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Sunday, January 05, 2014


Watch the short video at the top, then look at the meme image below it.  Then rub a few grey cells together and see what percolates to the top.  I dare you.

See, this is the thing, the US of A is NOT, I repeat NOT a democracy.  The United State of America is a Constitutional Republic.  We are a nation based on natural and man made law.  This is confusing to Liberals because they see equality as having many nuanced layers and levels.  There isn't a dictator or tyrant they are not ready to kneel to.  And they are exactly the persons to who Loki speaks.  They love being subjugated.  They love taking no responsibility for their lives or actions, because they can't point back to the government and say, "See?  I had to do it.  Gubmint made me do it!"

They are told how to think, what to think, what to say and do.  They are so unused to making a decision for themselves that they simply cannot do anything without someone telling them they have to need to do something.  They take comfort in the fact that even if they do something wrong they can always blame it on something or someone else.  It's never their fault, they were just following orders.  It's the reason they stay on the Liberal hook so long.  They simply do not want to get off of it.

I am like the old man in that crowd, refusing to kneel down.  And then telling Loki, "There are always men like you."  It's where Never Again comes from.  And I'll be honest, every time I see a Jewish Liberal I am nearly overwhelmed to ask them how a betrayal of that magnitude feels.  Evan Sayet is correct, they won't see the irony because they don't want to.  And it's not really even that.  They cannot allow themselves to see it because it would destroy the very underpinnings of their personality.  It's the textbook example of why Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Now, you sit there saying that if faced with a gun at your head and the choices are subjugation or death, you would choose subjugation because you'd still be alive, I would point out that you are wrong. You would be dead, you just wouldn't be allowed to die until your master allowed you to die. And your master would enslave you by telling you it's for your own good, they know best for you, just let them control your life.  If you do what you're told, then there is a nice reward at the end.  Death is the only release from your bonds of intellectual and physical slavery.  It is why I see Liberalism as one huge Death Cult.  They crave death because the mental dissonance of living their lives drives them crazy.

Next time you see a Flaming Lib, ask them if they've read Jean Paul Sartre.  You have your answer as to how I can tell they love to kneel.


Sharon Scully said...

When I was a young woman, liberal...actually, I considered myself a radical..I questioned everything the government did. That has not changed during this phase of my life either. I question everything.. I've been trained to do that as a philosopher...yes there are still real philosophers among us. So the liberal you speak of here is not those of my ilk. Perhaps the label is just too worn out to be meaningful anymore.

Sharon Scully said...

You may correct my English now. "So the liberal you speak of here is not among those of my ilk"

Severine said...

Sharon, you are a rarity among self-proclaimed Liberals, you think. I think that alone precludes you from being a modern Liberal.