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Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Little R&R

I spent the weekend in Houston with my besties this past weekend.  We didn't have anything special planned or did anything in particular but wait for an internet install.  We just wanted to get together and they were reading my new book. Yes, my besties are my Beta Readers.  They shoot straight with me because we've known each other forever and know any criticism is constructive.

I think it's what I like best about our weekends together.  We can just sit around, drink, eat junk food and watch movies together, like we did this past weekend or we make plans and do a whole spa weekend thing together. For all of us, despite our status in life, it's a weekend together with no adult supervision.  No husbands, significant others, no kids... well, my daughters are always invited, but rarely get to come with us.  I missed going to see both of my girls together this weekend for my youngest daughter's 20th birthday.  The besties were a bit "three-sheeted" and we were all a bit stuffed from eating bean dip (world's best and secret recipe territory) and the comic book hero movies just didn't stop coming.

Just means I need to take another trip real soon.

Every now and then, especially when you've finished something big, you should take time to breathe.  My friend Sharon taught me that. She's going through the whole mess of selling her house and moving and she takes time to tell ME to relax. She'd fit in with my other besties, I think.  I bet she'd love our weekends together.  Makes me smile just thinking about the mischief we get in to, mainly because of my big mouth.

I got to hit the big city and even maneuvered around like I lived there again.  Houston is not the city I grew up in anymore and I don't recognize any part of her.  So it's like meeting an old acquaintance again that you didn't really find interesting at a dinner party after many years. You have to get to re-know them and their troublesome children all over again.  SheJack, I'm lookin' at you, heifer.

It was cool and rainy after I got there.  Is spent the entire drive down grousing that I hadn't ridden my bike, and the drive coming home, crawling at 40 on the highway, thanking God that I hadn't.  I got to relax and burp amongst people who get me and have always gotten me.  And that is why our weekends are so precious to me.  I don't know if they are as precious to my friends, but they mean everything to me. I love them so much and they mean the world to me because they know me so well.

What's embarrassing is when one of their mothers call during our weekends and we get to hear about past, teen-aged indiscretions.  I really think their is a statute of limitations on anything we did at age 15.  We were too young and stupid to be held permanently accountable.

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