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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I have been talking with a friend who is very active in GOP politics. I listen to her and use her as a sounding board because, in my opinion, she has an excellent head on her shoulders. Recently, something has happened in our Central Texas county that has utterly sickened the both of us.  She's still willing to fight.  I'm so disgusted I want to wash my hands of the entire party and nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

In a broad stroke, the County GOP decided to nullify Primary results and, in a secret meeting with a panel whose identities have not been revealed, they seated two of their own choices in two JP races, and perhaps a third.

What the McLennan County GOP has done is told every single person who voted in the Primary under the Republican Party ballot, that their vote does not, in point of fact, matter.  Besides being completely skeeved by this underhanded, backroom, Chicago politics move, I'm outraged the over 7,000 voters were just told, "Screw you!  My guy who wasn't even on the ballot is going to run in that place."

This is what Ralph Patterson, McLennan County GOP Chairman sent out to all of use who are part of the party process out here.

I am hoping the pic blows up to be legible.  I have left off the Justice of the Peace and Constable names because, frankly, I don't want to be responsible is someone decides to get stupid for something they probably could not help, but were most likely complicit in.  But I want to deconstruct Ralph's email, if you will, please be patient.  I'm exceedingly angry about this and the F-bomb could be dropped.  Felony.

The Republican Party of McLennan County announced the candidates for Justice of the Peace (JP) and Constable Positions for the November general election. The process of the selection was done by JP Precinct Executive Committee meetings in accordance with Texas statute.
 Can we look at this for a minute?  Since when are elected positions chosen by an Executive Committee? A committee that thinks it knows better than over 7,000 voters?

“Today we are witnesses to the local fulfillment of the Rule of Law. That is what separates us from dictatorships and chaos. Earlier this year, our Commissioners' Court members made some tough decisions to reduce expenses for the county. One of those decisions was to reduce the number of Justice of the Peace and Constable Precincts from 7 to 5. That decision set in motion a process outlined in Texas Law requiring the major parties to nominate their candidates for the November election for the new positions created.”
Fulfillment of the Rule of Law would be the will of the voters, Ralph.  THAT is what separates us from dictatorships and chaos you power hungry despot.  Give a little man a stage to stand on and sure enough he will think he is king.  This had nothing to do with cutting expenses, he did not and probably cannot point out HOW changing the ballot saves the county one freakin penny.  This has everything to do with your getting people off the ballot who do not agree with YOU.

“As is usual when we select Republican Candidates for offices in our county, we have an abundance of well qualified citizens from which to choose our nominees. Unfortunately, we have more candidates than positions available. The Republican Party Precinct Chairs did an outstanding job when presented with a difficult situation. In the end they did their duty just as we have said since the beginning: in accordance with the law, in a fair and reasonable manner. I would like to commend each of them for their willingness to serve the citizens of our community.”

The Candidates were selected and voted on during the Primary process, Ralph.  The voters decided on Kristi deCluitt for JP Pct 1 Pl 1, and Belinda Summers in Pct 5 and you decided you didn't like that, especially since Belinda Summers recently changed parties and came over to the GOP. Great way to welcome her to the party, jackwagon.  We did our duty by voting, you negated all of that by "choosing" for us.  I didn't choose your choices and yes, I will make you take it back.  Hide and watch if I don't.  They are serving their masters, not the voters of this county who DID NOT vote for them.

Our County GOP is acting on the same fear that the people in both parties are in DC.  Ralph Patterson is no different from Thad Cochran in Mississippi in my eyes. NO FREAKIN DIFFERENT.  Thad didn't even bother to file the proper papers to get on the Primary Ballot in Mississippi, then when someone in his office figured it out (Because Cochran is firmly in dimentia land at this point in his life) they went crying to the court friendly to them to get on the ballot at the last minute.  THEN, when the Primary wound up in a run-off, they conferred with the Democrat party to scare monger black voters who had voted in the democrat party primary to cross over and vote for Cochran in the run off, something which is illegal in the state of Mississippi.  Cochran won, however, so many votes have been found to be invalid and downright illegal, that his opponent is going to court to examine every single vote.  It doesn't help that a minister has come forward with proof that Cochran's campaign actually paid each black voter bussed to polling places, $15 each for their vote.  You gonna do that, too, Ralph, to get your people in place?

Voting is important in a Constitutional Republic because We The People elect people who represent us at the Local, State and National Level.  We tend to vote for people who appear to share the same values and beliefs as ourselves.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to decide that for me, and that includes the McLennan County GOP.

You don't have the right, Ralph Patterson and everyone on your "super secret select committee".  You think you've gotten away with it, and I can assure you, you have not.  Karma is a wonderful and horrible thing, depending on what you've done.  I can't imagine you want a visit from her.  I'll introduce you.

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