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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Dear Mitt Romney and GOP

I listened to Mitt Romney’s speech this morning and I will admit, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. So, this is an open letter to Mitt Romney and the GOP.

Dear Morons,

With all due respect to non-political morons, I will have to admit, this morning’s propaganda was a bit of bitter in my day. First off, let me just say that having Romney pull this was the dumbest idea, on a long list of GOP bad ideas.

Do you want to know what thought was screaming through my mind while I listened to the drivel Romney was spewing out of his face? I am in HELL. Consigned there by YOU because you couldn’t take a tough stand against Barry O 4 years ago. But now, you can take a fellow member of your own party to the mat? That tells me everything I’ve known for years. You’re dead, you just don’t know it yet.

At State primaries two years ago, I made the observation, at my County Convention, that regardless of who wins in 2016, the GOP is dead. And this time, they will know for sure. All your tantrum throwing and blatant refusal to see yourselves as the problem is why voters are so pissed off that Trump looks good to them. Why? Because the GOP is nothing more the Democrat Lite.

Just so you don’t seem as stupid as we all know you to be, Trump is not my guy, was never going to be my guy. He has all the resolve of a Trump Tower of Jell-O. No, my vote was never going to go for Trump, but your tactics, within your own party mind you, will force me to vote for him when he becomes he nominee this summer. And, trust me on this, your idiocy in not supporting Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina will make sure that Trump is your nominee.

But, be forewarned, you are OVER once Trump becomes head of the GOP, for the president is the head of his party, right? What will get you there? Your shortsighted, ass-covering, padding of your own importance and bank accounts will get you there, because you think holding the status quo will keep you in your perceived power. And let me outline what several people who can influence a weak mind, like Trump has, will do.

1.       Term limits. For everyone. Once you have an expiration date on your ass sitting in that chair, no one cares about you or padding your pockets. No more two term multi-millionaires.

2.       Repeal of Obamacare. I think privatization and buying insurance across state lines is a good thing.
3.       Repeal of the 17th Amendment, perhaps many of the so-called “progressive” amendments. Perhaps you can see the wisdom in this. There is actually already a huge groundswell of grass-roots support for it. You have no idea because it’s all in fly-over country where people you don’t know anything about exist when you let them.
4.       Once lobbying is useless in DC, then I guess the economy of that town falls and everything with it, and then no one will want to hang out or live there. Which is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they made it a district and not a welfare office, which is all it is now.
5.       Oh, and for those golden parachutes every one termer is looking forward to, nope. Get a Roth, 401K or IRA like the rest of us have to do because Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme about to be toppled by its own weight.

So, you see, it’s really not that difficult to realize that YOU’RE the problem. Not Donald Trump, not grass roots, and not the TEA Party. You made each and every one of them. You only have yourselves to blame. See you on the golf course!

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