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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Don't Like You. We Really Don't Like You

I watched today's Trump presser only because I'd been forewarned that it would be worth my while. I adore my source just for this gem alone. I found the presser over at Mediaite who played their feed from the moment they set up, until Trump left the building. The BEST part of the whole thing was listening to the press that forgot they were standing around a hot mike, despite the six, count them SIX, checks they did on this very same mike.

You hear reporters laughing about Hillary hiring people to pretend they were vets to form picket lines in front of Trump Tower. You hear them reciting lies they tell in the paper and on the air about Conservatives. It's appalling to listen to them laugh about spreading lies, like it's a new virtue. They recorded twenty one minutes of this before Trump too the stage.

Then it began and Trump went down the list of his contributions to Veteran's Programs and you want to know what my take away from it was? Reporters don't understand what vetting is. I know, shocker. The stupid, mouth-breathing, fucks standing around, turning in circles at this press conference couldn't understand WHY Trump would want to check out the people he was giving money to as a charitable concern. Suddenly Planned Parenthood and United Way made sense to me.

And the icing on the cake was him calling an ABC reporter a sleaze. He mentioned, several times, that political reporters were dishonest weasels. I was happy, I clapped my hands, I was in raptures. I've been waiting for this since 1988 and first Bush presidency.

The media is shocked. Shocked I tell you, to find out that most of America agrees with Trump. Gasps were heard at the presser the first time he said it, then cries of outrage. How could Donald Trump, a rich person running for the highest office in the land, in the wrong party, possibly think the Fourth Estate was anything but the second coming of Jesus? How dare he?!

And, just as quickly, CNN buried that their reporter was labeled a dishonest weasel by Trump, to decrying how anyone could think they were anything but honest. Dear CNN, this is what happens when you throw a Pity Party and no one comes.  You're pathetic. Everyone knows you're pathetic and now Trump has committed the social proof of saying it on TV and now others will say, "Hey, he did it, it must be OK!" and say pretty much the same thing about you. Did you think that we wouldn't use Alinksi's tools right back at you and much more effectively? You're stupid rubes and Trump pointed out your stupidity in broad daylight in front of God and everyone.

What is laughable is that you all congregated thinking this was going to be a great big "Gotcha!" to his campaign, because that's what DNC operatives told you it was going to be after they hired the people to pose as vets. So you come in, all smug, laughing at the poser vets outside (yes, that was caught on an open mike), and how you're going to skewer Trump on the non-existent money to vet organizations (again, caught on an open mike, you idiots.) and he walked in with a list of the monies released, and one check left to go out because he was vetting the organization, and you're caught flat-footed because you were busy looking up the word vetted and got caught up in pictures of dogs getting a check up.

Now, I will let you in on the worst kept secret in America, you buffoons. Almost everyone in America hates you. It's true. You report stories you know are false (Rolling Stone UVA Rape Frat story), you make shit up to cover for your favorites or just flat out don't report on it so you think it's not out there at all (Hillary, Benghazi for example). You think that by hiding things you keep people from knowing about them because you're so fucking stupid you constantly forget about the New Media, the internet. People don't read the papers. We haven't trusted them for decades. We don't watch the MSM and you can blame Connie Chung and Dan Rather for that shit, not to mention Katei Couric with her "selectively" edited gun control idiocy.  You all lie and we know it, but no one, until Andrew Breitbart was willing to call you on it.

Also, to paraphrase Gandalf, you so fucking want to be fooled. You crave someone pulling the wool over your eyes as long as it contributes to your confirmation bias, you don't give a shit. To go completely Lora Leigh on you, you are panting for someone to bend you over the table and ram it up your tailpipe, and the lube is optional. You're so willing to lie to the public, that you believe whatever lies someone else tells you. You don't care as long as it brings you notoriety. You're like the Lily Allen song, The Fear. You will take your clothes off, and yes, it will be shameless, because everyone knows that's how you get famous. You don't care how you get there. Any type of attention is good because you're all shameless attention whores who stick yourself into the story. (Michelle Fields, please stand and take a pointless bow.)

OK, now that I've got the cultural reference paragraph finished, we can continue with excoriating the press.

You shouldn't be surprised that people hate you. People hate liars and that's all you are. I judge the press hundreds of times a day while trying to vet any one story on an MSM site. Let me tell you, it's ain't easy finding the truth. You all exist in a huge echo chamber, circle jerking while desperately hiding from the truth you lie about hourly.  You don't give a shit about anything so honorable as the public's right to know. If you did Peter Schweitzer would be given a medal and you'd stop providing cover for the Clintons. You're nothing more than court jesters, distracting the other morons around you from doing your jobs, until you're all nothing but distractions to one another and the only people reporting the truth are pilloried by you and your ilk as fringe and conspiracy theorists.

You cover up Bill Clinton's sexual assaults (We're up to about 40 so far, right? The non-consensual ones). You covered up Benghazi, Hillary's illegal email server, and completely ignored any vetting of Barry Sortero. You know the guy who calls himself Barack Obama? That guy.

The long and short of it is thus, we hate you because you lie, But, also because you suck at your jobs. The world needs ditch diggers, too, and I see no reason that so-called journalists are above that sort of manual labor.

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