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Monday, May 09, 2016

A Letter To My Readers

I have changed the name on my blog because, I will be using the Sev blog for my books, exclusively. And, more than likely, will stop using Blogspot entirely for my literary blogging. Most people came here for my political stuff at any rate, so it's not a huge upheaval.

It's kind of tough to do during a Presidential Election cycle, but it's become necessary to keep my political stuff separate from my writing stuff. I'll still be posting here, about as often as ever, especially with everything going on in the electoral world. Sorry, I took a moment to wonder as I just spelled out expecially for some weird reason. I stand in awe of my ability to make grand typos.

I am, right now, just watching the farce, and frankly, finding pure comedy gold in the hypocrisy exhibited by all involved. I had something come up so I cannot attend the State GOP Convention as I'd planned, but it really doesn't matter now anyway. Texas' guy pulled out like a teen-aged boy on Prom night. So all we do now it wait for the National Convention to see who Trump picks as running mate. I'll admit, as I go over his most likely choices, I rub my hands together with glee in between polishing up the scope on my .270.

I won't go into the possibilities because it's all just mental masturbation at this point, but I can tell you this much, who he picks determines whether or not I vote GOP or whether I go Libertarian, and Gary Johnson's looking better with each passing day. If that party could just get rid of the nuts and flakes, it would be a serious political contender.

This nation cannot handle four more years of regressive policies. We must not let them get the House or the Senate, much less the presidency. The thing that gets me is that regressives cannot look beyond the right now to see how harmful their policies are down the line. Generational Welfare is a scandal. The fact that we warehouse these people in Projects and Section 8 housing is a sin that would send most people to hell, which is paved with their good intentions. I want to bitch slap the lot of them for being so unforgivably stupid.

Hillary needs to go down faster than a hooker during Fleet Week on Nickel Night. She's shown herself to be completely untrustworthy and the fact that they refuse to admit what is yelling at them in the face in between the cackles of a aged crone, is the most telling. They refuse to see the harm they have done to the entire country.

Doubt me? Did we have safe spaces for college kids when Barry took office? Could we afford health care and health insurance, which are two totally different things, when Barry took office? Race relations were better when that Post-Racial retard took office. They have made everything, across the board, WORSE THAN BEFORE.

Why? Because regressives realized, during the Bush years and wars, that nobody gave a flying fuck on a rolling donut about them or their politics, so once again, they start with the racial divide that simply no longer existed. They have had to gin up this outrage so their life can have meaning.

My life has meaning you retarded fucks. I don't need your damned fear at aging to make me take notice. So stop it. Just stop it now.

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