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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Keep Grazing

With Mid-Term elections coming up the veritable buffet of bullshit from the Left is shoved in my face on an hourly basis.  I know it's coming, I see it coming, and yet every election cycle I am consistently amazed with the unbelievable crap they actually believe to be true despite all universal evidence that they are wrong.  I have finally come to the conclusion that there is not one person among the Leftist Elite who believes the lies they tell.  However, with that said, there is a reason they keep spreading the lies. They do it to keep the ballot cattle complacent and grazing on the Liberal Plantation For Ballot Cattle.

Take my pet-peeve, for instance. Global Warming is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon a human populace, and despite all evidence and proof the data they used to sell this bowl of shit, the adherents screech and scream that the sky is falling.  The Chicken Littles cling to Global Warming like a Pentecostal missionary does their Bible, because for them they believe with a religious fervor.  And, what kills me and causes me to wake up laughing, is that these idiots go around as Evangelical Atheists and yet tell you that you have to accept Global Warming on faith because God alone knows they have no proof and have gone to great lengths to hide their data manipulation, and have even taken people who have called them out on their fraud to court on libel charges.  Yes, Michael Mann, you lying sack of shit, I am looking at you.

But the poor are told they have no right to the resources at their fingertips because it will harm the planet and perhaps make it nearly impossible for the Leftists to keep handing out their "freebies".  Keep grazing, cud chewer.

Any solution to any Leftist problem starts and ends with more government control of your life. Because you're too stupid to decide your own life.  How can total government control solve global warming (which doesn't exist in the first place)?  How can more government control solve the problem of racism?  Solve Poverty (Oh yeah, LBJs Great Society has worked SO WELL don't you think)?   More government control has ruined the Black Family in the US and elsewhere.  More government control has ruined morality and values all over the world.  More government has given us generations of people who have never held a job and wouldn't even know how to apply is handed an application. The only thing they know is filling out welfare forms and waiting for the free money, food and housing.  The ONLY thing that is asked of them, ever, is to pull the lever for the Leftist running for office to stay in office so they can keep on mouth breathing and watching Springer.  Keep grazing, Bossie.

The solution to the problem of blacks in the ghettos?  Legalize abortion and you will slaughter millions of them before they are born.  But that's not racist at all, is it Margaret Sanger?  Keep on grazing.

The solution to the problem of so many on welfare?  Workfare? Then you lose your benefits because the people on Welfare are so poorly educated and have no motivation they cannot make enough money to cover what they lose in welfare benefits.  Chew on some more cud, there.

The solution to black on black crime in the inner cities?  Take guns away from anyone, because that makes things so much safer, right Mayor Emanuel?  Keep on chewing, Bessie.

And the idiots who benefit from the largess of the Leftist believe the crap they're handed on nearly a daily basis because they want so badly to believe that by delegating their responsibility to care for themselves for these freebies is worth is, just so long as they don't have to think or provide for themselves.  Doubt me?  Look up Beast videos on YouTube.  The fact that none of those women are embarrassed about the absolute toilet their lives and their childrens lives are is a testament to allowing Liberals to control your life to the micro-level.  But, hey, keep on grazing.

Just remember, when you stick your head in the sand that it leaves your ass in the air, in a prime condition to be kicked, right up into the reality you were avoiding in the first place. 

Yes, by all means, keep grazing, ballot cattle.  Keep right on grazing.

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