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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Real State of the Union Rebuttal

I always refer to my comments on any SOTU Address as real, because I have no constituents to please or lobbying favor to curry.  With that said, I will admit, I did not watch the SOTU.  Barry the Butcher's voice grates on my nerves and I wind up wanting to shoot my television any time I see either house of Congress on the TV.  No, I had a glass of wine and played with my kitten until we both fell into an exhausted sleep.  I did, however, pick up my transcript early this morning and began reading and parsing the Liberal Verbal Alchemy that Barry uses to try to cover his real agenda, never realizing that none of us in this nation are too stupid to realize what he's really saying.  Of course, I cannot speak to the folks who want to believe him. They hear what they want to hear and that please the Liberal Overseers of the Liberal Plantation just fine.

So here is the SOTU in a picture:

And then he went on to continue the big "Pay Gap" lie.  When you get to page 20 and the authors of the study admit their results are all just bullshit, be sure you don't have food in your mouth or have just taken a drink of any liquid, especially coffee.  Yes, it does burn.

So good old Barry spoke for over an hour and as always said NOTHING substantive other than he thinks it's Constitutional for the Executive Branch to do an end run around the Legislative Branch via executive order.

And somehow our "debate" keep us from carrying out the simple functions of a democracy.  Hey, Barry, first off, we're not a democracy, we're a Constitutional Republic.  And secondly, if it was merely the basic functions of government that is what we're asking for anyway.  You mean, we're cock-blocking you from being Dictator in Chief and you nearly slipped in your reading of your teleprompter.  Yes, I watched the videos as well.  I love to get inflection, tone and facial expression to consume the entirety of the message being conveyed.

Let me give you a quick Cal Lightman snippet of what I saw.  Barry, you expressed disgust in your speech no less than 23 times.  Considering that you spoke for around 60 minutes (I'm taking out applause by sycophants) and that means that every 2.6 minutes your micro-expression showed disgust for the things on which you were speaking.  When you weren't looking disgusted you tried to look confident and, dare I say, presidential, but you wound up looking constipated and like you had a slight gastric problem.  I dunno, if I have Joe Biden and John Boehner sitting right behind me for over an hour, I might have the triple enchilada platter, some broccoli and cheese and perhaps a huge soda just before I went on stage and the just crop dusted all evening.  I mean, seriously, who is going to accuse the President of the United States of farting during a public address?

Oh and the Earned Income Credit was a huge rainmaker for Mexican Nationals.  I'm sure Calderone thanks you for that. I know, not even having legally dependent children any longer I intend to claim at least 13 Mexican children on my tax return.  You don't bother to check out that shit, but hey, Chuck Schumer thinks the IRS should be giving anyone who disagrees with you a colonoscopy.  I just hope that's covered by Obamacare.  Yes, this is what a Democracy looks like, Barry.

There are more unemployed under your administration than during Carter's disastrous run in the 70's.  You don't count the folks who have just given up looking for work because they send out hundreds of resumes, fill out hundreds of applications yet never get a call back.  You cannot raise a family on part-time burger flipping pay, Barry.  However, if you're so sure it can be done, I suggest that you and Nancy Legosi be the trial balloon.  I'll sit back and wait for realization to dawn on either of your non-existent brains.

Your signature legislation, Obamacare has harmed far more Americans that it will ever help.  I hope you realize that.  At this point I'm just waiting for one of your ballot cattle to realize it and attempt to take you out, at which time your sycophantic media elite will cover your ass and again you will get away with being perhaps the most moronic of our presidents, and yes, I include Harding on that list.  You are not the smartest man in the room.  That much is glaringly obvious.  If you thought you could stand in front of this nation and lie to us over and over forever, I would remind you of Lincoln's famous quote, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Barry, your time is up.  Thanks for a meaningless message.  Yet again.  Empty Chair.  Empty Suit.  Empty Head.

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