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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Immovable Mover and the Completely Resistible Force

Intransigent {in-tran-si-juh nt] - noun - refusing to agree or compromise; uncompromising; inflexible
 This is one word I have used far too often in the past 15 years to describe the Liberal monkeys who mindlessly spout whatever George Soros tells them to be screeching.  No matter the proof or reality you show them, they will keep screeching whatever party line they are told in an attempt to live without benefit of thought or responsibility.  Doubt me?  Go YouTube any Occupy Whatever mindless mob and take a look at the vapid faces shouting words they can't even understand.

I used to think they were intransigent, yet that state of being would take some thought, acknowledgment of what is right, what is wrong and a moral compass to understand right and wrong.  That kind of discriminating knowledge is not available to the Progressive Liberal.  No, Blissful Ignorance is their desired state of being.  They could be told to record themselves screaming whatever line is needed at whatever rally and they would do it.  Pretty soon all "protests" will be nothing more than digital recorders and some signs put up in front of whatever is offending them this week, just so they don't have to go outside and possibly catch a cold that our Government will now have to pay to treat.

I am intransigent.  I don't go whichever way the wind blows.  I know my course and I stick to it.  I am not swayed by slogans or pretty colors on poster board.  It's rare, at this point in my life, that my mind can be changed on any issue.  I'm pretty sure that my change in attitude on Immigration was it for me.  And that was only after I listened to rational speakers come at me with facts, logic, and reason to point out that perhaps my opinion was wrong.  And you know what, they were right?  No amount of illegals carrying signed en espanol or white kids with beards shouting that I was racist could have done that.

This week I've been listening to the Chicks On The Right radio show podcasts.  I like Daisy and Mock, they're funny.  A little too Valley Girl for me, but they have a way of getting their point across.  They were speaking this week on Paul Ryan's budget plan.  I'll be honest, I hate it.  I honestly hate it.  I believe it was Mock who said that we have to liken the budget plan like scoops of ice cream.  You want a double scoop of ice cream, but the ice cream store has only enough for one scoop.  Do you accept the one scoop, because you really want ice cream or do you say "screw it, I'll go somewhere and get a double scoop."?  They invited calls, but all in all Mock stood by her "accept the single scoop" stance, while Daisy questioned, "What if it's a single scoop of poo?  Would you accept that?"

Good question Daisy.  A single scoop of shit is still shit.  On this budget deal we must be intransigent.  We have to be the Immovable Movers because there is no Irresistible Force in DC for people who want a balanced budget, smaller government and our deficit paid down ASAP. I refuse to accept a scoop of shit (for that is what this Ryan Budget really is) when I wanted a double scoop of Rocky Road.  Refuse.  Look up that word.  And yes, I am drawing my line in the sand here.  No freakin' further, assholes!  I am not paying more taxes for more government so things can just go on as they have.  I'm sick of the way things are and yes, quite frankly, I'm ready to take up arms to get things back to how they are supposed to be, complete with hard and fast term limits for one thing and a balanced budget amendment to Constitution. 

And I will not be moved.  There is nothing anyone can offer me, other than complete and utter surrender of their twisted, polluted power to sway me.  Give it all up, let the people that CAN do their damned jobs and you just get the hell out of our way.  Leave one state, California, as the Liberal Utopia, fence it off and let them see how far they get without other people's money.  Then we just nuke and pave after they've eaten their own and use them as a great example of the failure of Liberalism.  Teach it to our children so that it never happens again.

Let it burn.  All of it.  Every single atom of Liberalism incinerated.  The human being who wish to think and work will rise from the ashes and begin anew.  On this, I am completely intransigent.

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