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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Or What?

Anytime anyone delivers an ultimatum I question it.  Every. Single. Time.  Or what?  What are you prepared to do?  I'll call your bluff, however I am also prepared to deal with your plan if needs be.  Quite simply, there is no back up in me.

Human beings, by nature are submissive.  Not everyone can be the Alpha Pack Leader.  But the Alpha Pack Leader has to know how to lead and to lead by example.  I'm going to tell a secret here that most may not know.  Politicians are rarely Alpha Pack Leaders.  Alphas despise politics and they are correct to do so.  Politics is a weasel's game and the weasels excel at it.  Weasel's are also little liars and always willing to stab someone in the back over a cracker or a pork barrel.  There is that saying that you can wrestle a pig down in the mud, but after a few hours you realize the pig likes it.  Well, the weasels really like it.

Using my Liberal to Rational translator let me say this, during the "recent unpleasantness", read government trip, wasn't even grand enough to be a slow down much less a shut down, the weasels were all outed by themselves.  But, at least the Official Face of the Senate RINO was seen in the grimace of John McCain.

In the movie The Untouchables, Sean Connery's character, Jim Malone explains Kevin Costner's character, Elliot Ness, The Chicago Way, then asks him what he's prepared to do.

Malone hits upon the secret of any negotiation.  What are you prepared to do to win?  How far are you willing to go to achieve your ends?Just how far down the road are you willing to travel before you curl up and allow them to beat you up?  Ness is a Nancy Boy, "any legal means" my ass.  I'm with Malone, if they bring a knife, I will pull a gun.  If you put one of mine in the hospital I will put two of yours in the morgue.  And Ghandi was wrong, an eye for an eye makes you see clearer with the remaining one.  My negotiation technique is much like Ender. I will use all means to make you see the error of your ways so that we can live in peace, however, if you refuse to see that error, then I have absolutely no qualms making sure you can't hurt me or mine.  Ever.

As the "recent unpleasantness" has shown us, the weasels in DC like the strife, they like the hysteria they cause.  Not only that, Gentle Reader, they wallow in it much like the aforementioned pig in the mud.  They orchestrate the strife and hysteria, whipping all of you up into an unthinking frenzy, then they loose the media on you.  And you idiots sit there swallowing their bullshit with a spoon because they've told you it's ice cream.  But I'm the stupid one, right?

My blog is not to convince the Liberal of their wrongness.  That cannot be done.  I will also never convince them that living within your means and living consciously is the right thing.  Quite simply, they will never, ever get it.  In essence I must not factor them into the equation at all.  They are a null sum that does not bear consideration.  However, I must reach out to those people who are still capable of rational thought and ask them, how far are you prepared to go to ensure your own future happiness?  But you know what?  It's the word happiness that makes most people falter.  Because they have been conditioned to think that considering their own happiness is a sin, that they must first consider the happiness of others.  HOGWASH! TWADDLE!

Your happiness comes before the happiness of anyone else on this planet.  And that throws them into the altruism fallacy of need. When it comes to the needs and happiness of others we are always supposed to rush towards that goal line, but when it comes to our own needs, our own happiness we are supposed to "sacrifice" and sacrifice will save us?  Make us happy?  That's so obscene that I can't believe one human being thought it up much less sold it to anyone else.  I mean, you thought meth dealer was the sale job of the century?  Man, you really had to be good to sell altruism.

So far how far would you be willing to ensure your own happiness? I'm prepared to go to any lengths necessary to wipe out the very ideas of altruism and Robin Hood.  Any. Lengths. Necessary.  See?  I didn't stutter, stammer or use any qualifying language to explain my objective.  How far will I go to ensure the happiness of others?  Only as far as their objectives and mine meet and their happiness does not cost my own.  Do you feel me yet?And trust me, I will fight that fight for no one.  Why should I bother if you can't be arsed?

Or what?  Slight regard, blood restraint?  How far am I prepared to go?  As far as it takes until I win, because I don't play to lose.  EVER. Be sure that you're prepared to die for your ideas.  And be sure that you are the one willing to die, not send others to die for you. Because they just makes you a coward, now, doesn't it?

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