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Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Real History of Slavery

The true History of Slavery as seen by Wikipedia is something almost American in origin, even though it does make mention that slavery and treatment of slaves was "mentioned" in The Code of Hammurabi.   

That's like saying Philemon was just a book on being nice in the face of adversity.  These were entire treatises on slavery, people.

Let's be honest, shall we?  Slavery goes back to the very beginning of mankind when someone thought he could own the life of another person.  Slavery is, you could say, hard coded into our wiring. What is the first thing any despot does?  He either physically or mentally enslaves the people within his sphere of influence.

It's insidious.  Come, let me take care of you. All you have to do is a few things and I'll feed you, clothe you, shelter you.  It's a fair trade for sacking your village/country/civilization.  Yes, people rebelled.  Spartacus comes to mind.  A logical, rational, reasonable person does not like slavery of their bodies or their minds.  They reject it wholesale and accept it on no level whatsoever.

Do you want to know the saddest fact in history?  The slaves freed here in the US after the War Between the States really thought they would be free, but had no idea how to take care of themselves. So what happens?  In jumps people who see they can profit from their ignorance.  They didn't just get the freed slaves, they got the immigrants, too.  For once you are beholden to the Modern Slave Owner, there is no getting off that Plantation. Now they trade their votes for Food Stamps, WIC, TANF (or whatever they are calling it these days instead of a tax-payer funded hand out), Section 8 Housing and the Earned Income Credit. They are so beholden to Momma Gubmint that there is no way to break free, to become independent, rather than become cud chewing ballot cattle in the projects just waiting to be toted out to the polls in government vans in Early November.

Do the ballot cattle even realize they are enslaved?  Oh hell no!  Because they are told by their Masters that they are entitled to all this free stuff, that they are victims and all this should be theirs by right!  They buy in to it because it's so much easier to take what is handed to you and patted on the head by someone telling you that you deserve all this, then to take a step back and ask "So, what's the price for all of this 'right'?"  I mean, if you ask, they might take it all away, right?  Who wants to go out and learn anything to get a job and work hard to get promoted just to pay bills and taxes that they will just take to give to people just like.... HEY!  Trust me on this.  I used to work with the Generational Welfare morons and their first paycheck was such an eye opener to them.  "Who the hell is FICA and why is that bitch gettin' all my money?"  was the usual outraged scream.  Oh they can scam the system but they have no idea how the system really works.  I have to say, I got through most of my days laughing at those idiots.

Oh, don't pretend like I'm being mean for laughing at the idiocy in our system of government.  If you're outraged, you're part of the problem... and you know my stance on that.  My ruthless stance on that.

So the slaves stay in their Section 8 housing, having numerous mouths we have to feed from a number of Penitentiary Daddies so they can get more EBT cards, more TNF, more WIC and all the time they are crying, while watching their big screen TV and playing their latest X-Box that life has been unfair to them and that they never had a chance.  Besides, all they have to do is go pull a lever for whoever they are told to vote for to keep their Masters in power.  All the while, never realizing they are slaves.  Never realizing they are cud chewing ballot cattle that no one, and I mean NO ONE cares about.  Their Masters don't care because there are dozen just like them anywhere they look and the other guys?  The other guys know there is no hope. By this point the slave doesn't want to be anything more than dependent on Master.

Doubt me?  Then explain Hurricane Katrina.  Talk about textbook examples to illustrate a point.

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