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Thursday, July 03, 2014


I have been pondering the Hobby Lobby ruling wherein 4 entire forms of birth control are denied to people who work for Hobby Lobby and refuse to pay for their own contraception are left with only 16 choices mandated by Obamacare and Katherine Sebelius who never saw a fetus she didn't want to immediately terminate.  I've come up with an interesting extrapolation, using ONLY the Liberal arguments.  They're all false arguments, but just bear with me.  Because so far, every apocalyptic prediction concerning Obamacare has been proved true.

Now, Obamacare mandates that your employer via health insurance provide you with free contraception.  OK, SCOTUS really changed nothing when they decided that closely held companies do have First Amendment rights prohibiting Congress from making laws infringing on their right to freely practice their religious beliefs, JCPenny notwithstanding.

Now consider this, your employer is paying for your contraception via the health insurance he is mandated to provide for you.  Your employer now has a reasonable expectation that you will not get pregnant and therefore miss days of work due to morning sickness, doctor's visits and Maternity Leave.  You may consider this the social contract between employer and employee.  I bet, at this point, you could even spell that out in employee handbooks.  Let that percolate for a moment.

Now, you're employed, you're getting free contraception but lets say you are married and you and your spouse decide that it's time to have a family.  NO!  Says your employer.  It's not a good time, and they can't see a time where it would be good for you to be taking all that time away from work.  So, you can't have a baby, unless you quit your job.  Say your spouse's employer says the same thing to them.  It's not a good time for the company.  Now remember, when you were screaming for free contraception and at the same time for us to stay out of your womb, you wanted and demanded this. Let's go a step further, since no form of birth control is 100% effective, you wind up pregnant.  Can your boss now demand you have an abortion or lose your job because you got pregnant without permission?  It would appear from the Liberal arguments that this could pass muster in a court of law, according to the rules Obamacare has set down.

 So, as we jump down that rabbit hole, now the government and your employer, since they are paying for your contraception, can tell you when to breed, because you put them in charge of your reproduction by demanding they pay to keep you from breeding irresponsibly because you cannot control yourself well enough to pay your own way and be in charge of your own life.  Remember, you made this happen with all of your screeching and demonstrating and support of Sandra Fluke.  Wait until she gets a real job as an attorney and they tell her that working 100+ hours as an associate is not conducive to child bearing so she needs to turn her ovaries over to them.  Because she already has.  However, they will most likely be willing to pay for insurance that covers her blood transfusions as well.

I can see you sitting there gnashing your teeth and screaming at your monitor, "Stay out of my womb!"  Oh, but you demanded I go there, so now I get a say on what goes on with it.  Government pays for nothing, my tax dollars do, especially if I'm subsidizing your healthcare and especially if your employer is.  You cannot tell me to stay out, yet demand I also pay for your contraception in the same breath.  You want to eat your cake and have it, too, but that never works outside college class rooms where you're texting your next casual hook-up.  How do I know that?  Sandra Fluke told me.  You either want me to stay out of your reproductive choices or you want me to pay for them all and have a say.  You can't have it both ways.  I don't care what the Libs try to tell you.  Imfreakinpossible.

So, as I've extrapolated as Sandra Fluke did with the transfusions story and Jehova's Witness and Christian Science false appeals to authority (oh my, Aristotle does come in handy) I've also shown you ultimately where your road leads.  By making anyone else in charge of your contraception, you've put them in charge of your reproduction.  Damn, I'm almost ready to try this out in the courts, because the argument is so deliciously hypocritical.  It tickles my sense of the ridiculous.  And the funniest thing about it?  Libs demanded it!

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