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Thursday, October 02, 2014


The arguments against Common Core curriculum are piling so high as state after state refuses it into their schools.  This could be the reason why. Every single thing I have seen from the Common Core arsenal has shown me so many things I am sure the Liberals don't want us to see.

Why Drive 50 Miles To Get Next Door?

You look at that picture there and your logic center nearly explodes at the irrationality and abject stupidity witnessed on one page of paper.  It almost stops my mental works when confronted with something this idiotic.  It's as if the morons running the Education Department in Washington DC was full of nothing but people too stupid to get out of their own drool.  Wait...

Remember when you would just write 325 - 38 and solve for x even before you knew there was an x involved?  You did it through a system we have used FOR MILLENNIA!  But no, these Progressives know more than everybody else.  And in their fervor to save the planet, they gleefully will drive miles out of their way to get down the block.  At least this instruction would lead any rational person to believe that they would.  WTF is wrong with these people?  They got out of college with worthless degrees and no idea how really freakin' stupid they really are, and they are just dumbing down everyone else so they will finally feel smart.  Idiocracy, your time is now.

If You Don't Like The Present, Change the Past!

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.  But that doesn't stop these Libs!  They know better!  It will really work this time, despite all attempts that failed in the past.  They just haven't stolen enough of everybody else's money yet!  Just teach them they can do whatever they want, as long as it meets with state mandated standards of freedom, which are pretty narrow to begin with, but hey!  No consequences when you screw up!  You just go, girl.

And if all else fails, just outright lie.

Tell Parents They Are Awful and Will Have Their Children Taken Away to Get People to Love Eating Shit.

Just Google Common Core Threats and you will find page after page, site after site showing the real horrors of common core.   No lie, there is barely a repeat in three pages. People react to common core viscerally.  I've yet to see anyone outside the NEA who likes this and I think those in the NEA are all morons and idiots undeserving of the honor of teaching children.  In fact, it is my strongly held belief that any teacher, willfully in a union should never have contact with any child and should, in point of fact, be treated no better than pedophiles as they harm goes equally deep into the psyche of formative minds.

Strong Foundations Support Strong Buildings

By chucking away the easy method we have used to teach children simple math procedures is madness.  It's like going to a school of architecture that does not teach anything about foundations.  You tell the kids that buildings will stand without foundations tells that kid that when his building doesn't stand, it's all his fault.  Now if people die when that building crashes to the ground, he will have no consequences because he was never taught about a strong foundation supporting a tall building.  But when it crashes down to the ground, it's his fault because he didn't find a way to make it work with the way he was taught.

That is possibly the most obscene thing I've seen done to children in full public view and much less, state sanction.

Right now, the school district I am in does nothing but teach the state mandated test all year long.  They don't teach the children the basic skills they need so that they can solve the problem themselves, instead they are taught ways to get over on the test makers so their teachers can get pay raises.  When my nephew was in 5th grade he asked his teacher a question about George Washington.  She yelled at him in class telling him it wasn't on the test and that he was disrupting class.  My sister had to be physically restrained to keep her from beating the woman to a pulp.  Not because she had yelled at her son, no, that was secondary to her ire.  That the woman had slapped down genuine curiosity in a class room environment was tantamount to child murder in my sister's mind.  That was decades ago.  If you ask her about it today you really will see steam come out of her ears.

My youngest daughter was held back in 5th grade from being one right answer away from passing the math portion of the exam.  She took the test 3 times, went to summer school and they still held her back, despite her having straight A's in the core curriculum.  My husband and I were livid.  I found out a couple of years later that that year, over 40% of her classmates had failed one or more parts of the state mandated test but were still promoted.  I was escorted from more than one school district meeting after telling the powers that be that they owed my daughter a year of her life back and I would get it one way or another.  Because they had taught my daughter that it didn't matter how really smart she was, it only mattered what someone in government said how smart she was.

They still owe her that year, and yes, I will still collect.  Because I know how they rig their bidding system.  I'm patient and will wait until it will hurt the worst.

My children started school when all of this "self-esteem" crap started in the public school and "social promotions".  Out of my four children, only one never got held back.  Not because they weren't smart, but because their learning didn't stop at the schoolyard boundaries.  Whether they knew it or not, I made sure their brains were engaged.  I'd tease them when we went to zoos or gardens or museums that it wasn't a school day, so they'd best not learn anything while we were there, just enjoy themselves.  Every single one of my progeny live to do what I tell them not to do.  Paradoxical Psychology was my best friend.

Why did I do this?  Because I knew they were not learning what they needed to know in the schools I was forced to send them to because I could not afford private schooling, so I did what I could to fill that vacuum with as much knowledge as I could.  I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to have come up with that plan myself, but it came to me via a casual remark at a crafting party at a lady's house who just happened to home school her kids.  She said they had made "not learning" a joke when they went on vacation.  I thought it was such a good idea I included it in my "parenting plan".

I'm weird, I paid attention to my kids and then would ignore them with benign neglect as they learned to figure things out for themselves.  They're not perfect.  They have all fallen down, but each of them has also picked themselves up and tried again.  That is what I taught them.  I can't solve all of their problems.  I just showed them how to build a strong foundation on which to build their lives. What they do with that is up to them.

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