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Friday, January 17, 2014

Two Unrelated News Stories

Or are they?

Breitbart reports that US immigration agents are helping human traffickers bring the children of illegal immigrants into this country and then DELIVERING them to their illegal alien parents.  No, I've made up nothing.  Read the article and watch your blood pressure spark.

As I ranted and raved over my morning coffee my husband innocently stepped out of his office to see my Mt. Severine was erupting, trying to keep out of the pyroplastic flows of obscenity laden invective. So I am explaining to him, the story and just going on and on about the complete idiocy of our government, stupid libtards, etc.  Those of you who know me, know this rant.  I need not go into minute detail. My husband waited until I ran out of breath and said one thing that blew my mind.  You have to understand, I'm a big picture person.  I rarely lose sight of the forest as I concentrate on a single tree.  My husband is the exact opposite.  He rarely puts the puzzle pieces together to form a coherent picture, so this was HUGE.

What do you think all the stolen identities from Target were for?
 Uhm... Yes, I stammered, eyes pinballing like Nancy Legosi caught fondling Mjolnir... Everything fell into place.  And remember this, I'm not a conspiracy nutjob, but sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar.  Things are what they are. A is A.

The Target credit card info theft is one of the largest in US history.  It included other retailers.  But here's the thing, it's got to be an inside job.  There is no doubt about that.  There is no way it could be entirely a job done by Estonian punk rockers with a penchant for breaking and entering.  I'm sorry, you don't get to blame the Chinese, Russian, or North Koreans for this one. 

So walk with me through this. When my husband said "ID theft" it all clicked for me.  And if you are one of the millions who use your credit or debit card at Target during the holidays, check your Voter's Registration.

So things are going bad for Obama and the DNC.  Obamacare is the biggest disaster since WWII, everyone who even thought about voting for it is running for the hills, with the exception of Nancy Legosi, Harry Reid, and Ugly Democrat Barbie.  The South Carolina Senator Kaye Hagan would not even ride home on Air Force 1 with Barry the Butcher when he gave a speech there this week because, and I quote, "I have to have my hair done."  That's got to be one hell of a hair-dresser.

They see the wheels coming off the Benghazi Bus and all congress critters with a D behind their names are running for some kind of cover.  They can clearly see that Barry the Butcher is no longer golden in the eyes of anyone and that their other messiah, Hilary Clinton is going to go down with the Libya ship because there is no way Valerie Jarrett is going to let her man burn and undo all of her hard work legitimizing Iran.

So last year the NSA gets an order to infiltrate and retrieve credit card and debit card data from Target.  Remember this, Barry was most likely in on the planning stages of this and Target is most likely used because Michell is a self-proclaimed Target girl.  You run home to what you know.  You need ID info on millions of middle-class white Americans that is not EBT and TANF data, you go where all that middle class money goes... not Wal*Mart... to Target. Just keep in mind, there is no People of Target website.  That is very important to keep in mind.

So you have gathered all of this data, left in a trail back to some Russian kid who once went to Pirate's Bay back in 2005 and you're off to the proverbial races.  Now it's a couple of months past the "discovery date" and normally, in a huge theft of this kind you would begin seeing the IDs for sale online in batches, usually between $300-$800 per ID, depending on what you want and the credit rating you need.  For very solid creds you will pay over $3K easy. But, for nothing more that names, dates of birth and SSN, all needed for voter registration, you would pay the lowest price, especially if you do not need the credit info.  But, I've not seen this stuff, or rather a huge batch for sale, which low info date would be sold in batches of probably 100-300 IDs each for around $3K-$5K per batch, once again, depending on the seller, the accuracy of the info given and whether or not you are asking for the credit data.

So Target offers free credit monitoring for a year to all of their customers and maybe a few hundred get little dings here and there, probably totally unrelated to their Target purchases, and everyone is fooled.  Even Target is fooled.  They weren't going after your credit info.  They want your name, birth date and social security numbers, not for credit, but for identity to register to vote.

But, Severine, what's the big deal?  Voter fraud happens every year! 

The big deal is the Democrat admin that is now in power wants to maintain their choke hold on power in the US and they are willing to give false identities to millions of Undocumented Democrats to keep their hands on the US treasury and congress.  They know that they will have a hell of a time keeping the Senate in November, and don't even mention the House.  That dog ain't gonna hunt.  But losing Hilary for Pres in 2016 is killing them.  Simply put, they have no one else that is even close to palatable to the American Public and she's going to go down for Benghazi, I can almost give you the exact words they will use to do it.  How are they to overcome these odds?  They can't.  Apparently the American, Fly-Over public is not as vapidly stupid as I always accuse them of being.

So get all these illegals, get their children and families over here by using the Immigration Service to enact this illegal action and get them their new voter ID cards, show them the letter D and vote straight party ticket, and voila!  You've won another election!  See?  You don't HAVE to be dead to vote Democrat, but it helps.

I'm going to spend my day today looking at data and seeing what shakes out.  But I bet I'm right.  All because I got bored and traveled to Breitbart's Big Government and start looking for some light reading.  Two totally unrelated news stories begin to make a whole lot of sense.

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