is actual proof of that, and her husband went to Haiti to defend them.

Sexual slavery or labor slavery, it's all the same despicable practice. The woman is a horror show of depravity and malice.

And yet, she has people defending her. People in politics and the media. I blame the media the worst. We would all like to think that all reporters are as brave as Woodward and Bernstein were in reporting the Watergate crap. But we forget that even Woodward and Bernstein are no longer as brave as Woodward and Bernstein were. They go to their elite cocktail, beltway parties, and dinners and forget they are supposed to report what they see. Yes, everyone has their own biases, their own prejudices, but reporters, as part of the 4th estate are sworn to report exactly what they see. Their ideology left at the door, their feels completely disregarded.  And yet, twits like Maggie Haberman, who should have known better, sold her soul to be part of the inner circle so she could get access to things we now know she should have never approached.

The thing that shocks me most about all of this is the total lack of self-awareness by everyone involved. They all have their hands out in their elitist circle jerk thinking that they've got the other guy rubbing one out for them, without ever thinking they're doing it for someone else.

Dear Fourth Estate, I hate all of you, without exception. You are what is wrong with us now because you refused to report what you saw and what was true. This all goes back to Reagan, and then your bias showed very clearly during the Bork and Clarence Thomas Senate hearings. Remember when you guys said you'd Bork him as well? So intellectually dishonest. Parasitic morons, that's all you are.

So, I sit on the side of the Rubicon I've been told not to be on. And I will be fighting as I always have. I will sit in the dark places I've had to dwell to find out what's truly going on because journalists were too busy trying to keep their dinner party invitations. I have had to view and describe the things I've seen. Hey, guess what? I managed to box away my feels while I did it, too. So I know it can be done.

I hate our press and the people who defend them for making me see things I cannot unsee, yet could not ignore, because it was freakin important to see it and report on what I saw, like it or not. I now have parts of my soul permanently rotted because I had to read some of the most boring shit ever just to glean one clue so I could move on to the next. With that said, there is nothing more boring than a committee meeting or the emails stemming from them. But, I did this because you wouldn't. I was reporting back to family in Europe about the mohammedan rapes all over because European journalists wouldn't or weren't allowed. I had to dig into places I never wanted to know existed. ALL BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T. I hope all of you rot in hell for this.

I'm sitting here, waiting for others to catch up to me so we can continue our fight to keep honesty flowing to the people of the world, not just the elites who use it to protect their seats of power and backroom dealings.

We'll see, Wednesday morning whether I continue fighting on, almost alone, with few allies, and fewer that I truly trust, or people join us in this war we've waged for decades because no one wanted to see or know what was right in front of them.

So, go vote, if you feel you should. If you can only spout party ideology or just want a vagina sitting in the oval office, it might be a better choice to stay home with your drool cup. Because this is our last chance. The last available opportunity we have at turning this shit show around before we go over the cliff and America is gone forever and we have no where free to go.

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