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Friday, March 07, 2014

Moody Week

When I say moody, I don't want my Brit pals to think I have a stolen week.  No, that's in my other purse.  This is about swinging emotions from a person who does not use them in a manifest way.

We had our Primaries in Texas on Tuesday.  I went, I cast my ballot and then I attended the Precinct Convention after the polls closed.  I had never done that in my home county or even in this millennium.  I was, in turns, angry and amused by the entire process.  Angry that more people didn't show up to vote.  People who will tell me that every vote counts yet can't get out and involve themselves in the electoral process in a non-presidential year.  Yes, Waco TEA Party, I'm glaring at you.

My oldest daughter is having a rough go of it and I'm walking a thin line between concern and exasperation because I love my little diva.  She's a grown woman and must walk her own path, but I wish she would just learn the lesson that other peoples opinions, wants and needs to do matter when your own are so very disorganized.  She loves to please people and gets very hurt when it become obvious that they don't give a damn whether she's pleased or not.  So add homicidal rage into that mix and you have a very volatile cocktail.

Then yesterday I took my dog to the vet. She's been ill and I've been ignoring it and not taking it seriously while we nursed our rescue kitten through his illnesses.  My dog is very ill and I should have taken her in much earlier.  I finally feel guilt.  So now I know what that is.  I feel horrible that she's been feeling so bad for so long and I've put everything else before her.  So, now she's on steroids, antibiotics and anti-fungals and I'm just praying it's not too late. (Lord, hear our prayer) I absolutely broke down watching a damned car commercial because of this.  I hate you Chevy.  I hate you forever for reducing me to a blubbering mess when I had a rep as a hard-assed bitch.  I may find a way to take you to court over this.  At least the steroids are working and she's stopped scratching and licking and biting herself.  She got some sleep last night for the first time in longer than I want to admit.  Dammit, that guilt thing again.

Then finally, I made a huge mistake and fucked with feng shui.  I was having trouble with my shoulder, as I do in the winter ever since I got Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  I decided that I would have my husband and I trade sides of the bed in an attempt to get comfy.  I was wrong.  I was disastrously wrong and should perhaps have to offer the Buddhists and apology of some sort.  I moved everything back yesterday after a week spent whining about how I hated the new sleeping arrangements.  I slept the sleep of the exhausted last night, waking up feeling fully rested and un-sore.  I shall not attempt to re-invent the wheel again.  The only real reason I'm angry is that my husband will get untold mileage from this stunt for years to come and I have no rebuttal.  This definitely trumps the Voting Scandal of 2000.

Now, if we could just get my son's car out of the shop without having to sell a kidney, things might start looking up.

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