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Friday, June 26, 2015

Straight Up Cowardice

In less than a week the SCOTUS has managed to turn the entire nation on it's ear.  They have basically wiped their asses with The Constitution and caved in to fear.  Chief Justice John Roberts is nothing more than a yellow-bellied coward who refuses to stand up to Obama.  He's afraid of arguing the facts against everything Obama and his ilk are doing because he doesn't want to be the one person to stand up and and point out the Emperor has no clothes.

So many in DC are afraid of being the one person to use reason and logic to stand up to Obama because they don't want their name on anything in history that will go against the first Black President (he's not).  It's so stupid!  I'd rather see my name in history as the one brave person who stood up to all of the idiocy and sheer stupidity going on across the nation, than be part of the herd of lemmings that just followed them off the cliff.  But, I've always been that way.

Let me illustrate with a story straight out of my life, as I am wont to do here.

My husband and sons will not throw anything away unless I am watching them.  Finish up a carton of cokes in the fridge?  Leave it there or better yet, set it on the floor for someone else to pick up.  I've yelled, threatened and finally ridiculed them in front of friends.  I ask one question.  "What are you afraid is going to happen if you throw out the coke carton/mill jug/jam jar/bread wrapper...?"  They just look at me and shrug.  I've actually trained them in the past year to put it on the table or counter... which is about 10 inches from the actual garbage can.  I've showed them by throwing things into the trash can and illustrated that no doom fell upon me by throwing away garbage.  WTF people?  So when they say they're not afraid I always respond with, "Oh, then you're just a lazy f$ck.  Got it." And then I walk away.  I always make sure to do this in front of their friends.  Always.

Why are our elected officials so lazy?  We know they're not afraid of press coverage.  Hell, we've all seen She-Jack mow down the elderly and infirm to get her face in front of a camera.  And I know we're all aware that Lindsey Graham would sell his own excrement if he thought he'd get five minutes of face time on CNN.  So they have to be lazy.

It's because it's hard to row against the tide.  It's very hard to buck the system to which you wish to become beholden (most GOP and all Dems).  When we're learning civics in school (for those who still get those lessons) we're told that you CAN do this or that, but that it's very difficult. You can repeal bad Amendments to the Constitution, however, it's an Sisyphus type labor and hardly any of us are up to it.  And to be honest, keeping with the Greek Mythos, the one who does stand up to it, hello Ted Cruz, I'm looking at you, they will most likely be laid out for their liver to be ripped out daily like Prometheus.

With the exception of people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Justin Amish, hardly anyone in Washington DC has the guts to stand up for what is right, what is logical, what is reasonable.  The rest of the politicos are nothing more than a bunch of cringing, bullied cowards, toadying to whatever the Libs tell them to do in some weird kind of Stockholm Syndrome that we can all thank Richard Nixon for.

So there is your Fundamental Transformation of America folks.  Hope you're happy.  I am not.  But I know how to make myself happy.

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