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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fed Up!

It's Good Friday.  Last night I broke my Lenten fast of wine at a nice dinner with my husband at Outback steakhouse with a nice little Merlot that I was almost sure I wouldn't like but was the least offensive wine on their list. It was delightful to my wine starved palate.  Last night I slept like a baby, happy and secure as a oenophile.

I find myself perplexed this morning.  Well, this morning more so than regular days.  I cannot understand the ability of some people to hide from reality as well as they do.  To deny all proof in your face that something doesn't work, and insist and even freakin lobby to continue doing it is nothing short of madness.  And yet, here we are.

In the past week I have had to bid adieu to several scientist friends who simply wish to live the dichotomy that science and liberalism can peacefully co-exist.  In the same way the science and Religion co-exist, n'est-ce pas?  I have held the opinion, for several decades, that Science and God are both the search for truth in the Universe.  Religion has nothing to do with either.  Religion is a man made construct that has a veneer of God, but in truth is just as self-serving as the men who created it.

This post is not about God.  It's about self-deception.

Yesterday, my neighbor came over for a little Coffee Klatch.  We caught up on neighborhood news and kids, etc.,.  My neighbor has a psychology degree, which I respect.  I know exactly how hard she's worked for it.  She's also extremely knowledgeable about the human mind and how it works.  I decided to let my freak flag fly and told her my theory on Progressive Liberal double think, double speak and the incidence of mental illness within the Progressive Liberal population, which is higher per capita than any other demographic.  It's a fact, you can look it up.  Be sure to look up mass shootings, etc.,.

Take this example.  Vanity.  We are taught that caring how you present yourself to the world is a bad thing.  Then everything we do in our lives is based on vanity.  Our clothes, make-up, cars, living spaces, jobs, EVERYTHING is predicated upon vanity.  No wonder kids are screwed up by the time they hit high school.

We teach them stealing is wrong.  And yet we allow politicians to steal our hard earned money to give to people who do nothing at all.  All in the name of Justice.  Think about that one for a moment.  Justice has become outright theft at the point of a gun to the Progressive Liberals.

And the current administration in power is so corrupt  that literally everything they touch turns into a scandal.  If this were a Republican administration this would have stopped with Fast and Furious and yet the media run cover for the administration because they are colluding in the hopes of more access. When your journalists are nothing more than transcribers for the White House, you no longer have a free press.  You have a Propaganda Machine.  Thank you Mr. Goebbels.

Americans are incredibly ignorant because they base their political views on which ever TV news shows they watch.  We grow up being told that we are free and we can choose our own destiny and then we are told what to believe and what words to say so that we're on the "right" side.  What is truly more fucked up than that?

There are those people who are so locked into that mindset that they literally have no identity, no Id without the dichotomy.  They cannot allow themselves to even peek at reality because to do so would be to deny everything they think they know about themselves.  I know too many people who are exactly like this.  My neighbor knows ever more based on her work.

And we wonder why people take drugs trying to anesthetize themselves from the pain of trying to live that way.  Drugs, alcohol, stupid religious cults and sects are all attempts to escape from the reality that forces its way in, despite all attempts to shut it out.  The modern human being will do almost anything to avoid seeing reality.  Doubt me?  One word.  Kardashians.

It's not a leap in logic, it's actually the most straight line you will ever draw.  George Orwell saw it, wrote of it and yet many continue to deny it. Because they cannot psychologically afford to look at it for what it is.  Lies.

For whatever reason, I do not have the talent for self-deception. I feel it's bad enough that utter strangers lie to me, to lie to myself is a mortal sin of untold "badness".  I see it everyday in my peers.  Women who are firmly now in middle age and yet try to dress and act like their teenaged or young 20's daughters and compete for the same men. RAWR! Cougars unite.  You're not cool, you're not trendy or even hip.  You're in competition with your own daughters for the notice of men old enough to be your own sons because you cannot accept that you have aged.  Your sad and pathetic.  I've dropped more than one old friend for this very worst sort of self-deception.  The women don't feel better, they feel worse, and this is the killer, they don't know why.  If they looked at their irrational behavior they would know why, but just like the middle-aged man who buys a sports car and starts sleeping with girls his daughter's age, they don't want to admit it's THEM that is the problem and not anything beyond them that they can blame.

Look at the industries that have been set up to keep people from having to face reality.  Self-help books, spas, that stupid shit out in the Southwestern Deserts of America.  Seriously, the purity of your crystals is not the problem, YOU ARE.

No amount of make up, clothes, trips to the spa, amount of money you have, activism of any type is going to make you feel better about yourself until you accept YOU.  The person you are when no one is looking.  If you cannot accept that person, you need to look into your behavior and change things.  Trust me, you will be a lot happier and no longer need all the lies to make you feel better about your lot in life.

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