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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Wendy Davis' Lies Matter

Wendy Davis burst to national attention last year when there was a debate in the Texas legislature when she filibustered in her pink tennis shoes and a catheter taped to her leg.  What a lady, right?  She had a compelling Liberal sob story of single, teen-aged mother to Texas Firebrand Legislator.  Maria Shriver even featured her on a Today piece about male/female pay equity last week.  Which is when the wheels began to come off the Wendy Davis Narrative.  And automagically, the Liberal media began to chant Misogynist, sexist and other Pavlovian words guaranteed to make the Foot Soldiers go into mouth frothing fits of unearned moral righteousness.

I could link the stories here, but let's be honest, just type Wendy Davis in to any search page and you're going to be inundated with "The Narrative".  And every now and then you will find a link to the stories that tell... another story.

When Davis filibustered here in Texas last year, she gave up her bio, to kill time and establish her Liberal bona fides.  She found herself (found herself, so passive) pregnant as a teen, married the baby daddy, and again found herself divorced, still a teenager, living in a trailer, struggling to make ends meet.  But she struggled and made her way to Harvard Law School and eventually the Texas State Legislature.  What a tale!  What a story!  One the Libs glommed on to like Nancy Legosi's grasp on Mjolnir.  This is Julia!  They cried.  This is proof that government assistance can get you ahead in the world!  See?  It's not all generational dependency!

Except... And you knew this was coming... That's not exactly how it went down.

Davis did get pregnant as a teen.  She left her husband at age 20 and her divorce was decreed when the was 21.  She lived in a trailer house for a couple of months, moved into an apartment, worked a waitress job as she got grants and loans for college.  Yeah, she didn't come from dirt poor beginnings, her family owned a restaurant.  The very restaurant where she waited tables and met her second husband, a successful North Texas lawyer.  They married and her second husband paid for her last two years at TCU and then cashed in his 401k and took out a loan to pay her way to Harvard Law School up in Massachusetts.  The day after he made the last loan payment Davis had him served with divorce papers.  It was not a pretty divorce.  The second husband accused Davis of adultery and sued for custody of the daughter they had together.  The second husband wound up with the daughter and $1200 per month in child support.  Evidently, Davis was not in a good place according to her bio right out of law school.  Yeah, she was obviously too busy trying to explain extra-marital affairs to the man she'd had pay for her schooling.

Davis then ran for City Council in Fort Worth as a Republican.  She didn't win.  She then dyed her hair blonde and changed her political affiliation. And evidently, was "too loose" with her bio.

This is why it matters.  This is why Wendy Davis lying about her past and allowing others to lie about her past matters.  Most people, if other people were changing their story, would stand up and say "No!  That's not right!  This is what really went down."  People with integrity and problems with people lying would have done just that.  What did Wendy Davis do? When asked why all the lies, Davis responded thusly:
"My language should be tighter,” she said, admitting her campaign biography has been less than truthful.

If Davis had an ounce of integrity, which she obviously does not, she would have at least said, "Hey! These people were saying it! Those people were saying it!"  But no, she furthered the narrative by appearing on Maria Shriver's bit on NBC and went back to the trailer park where she huddled in the cold, dark horror that was her life as a teenaged, single mother just trying to survive.  Number one, she was never a single teenaged mother.  Number two, she was in the trailer less than three months before she got an apartment and started college while waiting tables and raising her daughter.  She didn't get government assistance to attend Harvard.  Her second husband paid her way.  But that doesn't fit a narrative appropriate for a Texas Firebrand Liberal who champions abortion on demand and Medicaid for everyone.  So they fudged the data as well as any Global Warming scientist and suddenly she worked her way through Harvard as well.

This is what it all comes down to.  The Democrats are desperate to turn Texas Red. If they got Texas there would never be another Republican president again.  They are playing the Electoral College game.  This is the problem, Texas is a pretty Conservative state.  It's why the Californians in Austin are always confused when their annual "We Need A State Income Tax" push goes down in a blaze of shot gun rounds. That political dog ain't gonna hunt here in Texas.  Now they've resorted to identity theft to get Mexicans to the polls to turn the tide.  Again, that dog ain't gonna hunt.  The DNC has raised a lot of money trying to get Davis into and past the primaries here in Texas.  I doubt she makes it through the primaries and I predict she loses her seat in the legislature.  Knowing the libs as I do, they will turn on her and tear into her for failing their political plans in Texas. Quite frankly, once the DNC is done with her, she will be lucky to be able to get a job as a court appointed attorney in West Texas when she's the only attorney there.  That is how they work, that is what they do.  She has no opponent in the primaries right now, and still she will lose and she will lose big.  Because Texans tend to mistrust liars.

Already some libs are distancing themselves from Davis.  She didn't have a war chest anywhere hear Greg Abbott, the Republican running for the governor's seat.  Again, Texas is a state that does not have one single Democrat holding a state-wide office.  Not one.  I live in a county that sent three of the legislators to Austin that were part of the Dirty Thirty back in the 70's.  I worked for one of them and loved to listen to his stories.  He was a dyed in the wool Liberal Democrat.  Had been DA here at one time, state legislator, and dedicated attorney to the poor here in McLennan county.  He's in his 90's now and he's still at it.  No lie!  I saw him up at the courthouse last time I had jury duty.  I adored the man, still do.  We are polar opposites on the political scale, and yet we genuinely liked each other.  He was an excellent teacher.  He still is.  But, he's watched as this Democrat stronghold in Central Texas went from Dixiecrat to strict Republican in the past 30 years.  He shakes his head every time he sees our new DA, a staunch Republican who exposed decades of graft and larceny in the DAs office when he took over and cleaned house.

People think that Texas is Republican just because of George W. Bush.  No.  We had two liberal Democrat governors in a row before him and we learned that lesson very quickly.  Anne Richardson and Mark White were disasters, despite any speeches at any DNC national convention.  W and Rick Perry have been great for our state.  We're not perfect, but we also don't try to control the lives of our citizens on a micro level.  Well, outside Austin anyway.  Austin is weird and should be nuked from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

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