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Monday, April 07, 2014

Stick To What You Know - Redux

So anyway, while I was out enjoying my rest and relaxation with two of my favorite people on this planet, I returned to a blog post by Matt Walsh that actually, quite literally, made me stand up from my desk and applaud.  The blog post was about the recent resignation of Brendan Eich from Mozilla (maker of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail app) because he gave a $1000 donation to the Prop. 8 initiative in The People's Republik of Kalifornia some years ago.  If you're typical of most Americans I will have to inform you that Prop. 8 was the attempt to amend the People's Republik of Kalifornia's Constitution to make marriage between a man and a woman.

ZOMG!  He hates gays!

No, I can't say that with any degree of knowledge, because I've never met the man and he has not published any articles or blogs that detail his views on gay marriage.  I would presume from his rather generous donation that he loves marriage between a man and a woman, though.

So, what happened is that some gay online dating site published, last week, news that Eich had donated to Prop. 8, so every screaming gay out there demanded that Mozilla fire the brand new CEO because he hates gays.  Now, as Walsh points out, they didn't have any proof that Eich hates gays, or beats them up, or doesn't hire them based on their sexual orientation, they just had one donation, years ago that proves nothing more than Eich believes in traditional marriage.  They offered no argument whatsoever, just began their baseless attacks and demanded his firing.  Which they got.

So, that's not enough, now the fucking idiots are demanding that everyone uninstall Firefox as their browser.  So I point out, being a very tech savvy person, that not using Firefox is not an option for me.  I refuse to use Intarweb Exploder and Google Chrome is the best data mining program disguised as a really bad browser yet written.  This is the thing, folks, a lot of people who work with browsers use them for way more than logging into YouTwitFace. Most of us who work in tech use our browsers for our works and most applications will not run in anything but IE or Firefox.  They are the most popular browsers and therefore applications for web based worked (everything other than logging into YouTwitFace) are written to work within those two browsers.  That's where the market is.  Why the fuck do you think there are not a ton of games and programs written for Apple computers?  Because most people use PCs!

I cannot just drop Firefox, despite it being a huge resource hog, because most of the apps I use to work don't work in Opera, PaleMoon or any other half-assed browser that never got finished out there. (I use Opera on a Linux server because it's a server, not an apparatus that logs me into YouTwitFace.)  I use several apps within Firefox that assist me in my browsing work that keep my machine safe.  I cannot work and will not work without them.  So suggesting other stupid browsers that don't work half the time is not an option for people who really work on their computers.

And that gets me to my final thought.  Most people on this planet should not be allowed anything resembling a computer and that includes a cell phone, smart or just as retarded as they are.  Listen to me carefully.

You people are stupid.  It's not bad enough that you're stupid, but you think that you're not and you try, constantly to tell me about things I know a lot about and you don't.  STFU!  When you have any idea what I do on any browser, and why I'm doing it that way, then you can offer a suggestion.  Until sit down, shut up and continue drooling into your Froot Loops.  For the most part, most of you knuckle dragging, mouth breathing idiots are lucky to get through a fucking Twitter post without fucking it up, so perhaps you'll forgive me if I don't take your unwarranted, ignorant advice about how I should do things I actually know about.  When you can tell me the difference between Pascal and Fortran and why no one in their right minds ever WANTED to program anything in Delphi, then you can suggest alternates.

Until you join my very small circle of friends who know as much and more than I do about computers, programing, networking and security, THEN you can school me on browsers.  And, until you can explain to me in excruciating detail why your PC or laptop runs like crap all the time, and how best to clean it up, then perhaps, perhaps, I might listen to how stupid you are for clicking any link placed before you, why you feel this overwhelming compulsion to visit unsafe sites, open unsolicited attachments in your emails, and why, as a barely evolved ape-man you feel the need to touch any sort of technology, then maybe I will listen to anything you have to say that makes sounds like words.

And, if you want to talk politics while you're at it, you may be trainable.

Addendum:  Chris Cannon, the head of the OKCupid site that published Eich's donation to Prop 8 and demanded people boycott Mozilla products gave tons of money to the Utah initiative for their attempt to keep marriage between a man and a woman.  In the spirit of FULL DISCLOSURE.

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