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Sunday, June 12, 2016

National Review Goes Full Retard

I woke up this morning to my son blocking me in the kitchen from making coffee, then I open up my news feed and find National Review had published this piece of sickening shit. Is Donald Trump Doing to Republicans What Zachary Taylor Did To The Whigs?

I can honestly tell you that my jaw dropped and outrage poured through my being with the heat of a thousand suns. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Gil Troy, an obvious non-historian and possible cretin, tries to make the case that Zachary Taylor was just like Trump and brought about the fall of the Whig Party in Antebellum America. So, let's deconstruct that the idiot, Gil Troy, is saying, shall we?

I will preface this by saying that I am depending entirely on my American History learned in public schools and colleges before Safe Spaces were a thing. I was in school before standardized testing and feel I was more knowledgeable coming out of fifth grade than most college graduates today. I cannot lean on my knowledge of my history major son, because he finds American history boring and would rather ruminate with dusty tomes of some Roman crossing the Rubicon than some ballsy American crossing the Delaware. If you don't understand either of those references, I highly recommend any American History book written before 1992 and Wikipedia Julius Caesar.

You see, in my house, we are all a bunch of history nuts and science geeks. We want to know the true history of things so that we may fully, and correctly understand our selves today. This is how it used to be.

I can see that Gil Troy must be of the recently educated set. Or just as stupid at history as he is in researching his articles for National Review. Because he obviously missed classes on how the Republican Party came into being. So, let me give you a little histoire, as they say in France.

The Whigs were much like the Republican Party is today. Doing ANYTHING to keep the peace with Democrats who loved slavery. Because, let's face it, when haven't they loved holding other people down? The Whigs COULD have passed several measures that would have ended slavery, yet did not because... Democrat feels. Democrats would have gotten mad and not liked them, so they basically just bent over when the Dems told them to and spread 'em wide, just like Republicans do today. However, the Whigs would demand lube. Do you see the GOP even asking for it? I don't.

So a new party started up, the Republican Party. The Whigs lost every election they were in after Zachary Taylor was eventually elected president. He was the last Whig to be elected to National Office. In that time Republicans began winning local and state elections, running on the abolitionist platform that the Whigs had ignored. Hey, remember, the cotton was cheap because the labor was free, right? North and South working together to keep men in chains. How fucking noble were the Whigs, right?

The biggest parallel between the Whigs then and the GOP now, is that both parties became mired in tradition and refused to moved into the future. In both cases, both parties were full of old, scared, white men, who simply could not move with the times. Seriously, can you see John McCain using a smart phone? Can you? Do we even need to speak of Hillary's inability to use two of them? Come on.

The Whigs chugged slowly along until 1856 when they were done, spent. They tried to become the Constitutional Union Party but that went nowhere because, as usual, they could not get out of their own Conservative inertia. Yes, Mister Troy, there is such a thing as too conservative. It's where you are paralyzed with fear at doing ANYTHING that changes the status quo because you cannot face change of any kind.

We are not asking for change, simply for the sake of change like the idiot Regressives. We want change because it is needed to preserve our way of life in so many ways. I wonder, if we went back and asked former Whigs why they voted Abe Lincoln into office what they would tell us? Would they tell us it was because a man stood and said he refused to let men suffer any longer under the yoke of slavery because other men were too afraid to let their opinions be heard? Would they say that it was time to change things because slavery is morally reprehensible and cannot be condoned by a moral and just government?

Because, let me be clear Mr. Troy, idiot extraordinaire, Democrats want us all enslaved under their power. They want to run our lives, tell us what to say, what to think, who we can talk to, compartmentalize us all into little warring tribes, because frankly, if we're fighting each other we cannot be fighting them, right?  You and your moronic pals at National Review are telling everyone who believes in you that they should just roll over and take that kick to the ribs. Well, with all respect due an idiot, fuck you.

If you think slavery doesn't exist in the Democrat agenda, I beg you to look at the results of the "Great Society" may LBJ burn in hell, hourly anally raped by a pineapple for that bit of shackling of the blacks in America. If you think the poor aren't enslaved by state welfare then I would posit that you are perhaps the most stupid person on the planet next to Elizabeth Warren.

Does the GOP do anything at all to fight it? No. They keep passing bills to increase welfare, enact Obamacare, and just pass it down to later generations to be fixed so they can keep their immediate seat of power. WELL IT'S TIME GENTLEMEN! It is time to get off your dead asses and DO SOMETHING! Do something decent for a change.

This is the problem with the National Review, they are what made Donald Trump possible, and they don't even recognize it. He is their creation. He is the reaction of people fed the fuck up with the dithering and lies. They want action and Trump promises it.

A man comes upon another man having his way with a woman in a ditch. They join up and the first man says, "You know that woman back there was dead?" The other man laughs and says, "Dead? I thought she was Republican."

Abraham Lincoln won the Republican Party nomination and the presidency and then won the Civil War, War of Northern Aggression, War Between the States, whatever you want to call it, but he ENDED slavery. He did something. I'm not sure what Trump will do, but I do know, if he dithers, if he does nothing but sit in that chair in the oval office and does nothing that he's promised, in four years we will have a brand new political party winning elections all over the US, and eventually the Presidency. And the National Review will not matter one iota in the minds of anyone forming that new party. Inertia, thou art NR.

Here endeth the lesson.

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