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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Process Redux

I was awakened this morning to my Muse cracking her whip just above my head, barking at me in her 3 pack a day since she was 4 years old voice, telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed.  Sure, it's Saturday, the kitten has been in the sunroom since 1 AM, let me get right on that.


So I dragged my ass out of bed at sometime around 6, I just woke up, my glasses were still on the nightstand, I couldn't see a clock.  In fact, I could not see my computer screen so I schlepped back into the bedroom to grab my glasses, grabbed a coffee on a fly by of the kitchen and got to work.

I wish animals got the "I'm busy, do not bug me" vibe I give off to human beings. To them it obviously means, do everything you can to crawl all over me, get your fur up my nose and knock everything off my desk.  Yes, I have a German Shedder who thinks he's a purse puppy.

So, in between putting cats back on the floor, pushing large dogs out of my lap, giving sick dogs medicine, letting dogs in and out, getting my breakfast, insulin, and vitamins, I was able to actually type up about four words.

Of course I lost it.  I threw the mutts outside as it wasn't raining yet, put the kitten back in the sun room, closed that door and let my Muse ride me like a brand new Harley.  I even cranked up the iTunes.  When the eldest came out to complain about the music, he was told, unceremoniously, to suck it.  Being a somewhat thinking lad, he silently retreated to his room.

My husband was wise enough to know to hide out in his office.

I really envy those writers who write their outlines, stick to their outlines, have a strict writing schedule and give advice to newbie writers about how this is the ONLY way to write. I have an outline.  Tons of them, because they are constantly being hijacked by my characters like a Malaysian Air 777.  I've redone my outlines, chapter outlines, character studies, etc.  Most would consider me a Pantser as in Seat of the Pants writer who just wings it as they write.  But, I really do start out with a plan, but it's pretty much like a battle.  The moment the first shot is fired or word written the plan goes out the window.

Oh, the story goes in the direction I want it to, just not the way I may have intended.  I've learned to let that go.  Kat Richardson was a huge help in that endeavor.  Whenever I am wrestling with my storyline I just ask myself, "What would Harper Blaine's ferret do?"  And sure enough, I'm tearing something up and right back on track.  Thanks to Carpet Sharks everywhere.

So I got nearly three chapters done between yesterday and today and I'm still writing.  I'm going to get back to Cassie and Bax and if the menfolk wish to eat, they know where the damned kitchen is and were the Dominos web site is.

In the words of the inestimable Kurt Schlichter #caring

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