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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Liberal Idiocy

I woke up to find this picture staring me in my face this morning.

Now, call me crazy, but isn't this just as moronic and stupid as everything else Regressives suggest to solve any problem that makes them wet their pants?

I was so ready to get my mad on, even though I'm not really in the mood for it, so I read the comments and hit comedy gold. I am going to post those responses here because frankly, I want to laugh. I need to laugh.

Gun permit at 15 -- Full gun license at 16

 ability to take your gun anywhere in the Country at anytime

can buy any gun that you can afford

you can lease a gun, rent a gun, maybe have Uber, and in 15 minutes someone brings a gun to you.

If you accidentally hurt someone with your gun it isn't criminal issue it's an insurance issue.
If you accidentally kill someone with your gun it's still an insurance issue.

even when you're really, really old and shouldn't have a gun , no one in the family wants to tell you that and politicians don't want to take your gun away from you.

You can have as many accidents with your gun and no one will take away your license.

And you can own a gun right after you get out of jail.

People with autism, mentally challenged, felons - even the insane can all get drivers licenses... so why not a gun license?

No background check to buy a gun just like the car

Mentally handicapped people can operate a gun just like a car

And if the guy who shoots it doesn't have liability insurance you're covered under no-fault or uninsured shooter

Stores on every corner selling bullets out of vending machines -just like gas pumps.

Government Cash fo Klunkers! You can get money from the government for guns that don't work as an incentive to buy a new gun!

Bail out money for gun companies to keep them in business

If someone steals your gun-no big deal...the cops show up an hour later, some disinterested cop writes a report, tells you you may or may not get it back, we really don't have time to look for your gun, I hope you had insurance, have a nice day.

Of course, Regressives are going to sputter and try to say "That's not what we mean!" as they always do (go look it up, whenever we point out the dangers or stupidity of their policies they say that's not what they mean and they have control of it. One thing though, we're always right. If you want to argue that point I will ask that you please look up all of the illegals currently on Medicaid through Thank you for your education.)

No, we know what you mean, what you want, but do you? Liberals? Regressives? Infantile whining maggots? I don't think you do.

Do you know what I fully expect? I fully expect by end of business today the Libtards will have embraced the Orlando shooter because he was a self-hating gay. Mark my words.

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