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Monday, March 10, 2014

Then Get The Hell Out

I listen to a lot of talk radio and watch a lot of news.  I'm a political news junkie and I can't remember a time I wasn't.  I love to be plugged in to what is happening on my planet.  So what does that have to do with the price of tea in Sri Lanka?  Conservative talk show hosts in the People's Republik of Kalifornia.

I've spent the past month listening to them piss, whine and moan about the state of their "state".  And yes, this includes the Objectivists. What part of "Going Galt" don't you retards get?  You cannot change that state of within.  You just can't.  It will never, ever happen. So get the hell out of the State and stop whining and crying about taxes and spending.  Take your brains, your income and what's left of your moral state and get the hell out.  Deny them the fruits of your labors, deny them the access to your income, deny them the ability to enslave your brain.  Take your brains and your talents elsewhere.  Deny them the means by which they shackle you.

Holy Hannah on a swizzle stick, I don't get you idiots.  And yes, you have to be a f$cking idiot if you live in the People's Republik of Kalifornia and gripe and complain about taxes, prices, overbloated real estate prices, illegal immigration, etc.  The worst thing about these retards?  The ones who do manage to make it out, then try to copy everything they hated about their home state in their new homes.  I think the states of Montana and Idaho can speak well to that.  Austin, TX is a liberal conclave in a very, very Conservative state.  They don't make it far in their yearly mewling for a state income tax so they can give our money to illegals.

This is the reason that people like Yaron Brook of the ARI has very little juice with me.  I respect the man.  I love the way he can clearly explain Objectivist philosophy.  I hate the way he won't get the hell out of California but sits there crying about their liberal agenda and policies.  Get out Yaron, move the ARI to Texas and perhaps I'll take you seriously.

Same goes with New York Conservatives.  Rush left, went to Florida. Glen Beck left, came to Texas.  Why?  No state income tax in either place.  Both places are a veritable haven for capitalists.  Get the hell out of New York, stop whining and put your future where your mouth is.  I'm so sick of listening to you idiots whine and cry about policies and regulations in your states but you don't do anything about it.  TAKE YOUR BRAINS AND WALLET AND GET THE FUCK OUT!

In Atlas Shrugged, what was once a fictional novel, and now ends up being a freakin' prophecy, the last state with any gumption to let creators create and doers do is Colorado (oh how far that state has fallen into the pit of Progressive Liberalism).  Everyone heads to Colorado to find work for the firebrands that are left in the nation that are still making things, producing goods. So what do the looters in DC do?  They kill the state.  John Galt swoops in and steals the brains they were depending on to keep them going.  Once he steals Ellis Wyatt out from under their noses the country slides into utter disarray and apathy.  There is no longer anywhere to go to make money, to get a job.  Anything you invent or produce becomes property of the state.  Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

I have so many people tell me weekly that they plan on moving to Texas.  They ask me for advice on where they should look for jobs, what neighborhoods are good, what school districts are good.  I tell them what I can, refer them to websites for more info.  I'm not a Texas expert, but I know people who are.  I would love to get all of them here if possible.  Texas is for real what Colorado was in Atlas Shrugged.  What happened to Colorado in the book could not happen in the Republic of Texas.  We're not built that way.  We are steeped in the history of the only state in the Union to have been a country before it decided to join the Union.  We believe in freedom, liberty and states rights.

We are not inured in the Progressive Liberal bullshit of Statism.  We tend to see this as crazy so there is open season all year long and no bag limit. Pretty soon, I imagine, with no small thanks to the pioneering efforts of Wendy Davis, that there will be a bounty on them.  The Progressives are dumping boatloads of money down Wendy Davis despite every single indication that no one in Texas wants her as Governor.  My theory is that come November they will shake their fists, cry their liberal tears (time to stock up on gun cleaning supplies) And swear they will make us all pay for not seeing their political and policy genius.

Everyone I know who has moved here from the Liberal Utopias of the Left Coast and Northeast embrace the freedom of Texas with open eyes and arms. They enjoy that their property taxes aren't onerous. They appreciate that they get to keep most of the paycheck, the part the welfare rats aren't stealing from them.  They appreciate realistic property values.  My house and lot, in Kalifornia would be worth millions.  Here in Texas it's barely $200K.  We don't have a strong teachers union.  We are Right to Work and unions don't fare well here.  At all.  Ever.

So, if you are a Conservative or Objectivist who lives in The People's Republik of Kalifornia, don't whine to me about the state of your state.  Get the hell out and make me believe you really hate it.  If you don't then you're just a lying liar lying out of your lying liar hole.

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