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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Psychology, Stupid. Not Economics.

In an online forum I am part of we have recently been debating different economic models.  You know me, I'm hard-core, free market capitalism.  But sure, I'll debate economics with you, just for shits and giggles.  So we have the liberals thinking they can effect social justice and human behaviour based on the pocket book.  Which means that they only half-way get "vote with your wallet".  As in most everything they are confronted with, Liberals simply don't get it.

So I pointed out the obvious, it's not economics. It's psychology. As Depeche Mode observed, people are people.  Liberals, who are constantly trying to social engineer, really do not get it.  They think they can make human beings behave in a manner that would kill them. Because they are nothing more than one giant Death Cult, they cannot conceive of a person actually loving life and wanting to live.  It is why every single one of their policies fail.  Every. Single. One.

It's not political, it's not just mean people trying to keep them from their One Ring To Rule Them All.  It's people being people.

Basically, at their innermost core, people are decent.  They want to live, work, get ahead. But there are some who would rather that others take care of them, negating all responsibility for living to others so they don't have to think, feel or even really live.  Think of the Baby Daddy sitting in his girl-friend's Section 8 apartment, wearing the latest in Thugware, playing on the PS3 or X-Box, eating Doritos paid for with her Food Stamps, while she's at work, making crap wages so he can pick up her check on Friday, cash it and spend it at the strip club or drug dealer.  Don't tell me that doesn't happen.  I saw it every two weeks for too long a time.  Especially come quitting time on payday when he'd forget to pick her up and she was desperate to get her kids from government day care and get home.  Psychology of co-dependence.

Now, the Liberal will cry, but that's not what those benefits are for!  Really?  So why is that the rule rather than the exception?  Because people are people.  If you are a lazy git who will find some stupid bitch to support you and keep squirting out welfare beneficiaries, who are you to not jump into that cess pool?  If it's easier for you to bum and mooch off someone else and they LET YOU, why should you work?  Self-esteem?  Go pick up the Participation Trophy you got in 2nd Grade for showing up.  There is your self-esteem.  Psychology of the Id.

Liberals don't like for anyone to disparage their ballot cattle.  Their lazy, stupid ballot cattle.  They tell me I must accept them and understand their plight.  Bullshit.  I understand the morons well enough.  Lazy AND stupid and letting someone else call the shots in their lives rather than doing the hard thing, working and building a life for themselves where they call their own shots. Psychology of Empowerment.

I don't need some outside force to empower me.  I'm a pretty magnificent force of nature myself.  I inspire myself because if I don't I'm the ONLY one who will be let down.  If you need an outside force to spur you on, there is nothing wrong with that.  But first, look inside yourself, see what it is you want, then use YOUR idea of what YOU want to get it.  I don't depend on anyone else to spur me on.  I will always be there for me.  Others are unpredictable and therefore unreliable.  Psychology of Us vs Them.

Right now, as I write this I listen to my eldest who is lazy beyond the norm.  He's in the kitchen grousing because "there is no food in this house!".  There is no food that can be readily ripped out of a container and shoved down his gaping maw.  He's being loud and irritating in the hopes that I will lose patience and go in there and prepare him something to eat before he leaves for class.  I won't.  That would be enabling him.  I never have done this for him, so I don't know why he still continues to do it.  My best guess is, that someone, probably his father, did give in to shut him up.  I have ear buds and the Super Mom ability to tune out the whining of my young, especially when they are old enough to do for themselves.  The Psychology of No!

Just like my son, there are people who are always going to whine and cry that no one is doing enough for them.  I blame my mother for any genes for this trait that she, through me, passed down to him.  There are some people who are just not happy unless somebody is doing something for them, regardless of how petty and stupid their requests. Despite all evidence that they are burning bridges, depleting resources, they will continue to whine and cry that they need help.  There is nothing you can do for these people.  It's like pedophilia, there is no cure.  Lock them up, give them 2 hots and a cot and nothing else to prevent others from killing their whining asses.  Selective breeding once the gene is identified.  If I had a time machine I would go back and slap the shit out of my grandparents and great-grandparents for making my mother what she is today.  Then I'd slap my mother as a baby until she shut the hell up.  I'm leaving my son to figure this out for himself, for he's not stupid, I just refuse to aid him in any way. The Psychology of Dependency.

I will be honest, I would watch him starve to death. He made a decision to not eat anything on a short list of things he doesn't like.  He made a decision to not do anything for himself.  He made the decision to whine and moan about having to do something for himself.  I made the decision to make him live by his decision.  He doesn't want to get a part time job to help him with money on top of his VA stipend.  He doesn't want to do anything for himself.  He doesn't want to help out in a household that gives him shelter and food.  He made these decisions.  This is his choice.  Liberals should fucking applaud me.  Psychology of Justification.

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