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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Krauthammer Has Come Down

On March 18, 2016, even the Arch-Liche himself, Charles Krauthammer, could see how the land lay for the 2016 primary season. He predicts that Trump will prevail. However, he does point out, quite accurately, even today, that Cruz is still in this race and Trump will have to beat him to win it, and that's not a sure thing. That makes me happy, because my guy is still in it. It's why I don't pick a guy until I go into the booth. I give them every chance in the world to screw up. Sadly, most do it after I've pulled the lever.

So, in my attempt to stave off writer's block, and write something every day, I am here to discuss why this is.

Last Saturday I attended my County GOP Convention where I was slapped in the face by more than a few Establishment GOP Ass Coverers. I'll tell you this much, they're not bothering to even hide their absolute hatred of the new guys coming up and getting involved who want no part of their nest-padding, protectionist bullshit. It was best illustrated when my fellow precinct member stood up and spoke out against a new rule they wanted to send up to the State level that only State level GOP members got to pick all leadership position like precinct chairman, etc.,. I have never even met my precinct chairman at ANY of the conventions or meetings we have. This sort of patronage BS is expected within the Democrat party where eveyrone is hanging on to everybody else's coattails. This rule was attempted to be pushed through without even being read, but, once again, the new, snot-nosed upstarts bogged down the works.

A particularly snotty, older lady got up to tell us all our place and where we belong within "their" party. She openly sneered at my fellow precinct fellow. She lost. She lost quite handily when we had to have an open vote and vote our strength. The number of people who didn't want this rule once it was spelled out in it's obscene ideals, no one really wanted it. It went down faster than a hooker on Nickle Night.

People just like that old, bitter, dried up hag are exactly what is wrong with the party, and the fact that she could not see that SHE'S the problem, not us is what has killed the GOP in the past 8 years. I despise one phrase almost as much as the Marxist "From each according to ability to each according to his need" and that phrase is "But, we've always done it this way." If I ran this rock, merely thinking that phrase would land you a severe beating and time in the stocks with tons of rotten fruit handed out to everyone you know.

You may have done it that way before, Gramma, but it's time to change up and step into the 21st Century. I'm pretty sure that old besom supported Mitt Romney whole-heartedly and wrote his name on her doodle pad with hearts all around it. Strap in, Granny, listen to what we're saying: WE'RE NOT DOING IT YOUR WAY ANY LONGER. IT'S NOT WORKING!

Did you catch that? Do I need to repeat myself? Did I stutter?  Good. Then you understand no amount of whining, caterwauling or fit throwing will get you the results you desire. None whatsoever. So, in your own words to me over the years. Go, sit down, shut up and listen to what I'm telling you. We are NOT doing it your way, because it doesn't work. And no amount of tantrum throwing will achieve your goals. We're trying our damnedest to make this a fair game and no, it's not the only one in town. Because of stupid, scared old fools just like you, the GOP is dead and merely standing due to inertia, but there are no dampeners and soon you will realize that it stopped rolling ages ago, so you're not prepared for the sudden stop you're about to experience.

If you doubt me, learn your history and see what the GOP replaced. We got rid of the Whigs in two elections after forming because of Abolition. Again, we are trying to free the slaves of Progressive thought slavery and you are fighting us, but like the Whigs of Old, you will die without even a whimper.

The GOP is dead. And you killed it.

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