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Saturday, March 05, 2016

So, That Happened

We held our precinct conventions in my county today. It was different from years past when we held them as soon as the polls closed the night of the primary. This year we did it four days after in a middle school lunch room. Last primary There were two people from my precinct, we both went on to the county convention, but couldn't make the State Convention, where the rancid sausage is made within the GOP. It was a non-General Election convention so nobody cared and it was all posturing and positioning for the elections this year. Am I right, Ralph Patterson.

Old Ralphie boy gave up his chairmanship of the GOP to run for Congress and set up his boy Jeb to hold the place for him. Ralph lost by the hugest numbers yet seen in our county politics, and his boy Jeb was not far behind. But, Ralph, trouper that he is, showed up to the Precinct Convention meeting and greeting like he was still a candidate or, dare I say it, County GOP Chairman? Frankly it was quite embarrassing as he was snubbed by even me. Frankly, who the f$ck am I? The world loves a winner, Ralph.

I got to meet two new folks that had not been through the convention combine process yet. You could almost hear the whispers of the blue hairs in the cafeteria saying, "Fresh Meat!New Ideas! Let's kill it!" These two folks are people like many across America who are saying, "Fuck this shit, I've had enough, I'm getting involved." And they're actually doing it. You know me, I'd only decided to get involved on the local level after Barry's last election win. However, the process disgusted me to such a degree I wasn't sure I'd return for another go. It's meeting folks just like these that remind me I made the decision for a reason.

It was very nice to meet them, these political tyros and see how they were coming at it. Every time I talk to a newbie I get recharged. Seriously, I rub my hands together, ready to dive into the viper pit that is politics. Some are called to fight, some aren't. I have no problem with those who don't wish to get their hands dirty, I just have a problem when they want to run things without getting their hands dirty. If you're gonna make the pie, you're gonna get flour on ya, as I like to say.

Now, my regular readers know that I have no problem rubbing anyone's nose in their wrong doing. I train dogs, so DUH! When it comes to the GOP I distinctly remember begging for McCain not to be nominated, and then holding my nose as Romney became "the guy". I'm done, I am so over of "the lesser of two evils" ballot choices. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I refuse to ignore it any longer. See, note my use of language here. I didn't say couldn't. The verbiage I utilized indicates that I will not ignore it any longer. Aristotle said the best way to win an argument was to know language. English is not my first, but it is my most well known. I still get hung up on your weird verb conjugations and subjunctive tense, but I think it's a wash in my brilliant usage.

And people wonder why I love my work with hard case dogs, theirs is a very limited but exact language. No false signs from canines.

History teaches me that new parties can and have come along. The Whig party was voted into extinction over abolition. Long Live the Republican Party that then elected Lincoln who helmed this country through the awful was of Northern Aggression. Civil War? Whatever.

So, when I said in May, 2 years ago, that the GOP was dead, regardless of who won this year's General Election, I wasn't being hyperbolic, I was being prescient. The curtain has been flung back and the populace witnessed perhaps the most craven act of bending over and asking for it with no lube than Mitt Romney's disgusting facial spewing this week. STFU already Mitt. I won't elect you this year for the same reasons I wouldn't vote for you four years ago. You're a coward hiding behind a smile of civility while you find a way to stab us all in the back with your unwillingness to stand up and be a man. I don't mean in the testosterone sense, since you showed in the 4th Presidential Debate in 2012 that you have none. I mean as a human being. I know, it's a stretch.

So keep flying over me. Keep referring to me as a stupid, backwoods, hillbilly, redneck, racism, Nazi, Islamophobe and homophobe. And each time you do it, as in the past, I will make you BACK YOUR ASS UP. I will never say anything behind someone's back. I'm quite open in my likes and dislikes. Life's too short to remember what lies I told, so I tend to tell the truth so I can fill up my head with things like science, crime statistics, and how many pages are in the US Tax Code. I know, ouch, right?

So I will consider this my official "Bring It" challenge. And what's sad, it's not from the opposite side. It's from my own party. This is going to be more fun than that pizza party in high school where we made the most offensive pep rally posters ever not seen at a pep rally.  So I will just leave you with this:

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