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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tick Tick Tick Tick

I think it's overwhelmingly clear, when you look at the entire picture, that the Obama Administration's hastily crafted house of cards is crumbling in.  Let's review just a few of the scandals and horrors staring them in the face to date, shall we?

  1. Obamacare - This abortion of a ppiece of legislation cannot work, but that won't stop the Dem's or GOP from trying to "fix" it.  Repeal, do not replace, just enact interstate insurance sales and you "fix" almost every problem with all sorts of insurance.  Wow, and I don't even have a PhD.  Can't help you with the professional malingerers who will never pay for anything themselves, though.
  2. IRS Bullying of Conservatives - This past few weeks revelations of how Lois Lerner personally sought to bully and destroy the TEA Party groups applying for 501 statuses has been a real eye opener into how this administration has tried to use all arm of the government to silence any political opposition.  If you don't think that once contempt charges are dropped on her lap that she won't start singing about who in the White House gave her the order to start this (as the lib kids say, this was not an organic happening within the IRS).  I think once she's taken the mug shot and it's up on Drudge we can expect her to understand that to sing is to get a deal.  This goes up and is very Watergate worthy, and yet I don't see Hillary up on the Hill asking who knew what and when did they know it.  She's too busy getting shoes thrown at her.
  3. Eric Holder's Department of Justice - Let's see, his DoJ is so corrupt and so exacerbating that Fritz Hollings had to bring in a pork loin BBQ. (H/T to Rush for one of my favorite parodies).  First there was the dropping of Voter Intimidation charges against the Black Panthers because only blacks can be intimidated at the polls.  Thanks to J. Christian Adams for bringing that to our attention, and then, let's see, his failure to investigate Benghazi, the IRS, himself, Fast and Furious... The list continues as more comes out.  Mr. Holder sure can put his law degree to good use when he has to defend himself before the Senate and Congress.  Make it a joint think.  I understand that Holder knows all about those.  This department is an oily, unctuous mess of cronyism.
  4. The EPA - Think this past week in Elko, NV tells us all we need to know about this useless bully in DC.  It was created via Executive Order in Nixon's stupid attempt to appeal to the hippie kids, and it can be removed via Executive Order. They are nothing more than jack booted thugs for the Communists anymore, hell bent on land grabbing and giving land to big time Democratic Party contributors.  Better watch that Harry Reid, if you're even aware of what the law is anymore, you just broke it.
Those are the big ones, right now.  The voter fraud, under the table payments, abject bullying of anyone who speaks out against Dear Leader is running rampant in the halls of power.  Everything they do in trying to flex their weak political muscle is ending badly for them.  Two shootings at Fort Hood which they have vehemently to do anything about but call it workplace violence instead of the terrorism it was, and everything else is piling on the American people and they honestly can't understand why we're not just tucking our tail between our legs and taking it. To be honest, even during Watergate there was not this level of incompetence and corruption going on in DC.  They honestly believe that they are bullet proof.

So go vote from the roof-tops, my friends, and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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