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Friday, June 26, 2015

Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends

And yet another disappointing decision to come out of the worst SCOTUS in history.  This is what happens when the only question you care about asking in the Senate confirmation hearings is whether or not you are Pro-Life or Pro-Death.

Now, let me preface this by saying a few things.  Number One, I have no problems with gay people getting married.  Not one single objection.  Part B, I don't see why the government is involved in marriage at all, anyway.  iii. It's not the job of SCOTUS to decide what is basically a States problem; and D, gay people can't procreate, so give it some time.

I know that every single one of my gay friends out there just gasped and swooned on D.  You may have knee jerk outrage, but it's true.  Through your marriage you cannot procreate legitimate children yourselves. You need a little surrogate or turkey baster help, ya know what I mean.  Marriage only exists to legitimize children say the people who say government has not place in choosing who can marry.  These are the same people who scream about the illegitimacy rate in the minority communities, too.  Can't eat your government cheese and have it, too, folks.  You cannot denigrate the institution of the family and have a lawful society, too.

Marriage is about strong family bonds, and God knows Liberals don't want that going on or you won't be dependent on Momma Gubmint for everything.  Do you really think they care about the living conditions in the ghettos?  No, they want a dependent voting block whose only reason for existing is to pull the Democrat Party lever on Election Day because they are beholden to those same Democrats for their gubmint cheddah.  Now let this bake in your noodle for a minute. Why are Liberals so crazy about gay rights when gays just want legitimacy to do the same things everyone else does and have a strong family bond via marriage and adoption or in vitro?  Liberals don't want strong families, they also don't want father figures in the home.  So why are they screaming about gay marriage?  If you've read George Orwell you already know the answer to that.

But then, after yesterday's SCOTUS decision on SCOTUScare (officially the name now in Court Documents :wink:wink:) and then hours later the decision on some People's Republik of Kalifornia raisin growers  give two completely opposite decisions on basically the same subject, subsidies.  If you read both cases, and then both decisions you come away scratching your head that in an apples apples competition, they came to two totally different conclusions, it shows that the SCOTUS has definitely become an activist court, which they should never, ever be, and were not brought into existence to be.

So again, Americans are stupefied by that what their government does and yet will again go to ballot boxes and pull a lever for the name they recognize rather than for the issues with which they agree.  And for every one of you out there saying, "Oh no!  My guy does what's best for me!"  Unless you live in Texas or Kentucky, you're wrong.  And then those states only get 50% representation because Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are the biggest RINOs since John McCain.

So, while I am happy my gay friends can now get familiar with license forms, social security forms, DMV waits and divorce courts, I'm not happy how it came about.

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