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Friday, March 21, 2014

Stick To What You Know

This morning, my husband, who in his entire life has only once had to deal with the vehicle license plate registration process, informed me that showing proof of insurance to get the car's registration tag that goes on the windshield just above or below the inspection sticker.  He was basing this on getting a temporary tag for a van we bought out of state and needed some work to get it inspected, which does require proof of liability insurance.

We have argued over this in the past.  I love him, but he thinks he knows things that he doesn't because his brain tells him he knows how the cow ate the cabbage.  He's the smartest man I've ever met, but this is one thing he's just dumb about.  He thinks he knows something and thus it is fact.


Naturally, my brain extrapolates this into the political arena, because that is where I live.  And it is an allegory to the Modern Liberal's theory on government.  They think they know how things should be, despite all proof from past experience that it is not that way, so that is how it is.  Thus, it is fact. 

People want health care coverage.  They should all have health care coverage.  They will thank us for it.  That is fact.

The earth is growing warmer, despite no proof of this, but government research grants and governmental power grabs are at stake, therefore it is.  Thus, it is settled science and fact.

Are you sensing a theme? Because, I am.

College is necessary to get a good paying job, so everyone should go to college.

People are starving so we should feed them.  It doesn't matter that they have no wish to work, or didn't go to college so they can't get jobs (biggest Liberal Lie EVAR).  We just need to take money from the productive to give it to the non-productive malingerers.  See all Social Welfare programs for proof of this fallacy.

If you know that your ability to eat is predicated on your ability to earn money to buy food, you will work for it.  If your ability to eat is predicated on your ability to grab handouts from someone else, with no effort on your part, you're going to become a lazy slug, continually expecting others to do for you that which you are unwilling to do for yourself.  You will teach your children and those around you that they can be lazy slugs, because there is always some idiot out there willing to steal from someone else because they feel sorry for you, never clearly seeing the piece of crap you really are. Well played, lazy slug!

The fact that every single study throughout history of social welfare programs show they do not help the people they swear they are helping doesn't matter.  The Liberal thinks that it will, and thus it automagically will happen.

My theory is that Modern Liberals so badly want to be the White Knight on a shining steed racing in to save people and the more ingratitude they are shone, the more strongly they have to reinforce the idea that they are doing the right thing, which means blinding themselves to the real harm to do.  It's pure madness, but they proceed, unseeing and what's worse, uncaring of those they are harming in their process of saving them.  They are very much like the character Lancelot in Monty Pythons The Holy Grail.

When I was young I was all for helping people, but having a limit on that help. When it's evident that you have no desire to help yourself, I would stop.  Cut off like a light switch on a wall.  I came to see that for most people, help from others was a sign that they no longer had to care for themselves.  If you have no wish to care for yourself, why should I bother?

Now I know.  I don't think I know.  I really know.

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daveahand said...

I have been asked to show proof of insurance every time I have renewed my sticker for gotten my vehicle inspected.