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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Motorcycle Thugs

I live and work in Waco and I ride a bike.  I am a biker.  However, I have never joined a club, despite a desire to ride with others.  I'm not a joiner.  However, all of the bikers I've ever met, EVER, have been the kindest, nicest people on the planet.  Biker holiday toy donations take in more toys than the Marine's Toys for Tots program.  Did any of you know that?  Did you know that when a blood donation bus rolls up to any party or rally given by bikers, they are inundated?  Did you also know that among bikers, as a community there are more organ donors per capita than any other in the US?  Seriously, you can actually Google all of this info.  I knew this from the course I took to learn how to ride a motorcycle and then bothered to look it up.

You all can thank Michael Berry for this piece.  With and errant piece of stupidity I heard him speak on his show on Tuesday when speaking with some Biker's Coalition member about how 175 people jailed in Waco for the shoot out at Twin Peaks a week and a half ago are in jail, being held without proper due process and they are all just innocent guys who showed up there to talk about Motorcycle Regulation and Legislation in the State of Texas.


Let me cut through the garbage here and lay out some facts for people who are too ignorant to read simple news stories or even just talk to people involved.

There were over 300 weapons found in the Twin Peaks restaurant and surrounding area, including the Don Carlos restaurant next door.  Plus, and this gets better later on, they found more weapons stashed around the outdoor mall including up on the roofs and in the landscaping.

Yeah, this was just a meeting to discuss biker laws.

There were 9 people killed and even more than that wounded when someone decided his dick was bigger in the bathroom and both decided to whip it out and then everyone else had to whip theirs out.  Let's not forget that.

Waco PD knew this was going down thanks to informants in the FBI and Texas DPS.  They had warned the manager of the local Twin Peaks franchise nine times, to no avail.  When they found the weapons cache, the weapons were found in places that clearly show that, at the very least, the management was complicit in what went down.  You can't just walk into the storage areas and hide guns and knives and chains behind food and cooking utensils.  Yes, it's very clear management of that restaurant was complicit in this mayhem.

Now, let's discuss the 9 people who are dead and the others who didn't die.  Murder and attempted murder, and it wasn't By Cop.  This was bikers shooting, stabbing and bludgeoning each other.  Waco PD and surrouding areas merely contained it to the Twin Peaks parking lot.  Hear that Michael Berry?  Because this is the first in your lesson in chain of custody.  I had assumed that perhaps you had received that information when you went to that law school to get that degree you're always going on about, but perhaps you were absent that day, right?

With over 300 pieces of evidence to go over, not to mention the bikes siezed, to determine which instrument did what to which person, it's going to take time. This is not CSI: Waco where you get DNA results in a few minutes and ballistics without even firing the weapon.  No, we have to send ALL of that up to the forensics institute in Fort Worth and they get to go over every single piece evidence and determine which gun shot whom, then they get to try to find out who was holding said weapon when it fired the projectile that killed or wounded a person.

SINCE we don't know any of that, we have to laboriously test and determine so that everything taken to court is above reproach.  Now, you get to the $1 million bail set by the local magistrate and felony court judge.  "It's unfair!"  Please hear that in Michael Berry's falsetto voice and the way he will say something like that on his show.  WE DON'T KNOW WHO DID WHAT and until we do, because they were ALL involved in one way or another, they all need to be where we can get them when the evidence does come in, don't you think?  Also, with the Bandidos and Cossacks having heavy ties to the drug trade along the I-35 corridor, don't you think they are a flight risk?  Many of these guys don't have a permanent address.  No, I don't think it's unreasonable at all. Once it's been proved you were not involved with any of the murder and mayhem that happened at Twin Peaks, then you may go, take your bike with you.  You will note that no petitions for forfeiture have been filed in this case at all.  Please note that Michael Berry.

The local rag, The Waco Tribune Herald, a bastion of everything Baylor almost doesn't know what to do.  If it had been frat hazing at the Twin Peaks, I'm sure they already had their apology written with blanks just having to be filled in.  If it had been two highly placed Baylor administrators arrested for drunk driving I'm pretty sure that Baylor has a former law school alum on retainer all ready to fire all sorts of mud at the local special prosecutor and DA to obscure the fact that they are all Waco Christians, which actually has nothing to do with real Christianity.  Consider them the Muslims who stand mute while fundamentalist terrorists within their religion do reprehensible things to the rest of the word in the name of their God. 

The Waco Trib, as they are affectionately known in town, are now publishing sob stories about the families of these gentle men who aren't home and how worried their families are. Hey, you can visit them twice a week right down on Hwy 6 for you local folks!  It'll be almost just like having them home except, no money and now we get to the crux of it all.  Tiny ain't out making his weapons or whore deals so he's not bringing home any money.  And since we've seen how this cash economy works within the biking world, despite Sons of Anarchy, they have nothing saved to fall back on.  A few hundred or thousand kept in the coffee can buried in the back yard will only last so long and Momma's gonna have to find herself another biker to support her since Tiny's in the hoosegow for the foreseeable future because... colors.

There is a difference between a motorcycle club and a biker gang.  Yeah, look, even the spelling shows it.  I know people in both.  I hang with the club guys and smile and remain friendly with the gangs because I have no beef with you until you have a beef with me.  I don't go looking for trouble, however if it comes to me, I am prepared.  Besides, I'm sneaky as hell.

A motorcycle club is usually people like me, who love to ride, like riding with others and like to find picturesque places to ride and enjoy the view.  It's next on my bucket list, don't tase me, bro.  They show up to shindigs and rallys and have fun.  Hell, they drink beer, liquor, smoke pot, whatever.  I'm responsible for my decisions, not yours.  They usually work at high end blue collar or middle management white collar jobs, and have families, homes, and savings accounts.  Money they aren't ashamed of.  I love these people dearly.  They get me and I get them.  We don't ride into town wanting to tear things up and throw our weight around.  Actually, I'm usually looking for decent BBQ or burgers when I stop.  Sometimes, just a place to fuel up and pee.

A Biker Gang... That's a whole other kettle of fish there.  They are all part of the demi-monde that is drugs and prostitution and illegal firearms.  The saddest woman I ever saw in my life was a biker bunny.  She didn't want to be there, be with that guy, and it showed.  She broadcast it loudly and nobody paid attention to her.  The guy treated her worse than you think white folks treated slaves and nobody bat an eyelash.  Again, not my circus, not my monkeys.  If you won't stand up for yourself, why should I? She probably lived her entire life expecting Superman to burst in at any moment.  Superman doesn't exist.  Accept that and get on with your life.

This whole coalition things is a ruse.  They are completely under control by the Bandidos, with the Cossacks not far behind in that pecking order.  Yeah guys, I really believe you're getting together to discuss biker legislation in Texas.  Can you give me the number of that House or Senate bill again so I can look up the language you're worried about?  The guy on Michael Berry's radio show couldn't and didn't.  He denied that the Bandidos controlled him or his "club".  Right, Spanky, and I ride a trike. If the guy had given me something I would be more likely to believe anything he said, but as it is, I consider him a shill for the gangs.

So when the dust settles, when ballistics and forensics comes in, perhaps we'll see a reduction in bail.  Perhaps not. Consider this, who put all those guns all around that shopping center?  Who put them in the restaurant?  Even though you didn't kill someone or they can't prove the chain you were holding kneecapped that guy, doesn't mean you didn't do ANYTHING.  You're still complicit in what will easily be proved a criminal organization and RICO comes into play.  In RICO almost anything goes.  This was organized, this was criminal.  Think of it as something akin to the Clinton Foundation.

So, there you go Michael Berry. A reason why million dollar bail, asset seizure and why so many are being held in the now overtaxed county jail.  Nine dead, many more wounded and no idea who did what.  Consider it your parents sending you to your room when a lamp is broken and you and your siblings refuse to take ownership.  If the guys who did it would just step up and accept responsibility then the rest of their "brothers" can go home and take care of the whores and guns and drugs.  Come on guys, help a brother out.

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