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Monday, July 14, 2014

Modern Day Feminism

Today a friend posted this IJReview article on how young women react to feminism. It was great and I cheered for each young woman who was brave enough to post photos of herself holding up signs about why they didn't identify with the modern feminist. I have a dear friend who showed she didn't look at it saying, "And "she" doesn't realize that the Women's Movement of the 1970s made it possible for her voice to be heard saying those 15 things."  I pointed out the err in her thinking.  Knowing her, she will now view the article when she's not busy packing and unpacking from a week at the beach.

So, let's take a look at what the young women said.  I think you will find their reasons for not being a modern feminists eye opening.

1. I don't need feminism because I don't need to politicize my gender.  Women are not a means to a political movement's end.  Hands off my ovaries and I mean it.

2. I don't need feminism because I am not a victim. I would seriously have to question the morals and intelligence of anyone who would insist that I am a permanent victim and need THEM to protect me from, ultimately, myself.

3. I don't need feminism. I don't need something that demonizes men. I don't need something that tells me the actions of a slut are OK, and then the possible evidence of those actions can be thrown away like they were nothing more than a clump of tissue. And I sure as hell don't need anything that makes playing the victim to be "empowering".  This woman gets it.  She truly gets it. On all levels.

4. I don't need feminism because my self worth is not directly tied to the size of my victim complex. As a woman in the western world, I am not oppressed, and neither are you.  Again, with the victim status. I think we're on to a winner!

5. I don't need feminism because I am capable of critical thinking and I do not need other women representing me.  This is almost word for word what I wrote NOW when they would not stop sending me begging mail to support that stupid political agenda.

6. I don't need feminism because I actually am courageous and strong.  The picture that accompanied this one was a young women in Afghanistan on her second tour of duty.  Enough said. An Army chick not needing feminism. Wow, a shot right to the box.

7. I don't need feminism because I don't choose to ignore the fact that men have issues, too.  Wait!  What about the war on women?!

8. I don't need feminism because my choice not to be associated with it was met with patronizing (sic) and condescension.  Amen, my sister. Amen!  There is nothing more patronizing then an aging feminist telling me what I need to do for the struggle, when I don't see a struggle and don't hold their movement as valid.

9. This one requires a picture and no further explanation.

10. I need feminism because  I like to blame men for my unjustifiable slutty actions.  I see what you did there.

11. I don't need feminism because it's turned from a movement about equality to a hateful, sexist, corrupt group that disregards people's issues due to privilege.  Again, almost word for word what I wrote NOW decades ago.

12. I don't need feminism because society does not objectify me.  Feminists are the ones who tell me that.  Do I look oppressed?  No, darlin' you don't.  You look just fine.

13. I don't need feminism because I am an adult who is capable of taking responsibility for my actions; I define myself and I derive my value by my own standards. I don't need to be "empowered; I am not a target for violence and there is no war against me; I respect men.  I refuse to demonize them and blame them for my problems.  You said a mouthful there, sister.  This is exactly why NOW should not exist and Gloria Steinem should have a bounty on her.

14. I don't need feminism because I believe in equality not entitlements and supremacy.  My main argument against modern feminism is that it's all about dominance and punishing men, not about true equality.

15. And another that just requires a picture.

Sing it loud, sing it proud, then get back to work!

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