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Saturday, March 08, 2014

On Voter ID

This past Tuesday we had primaries here in Texas.  I've written about this previously.  I waited to see what would come out of the liberal media before I posted on our brand spankin' new Voter ID process.

I don't know how it works in other states as I've only ever voted in Texas.  Just that disclaimer here.

In Texas, at the primary polling place, you must present your Voter's Registration card and declare which primary in which you intend to vote.  Your card is stamped and you are then given the ballot for the party for which you just declared. (Just look at all that proper grammar)  This year, we had to present a photo ID, which was swiped into a reader that verified with the State that it was a valid ID.  Yes, Dems.  All those stolen IDs you got from Target and then sold to illegals for IDs at the border in the hopes of sullying the process, you lose. Just thought I'd throw that out there for you to chew on while you cry about Voter ID laws in Texas.

The reason your card is stamped and you party declared is not so Liberal operatives can come TP your house on election night, it's so that in the event of a run-off, only people who voted in the Primary can continue that voting process in the run-off election.

I will admit,  was surprised at the ID swipe that linked with the state to declare whether an ID was valid or not.  That completely negates the type of ID fraud I thought I would see.  In most stolen IDs they get your name, DOB and SSN, but it's rare, extremely rare that they get a proper TXID number, and the even more important, validating number that you won't even realize is there until you go to renew your ID online.  All of that, plus your address have to match up to validate your ID in the State of Texas.  So you can steal someone's identity but you can't clone their driver's license or ID card.

Is it terrible that I can hear wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth amongst the liberal crowd in Austin and San Antonio and I receive untold glee from this?

What's more?  If you do not have your photo ID, you will receive a "Provisional Ballot" which will not be counted unless or until your ID is verified.  For many, this just meant taking up their photo ID to the local Voter Registrar and having their provisional ballot put in the "to be counted" stack.  That is why, even today, the Saturday after the primaries, we only have 99.95% of the votes tallied.  They are waiting for ID verification.  If people do not validate their IDs with the local registrar those votes will be thrown out.

So everybody gets to vote, however, unless you are who you say you are, not all votes count.

Democrats, and especially the new Modern Liberal Democrats, cannot stand a true vote.  They know that without dead people voting, and jury rigged voting machines, they never win another election, ever. It surely explains how you can have 104% of the county voting in Ohio presidential elections, doesn't it?  I'm not saying that Republicans don't cheat on voting day, I'm just saying that when you think election fraud you always think Democrat.

When your entire platform is built on death, degradation, slavery and dependence, the ONLY way you're going to win is if you cheat.  That's why the Dems challenge Voter ID at every turn.  It's also why I placed a bounty on Eric Holder's head if he ever tries to challenge it in Texas.  But, to be honest, I put a bounty on the head of every person in the current admin, just because I think it would be hilarious if I ever had to pay up.  Let's be honest, there is not a decent human being in the Cabinet and no one, not one single human being will miss them. Harsh?  I don't think so, and in my world that is all that matters.  Personally, I'd prefer they all suck start a shotgun.

So, in closing, I highly approve of Voter ID, cannot think of one single rational, logical, sane argument against it.

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