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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stop Being Afraid!

I've come to the end of my patience.  I have had it up to my teeth with the whining, crying, tantrum throwing left of this nation. Because, and let me be blunt here, it's not just the Left any longer. The RNC has quickly hopped on the "But, I'm a Victim, Too!" bandwagon.

I'm sick of the college students who are such delicate little snowflakes that they can't even bear to see a word written in chalk on their college campus. Suck it UP, Buttercup. Because, since your parents obviously couldn't parent, I will feel it incumbent upon me to become your momma and slap you into next week as you so richly deserve. I'll just tell the police that I self-identified as your momma and therefore had the right to lay the smack down on yours stupid, empty, useless skull. Use your ignorant head for something other than a place to hang your hipster horn rimmed glasses. Fucking Posers.

I can't get a job with my major in Elizabethan Couplets that will pay off my student loans because I spent 9 years getting said degree because I didn't want to work at a real job! Wah. Fucking baby.

Someone said a word that makes me feel insecure because I'm an ignorant git who got through school on perfect attendance. Wah. Fucking Baby.

You're socially appropriating because you listen to rap! Well then give me back my blue jeans. Wah, fucking baby.

I'm too afraid to listen to difference of view, dissent or logic or reason, I need a safe space where reality doesn't follow me. Find a home on a Dyson Sphere you moron. Wah! Fucking baby.

I can't understand the logic you're using to win the argument so I'll just shout random bullshit until you give up. *Punch* Fucking baby.

Poor little indoctrinated babies. Can't handle reality at all. You want a free education, because you realize at some level of your obviously limited understanding that you will never be able to work more than an entry level job. Yes, you may know all the talking points of 2nd Wave Feminism, but you also need to learn, "Would you like fries with that?" because you will be saying it for the rest of your useless life.

Let me lay some science on you. The Universe is really, really old. As in, existed before your useless carcass was spat on this earth to begin your whining and moaning about what a delicate freaking flower you are. IT OWES YOU NOTHING. And no one else in the universe owes you shit. Not a fucking thing.

In fact, I am of the opinion that I should be allowed to walk up to your parents, daily, if not hourly, and slap them for having raised such a useless waste of skin. So, while you scream about war and weapons and military spending, just remember this, you feckless git, nobody cares. Not me, not the guy standing next to you in line for the ladies room. NO ONE. And your parents care even less than we do because they couldn't be arsed to raise you to be a decent human being who was willing to work their way up, pay their dues. No, you are the eternal baby bird, constantly squawking for mommy to drop your food into your mouth because you're too fucking stupid AND lazy to feed yourself.

So, let me give you some advice you Social Justice Warrior, you. The universe doesn't give a shit about your unearned moral superiority. Neither do employers. They literally don't give a flying fuck on a rolling donut that it took you 6 years to get a bachelors degree in political science because you were too busy SJWing. An employer is going to take one look at that and figure you're too busy to work for him and just never call you back.

This all stems from fear. Fear of being called racist, or being accused of hating the poor, the old, fill in whatever buzzword is popular at the moment. Stop it! I'm not afraid of being called a racist. Why? Because I know I'm not. You know why you're afraid of it? Because you know it's true. Call me anything you like, but be careful, because I will make you back it up with objective proof. No feels involved here motherfucker, you have to back your ass up in the real world.

Especially in a real world where people are so fed up that they will lash out because they're sick of it. They're sick of precious little snowflakes such as yourself mewling and whining about how put upon you are. Useless sacks of shit have more use in the universe than you do. At least they can fertilize. You are completely worthless to anyone or anything until you die and feed the trees. But, as for that skin thing? I really wasn't kidding. There are burned kids that could use your skin, so be sure to donate it all before you jump into the despair you're always pretending you're in.

Maybe they'll open up full-service service stations again and you can fill the tank of my car. I'm sure those 6 years in college prepared you to be bored in life.

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