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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


One of my favorite songs by Shinedown (yes, I like Shinedown, sue me) is their song Bully, from their CD Amaryllis.

Forget the fact that Brent Smith is just about the hottest hottie in rock music today and listen to the lyrics.  They are not saying lay down and take it.  They are not telling victims to appease the Bully, they are saying, put a stop to it once and for all by stepping up to it.  Progressives don't get that because they are so busy bending over for anyone they feel is stronger than they are, that they really don't get standing up for yourself.  Really? Why else do you think they are all for repealing the 2nd Amendment?

Progressives are like Loki trying to free us from Freedom.  We have to be like the old man in the Stuttgart crowd and tell them, "There are always men like you!"  Because, let's face it, Bullies are as common as dirt and even easier to shake off your shoes, because at the very heart of it, they are weak, scared and easily faced down.

Progressives are bullies.  Doubt me?  How are we supposed to feel about the NFL or disciplining your child this week? If you think it's OK to spank your child and feel that our woes with youth today stem from non-spanking idiots, what exactly are you being told everywhere you look right now?

Feel Obama is a train wreck of an executive?  Racist.  Feel Congress and the Supreme Court are the perfect foil to Executive branch overreach?  Cretin Neanderthal.

Who calls names?  Bullies call names.  Who coerces?  Bullies coerce.  Who tries to make you do something you don't want to do, something you know is wrong by telling you it's not wrong?  That's right, bullies.

I've been bullied exactly twice in my life. Not because I'm such a bad ass, I can assure you of that. But both times I did exactly what my dad told me to do and I hit back.  Then, as I grew older I learned more stealthy ways to get back and bullies that left no bruises, no fingerprints, but plenty of damage nonetheless.  I've made it something of an avocation.

I don't like bullies.  It stems from my stubborn refusal to allow anyone to make me do what I don't want to do.  And, in my formative years, that included my parents insisting I muck out my bedroom.

Progressives are trying to tell me how to speak, what to think.  Homey don't play dat.  They are the true bullies and you see grown men who play a brutal game like football allowing them to  define their lives.  Grown men who watch football are allowing a bunch of feminized pansies to tell them how to be good husbands or fathers. Good according to the bullies.

So here is my message to the bullies.  Bring it on, bring it to me.  Because, and please, trust me on this, I will bring it to you and I will not be polite or even diplomatic in how I shove your own shit down your throat.

This message brought to you by an American woman who doesn't like the NFL and wishes she was not slapped in the face with it every 5 minutes by people who believe in No Score games.

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