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Friday, September 26, 2014

No Immunity From Prosecution

ICYMI Eric Holder is resigning his office at the end of the year because he has it on good authority that one of the Supremes is retiring and Barry has promised him that seat.  Yeah, totally did not see that coming last week.

Eric Holder has so much to answer for as head of the Department of Justice, which, because of his tenure there, is now known as the Department of Injustice.  Fast and Furious just being the most egregious of his crimes committed while in public service.

Now, here's the thing, you should not be able to act above the law while holding office, then, once you're caught, you just resign and walk away scott free.  You don't get to hold your office like it's your personal fiefdom, beat the serfs, rob the treasury and kill anyone you like then walk away with no repercussions.

However, just like everything else in the elite progressive stratosphere, all of their public office holders practice on the "I'm immune from prosecution!" meme.  They use an idiotic international law to do this, and do this they have. A lot in the Obama administration.

If you want to see how they reacted when the first Hispanic USAG left office just take a look at my friend Don Surber's Blog.  Progressives hated Gonzales because he left their ballot cattle reservation.  They hated him because he was Hispanic and Republican.  Just like they despise black who have escaped the Plantation and are conservative.  Doubt me?  Look at anything said about Ben Carson or Alan West.  Check out Alfonzo Rachel's stuff over at PJTV for a proper schooling.  His early stuff is pure genius.

You should not get to act like a little God when you hold office and have to pay no price by simply walking away.  It's not right and it only adds to the resentment your general peon down here in the trenches feels every time we watch this crap.  No where else in life can you walk into a job, treat everyone like crap, do things that are outright illegal, then get to skate by just saying, "OK, I'll resign."  That's not right and it feeds the resentment of the populace and right now, we're at Insurrection levels of discontent.

I will say this right now, as soon as Holder walks out of his job at the DoJ and walks into the private sector, he loses his government funded security detail.  Vote from the rooftops was my first thought.  Honest to God, my first thought was, where is my sniper rifle.  I despise Holder that much.  However, calmer thoughts took over and I figure kidnapping him and handing him over to the families of those who died by his Fast and Furious arming of the Mexican Cartels.  Jungle Justice.  We all know the piece of shit would piss himself the second anyone mean mugged him.

As to who will replace Holder? Valerie Jarret.  She's Holder's ideological clone, and she might just pass Senate muster.  Perez at Labor might make it and hold their "He's our Messican" line of thought.  Whoever it will be, is just a place holder.  Another loyalty appointment might be Claire McCaskill.  I don't know, but my money is on Jarret.

Any and all of these guys will commit any number of crimes while in this office and just walk away by resigning their office.

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