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Friday, January 03, 2014

Human Nature

Today, someone in some group somewhere posted a meme of a child overlooking an empty bowl.

My response, logical and rational was, "It has nothing to do with Fox News and everything to do with knowledge of human nature."

And then it came. 
Now, grammar infractions aside, you would think that a person who has spent months in the same forum as I on political matters would know better than to imply, let's face it, no logic or reason was used to deduce her statement, that I just parrot back something someone told me to say as a Pavlovian response.  Jennine doth project too much.

Let's assume for a moment that all things are equal and that our common man will do for himself if other people are willing to hand out to him.  Let's all just take a gigantic leap on a flying unicorn and suppose for a moment that all of the unemployed are employable and that all people on Food Stamps really, RILLY need those EBT cards.

Yeah, I know.  I can't either. Because I know human nature.  I know more people willing to let someone else pay their way rather than get up and do for themselves.  We all do, because we're witness to it no matter which way we turn. We've all been witness to the Food Stamp queens buying baskets full of crap food in front of us at the grocery store, only to walk out and see her directing the placing of her purchases in the back of her Escalade.  Meanwhile we put our precious purchases in the backseat of the only old beater we can afford because we're busy paying for her free food, free housing, free cell phone, free spending money, free health care. Because hey, they're victims and they're owed.  The only reason I'm not owed is because I refuse to see myself as victim or otherwise "oppressed".

As with all things that produce a contradiction or question about the right thing to do, it comes down, again, to there only being two reasons why the right thing is not being done.  People are either A), too lazy; or B) too stupid stupid to do the right thing.  In the worst possible of all scenarios, they are both.  If your husband does not take out the trash he is either too lazy to walk it out to the garbage bins or, to stupid to figure out the trash can in the kitchen is too full and needs to be emptied, in which case an immediate divorce may be your best bet.

Can't find work to feed your family? Then you're either too lazy to look for work that would give you money or you're stupid enough to think you're too good to work for money.

Can't find affordable health care before Obama?  They not only are you lazy and stupid, you're blind.  Policies were all over the damned place.  You just didn't want to give up your weekend partying money to pay for your kids to be covered.

Think that government is the solution to all your problems?  You should honestly be locked up in a rubber room and never let out amongst rational peoples.

And that, my Gentle Reader, is human nature.  I apparently am inhuman, as is usually mentioned. I gather it is because I feel that one should work for their money, pay what they feel any good or service is worth to them, not some government mandated price, and enjoy the fruits of their labors as they see fit.  In a perfect world, THAT would be human nature.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct on your points especially in regards to health insurance. Over 10 years ago I purchased insurance for my wife and daughter through Blue Cross and Blue Sheild. Thankfully her policy is grandfathered in for now.