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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Libertarians, Speak Up!

Well, the Primary Season is nearly over (Thank God, amiright?) and it's getting closer to convention time. The Libertarians held their convention last week in Dubuque or someplace equally forgettable and it's looking like Gary Johnson just may be their man. I like Gary. He was a great governor of New Mexico. Do I think he'll make a great president? Meh-ayyyyy-be?

See, that's the problem with Libertarians. They're complete Monets. They look great from afar, and don't make any sense once they open their yaps. I love Libertarianism, in theory. I would love to join the Libertarian party if it wasn't for... Libertarians. The Granola Party, full of nuts and flakes. Oh, and the idiot Anarchists who are just about as retarded as any Regressive out marching for the Gay Nazis.

If they could have gotten their shit together (which ain't ever gonna happen because sleeping in is a virtue to these folks, slacking comes in at a close second), they could have completely derailed this election early on and decimated both Vanilla Parties. Decimate? Utterly destroy. I don't want their numbers reduced, I want it stamped out and hung up in effigy as a lesson to other would-be twaddlers.

The thing is, there is no difference, now, between Democrats or Republicans. This would have been the year to stand up and say, "Oh, hey Libertarians are different!" but they didn't say it. They mewled it like frightened kittens behind an alley dumpster. They always do this, and then they run, crying, that no one really knows them or what they're about.

For fuck sake, people, ROAR your damned message! If it's that great of a message, SCREAM it just as loudly, if not louder than the freakin' mommas boys at Mizzou. Nope, the Libertarians posted brave things on Twitter and Facebook, then went back to their meek, non-aggressive lives, complaining about how if people just looked at Libertarianism, they'd convert. You idiots are the worst evangelists for your message, ever.

I'm not talking militant. Jesus, you lazy fucks can barely get to class or work on time. And, let me add this, in bold, YOU DO A DISSERVICE TO EVERY SINGLE OTHER LIBERTARIAN OUT THERE WORKING HARD TO GET LIBERTARIAN POLICIES PASSED IN EVERY STATE IN OUR UNION. People like Mary Elizabeth Climer Chastain who writes for several online publications. Or, what about Michelle Ray, who has been fighting the good Libertarian fight for years, online and offline. Libertarians are not all Jesse Ventura nut cases. Most are hard working folks who just want to be left the fuck alone to live their lives in peace and happiness.  They want government to fit back inside the box it came in.

If the Libertarian Party would be willing to cull the fringe pot-smoking, anarchists from the herd, then perhaps people might take them seriously. But you cannot have a serious candidate like Austin Peterson up on stage with a conspiracy theorists who pulls prison data out of his ass for drug crimes and nothing else. You need to define who you are and who you are not.

If I had a dime for every person I've talked to in the past year who told me they wanted to go Libertarian if not for the granola factor, well, let's just say Bernie would be after my ass to steal it all. People in this country want an alternative to the Regressive Left and RINOs, and the Libertarian Party did not give much of an effort to win them over. You have to be every bit as willing to go out there and shout your superior message as the idiots in the two conventional parties. But, you're not. You have a few who might state, in a very firm tone of voice, how great the Libertarian Party is, but no one is out there singing your virtues. But you've got every swinging dick in either party speaking eloquently and loudly about your vices. They drown out the whispers of the brave folks who do speak out for you. You are letting THEM define YOU. Go out there and define your self.

Libertarians are seen as weak, even by the pantywaists in the Left contingent of manginas. They're seen as loons by the people who think they are Conservative but are actually just mealy mouthed, scared old white men, pissing themselves when a camera is swung their way. You MUST, and I mean this sincerely, you MUST stand up and be willing to shout down your detractors using logic and reason, not the "feels" method of what is now passing for debate. You must make your message clear, concise, and so logical that it cannot be refuted, even by the idiot feels crowd.

I love the Libertarian Party and I have since I was in high school, back in the Stone Age, however, I've been forced to vote GOP because they could win elections, because they had a platform they could not be shoved off of. It's time, they can now be shoved into obscurity as they did the Whig Party back in the 1850s over abolition. They didn't win their first bid, but then they got Abe Lincoln into office and he won the fight for abolition. Ten years. It took ten years to start the party and get it elected into national office, and the highest office.

They made sure they were heard. People wanted abolition so they listened. People, today, want freedom, and the Libertarians are the best people to voice that message. Now speak the fuck up!

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