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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So, About Those DNC Delegates...

The DNC was this week and frankly I watched because I always watch the opposition and because I have morbid curiosity the same as everyone else. And then on the first night, the youngest and oldest delegates came out on stage to say the pledge (which they got wrong). I wasn't proud to see a 17 year old Texas girl on stage, I was more in a state of shock. Not because she was Hispanic? WTF does that mean in these days of obviously rigged elections and no one doing a damned thing about it?

No, I was in shock because the girl was 17 and would have her 18th birthday just a few short days before the November elections when she would legally be able to vote. Let that sink in a moment. For those of you who know the party ways, she cannot vote until November when she turns 18 IN TEXAS. I have been attempting to find the DNC rules on how their process works, but the fact remains, a young girl who cannot yet vote was allowed to go to Philadelphia and be a Bernie delegate despite the fact that she cannot legally vote yet. Was not allowed to vote in the Texas primary because you have to be 18 to vote in the primary, for both parties. It's a state law. It doesn't matter that you will be of age to vote by the time the general rolls around, you cannot vote in Texas unless you are 18 years of age, period. In any election, period.

I began nosing around and there are stories galore about Clarissa Rodriguez, 17 year old high school student. In this article the writer never once addresses how she's there at all, not being able to vote and all. In fact, Torey van Oot doesn't even touch on the age thing and fawns all over the young girl. She doesn't ask where she's from, about her parents. It was all "OMG! I can't believe we're both here, girl! Bernie? I know, right?" If Ms. van Oot knew a damned thing about reporting, and let's face it, Refinery 29 is not exactly a journalistic power house, she would have asked Clarissa how she really got to be there.

Okay, so now we get into the boring weeds about rules for parties, primaries and how delegates are chosen in Texas. For both parties you must be 18 at the time of the election to vote in a primary. You must vote in the primary to attend the primary convention, and the county convention where you can nominate yourself to be a delegate to the state convention. Happens every 2 years. I've been a precinct chair and nominated to the State Convention so I know how this all works. Each county has a number they have to send to the convention and it's rare all of those seats are filled. I know, because I didn't go this year. I had a medical procedure done that day, and could have easily gone in late, but frankly, I couldn't be arsed by that point.

Delegates are chosen BEFORE the primary election. Did you know that? So Clarissa would have had to be made a delegate about a year or two ago. Think about that. She would have been 15 or 16 then. Are you still with me? Before she was even aware of Bernie Sanders she was made a delegate. I don't know how it goes in the DNC but the GOP delegate position it's all the Aristocracy of Pull. I wouldn't participate in that game.

I have tried reaching out to the folks I know in the DNC here in Texas for clarification. I've had a friend also trying to help me with this, just so we could get a clarification on the DNC rules at the State Convention level, but all we received was an angry response. So I've reached out to journalists here in Texas who cover the political happenings. I've not heard from any of them, and I would opine that most of them are busy with the DNC.

I'll keep you posted.

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